Thursday, July 10, 2008


I like to share interesting commentary from the internet, like this article: Obama's frequent regrets may make us sorry...nail on head with that statement. Especially when Weasley Clark is touting Obama as having better judgement than John McCain, a decorated war hero. Enjoy!


namaste said...

as i watch the campaign unfold, i am just stupified at times. this guy is like some sort of charicature. it's like he's in a race other than the one we're all watching. how do you think you can be in the whitehouse without your children being a part of the story.

effin ridiculous.


Nikki said...

hey there chickie...very well said on all of your comments. I am so far behind on responding to you super great commentors! Jake is out of school and you know how that goes! Maria sometimes I think you and I and some others are the only ones that see it...but as we continue to watch the campaign unfold who knows maybe something exciting will happen...EVER! slow news slow election slow blogging! thanks for all your comments as usual...:)N

Sandi said...

Hmmm. Maybe I should just vote for Ralph Nader. (OK, that was totally a joke).