Monday, August 25, 2008

The Democratic Convention IS HELL WEEK

I don't think I can stomach the convention. Its going to be full of how poor and in touch the candidates are with the "average" suffering American who has to eat their toes for dinner. This is so disgusting. Preying on peoples misfortune to get their vote is so "aristocratic" and pathetic. But its the democratic way. No real substance to thought only warm fuzzies. Stealing from the "rich" so it can be distributed to the "middle class". Then Obama and the dems are hero's to the "working man". With the likes of Michelle I freaking hate America Obama, Nancy do nothing as speaker and can't sell a boring as hell book Pelosi, Jimmy I have no nuts oops I do have little peanuts Carter, and Ted Kennedy(who gets a make fun pass because he has a brain tumor), I think I will watch the Golden Girls instead. I can't stand democrats and 75 thousand screaming asses really makes the acid in my gut churn into a bright green substance ready to make its way up the biscuit canal. Joe Biden and Barack Obama already got the poor and suffering fest going. For Dem's the contest is always who is the poorest, who struggled the most before making it to the glory days of hero worship. Michelle will talk about her struggles and how she can relate to the "common" American. They will bring up John McCain's many houses and act all butt self-righteous about how even though they went to Ivy league schools they are really just dynamic individuals who beat the system. They will constantly refer to John McCain as George W. Bush, as though Beelzebub and Bush were synonymous. This will irk me the most. The constant Bush bashing coming from a non-accomplished Jr. Senator who in my opinion doesn't deserve to be where he is. Someone found him to be marketable and snagged him for the run IMO. So as I attempt to watch this display of whining, bitching, screaming, complaining, weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth by ridiculous democrats, like cardio to the eyes and ears, I will watch until I can't stand it anymore and collapse. You watch the suffering of the peeps will be insurmountable until the democratic white horse gallops in to save us all. You will see all the stupid idiots actually buying the crap. Screaming like little girls at a Jonas Brothers concert. Who are these freaking people?
What I will enjoy is watching the protesters. Especially the ones from P.U.M.A. which stands for "Party Unity My Ass"...LOL! Yea these are jilted Hillary supporters and they should feel butt hurt. Obama gave her the stink eye and she is sooo not happy. Make no mistake about it. She is one chick who is menopausing all over this one.
So I will laugh, and then I will jerk the wheel of my car into a tree. I am in hell.


Sandi said...

You have such courage to even watch the convention! I'm a Democrat, but I can't bear to watch all the back slapping, empty words, political speak, opponent bashing. It's just too much for me. I'll catch snippets on the Internet and on the morning news. That's all I can stand.

Oh, and of course I'll come to your blog to find out what's REALLY happening!

Khaki Elephant said...

What I love is how Obama's camp accuses Republicans of fear mongering. Just watch the messages from this convention. If you're old, the GOP is gonna get you. If you're a minority, the GOP is gonna get you. If you're sick, the GOP is going to get you. If you have a job, the GOP is gonna get you. If you're unemployed, the GOP is gonna get you. If you're poor, the GOP is gonna get you, etc, etc, etc . . . fear the GOP, because they're gonna get you.

Chatterness said...

I love the dem and repub conventions! Full of energy and fun! Yea! I like hearing all the "cornwad" speeches (both parties) and all the empty promises!! LOL I'm still waiting for "W" to increase teacher pay to at least CLOSE to decent.

DD2 aka Debonair Dude said...

The Potential First Lady of the United States of America will speak to the largest audience ever. Will she tell them again how she was "nerver proud of America before?" no, no, no, she learned her lesson well form that one. This time she'll tell us how wonderful America is. Not mentioning "God Damn America" at all.
No, this time she’ll tell us how she wakes up every morning thankful to be an American, you can mark my words on that! Yes, you can bet that the Wicked Witch of the West tell everyone how much she "loves" America. The America where anyone even The son of a African from Kenya can be nominated for the Presidency of the United States of America.
She’s going to have to steal the thunder away for her “Witch in arms” Hillary “HerThighness” Clinton. The only question in my mind is who is going to use the “I Have a Dream" speech first? I’m guessing it will be Michelle Ma Belle!
But you know, I'm really so excited about the hope and change, I could just burst.
maybe the first change will be taking down George Washington's portrait in the White House and replace it with Louis Farrakhan's.

And maybe he’ll throw George Washington’s portrait Under the Bus! After all he was an Old White Guy”!
Bottom line is, you’re judged by the company you keep, and Obama has been hanging out with a lot of woman hating, America hating, gay hating, white hating, jew hating people for a long time.
How is that going to fit in our Constitution

Nikki said...

Well said debonair dude! Thanks for stopping by with a great comment. :)N