Monday, September 1, 2008


Bloggers are going nuts about the possible 2nd families knocked up teen. First of all, teens are all basically retarded, let's all admit that here and now. I was an idiot, and most teens are stupid well into their 20's when they are no longer teens at all. Should parents of teens be exempt from ever running for political office? That would eliminate pretty much everyone. I mean Obama's girls may make the same stupid mistake in the future.
Scientists have studied the brains of the blatantly stupid and have discovered that most teens have frontal lobes that are not connected. That's the scientific facts folks. Teens have no sense of consequences until this is attached. So cut the girl some frontal lobe slack. Now seriously, don't go nuts with the "My teen is an angel sent from God and is SMART". Fine, I get that. I realize I am making a massive generalization, but I think you get my point. Really, must I hold your hands constantly?
2nd of all, many liberals are showing themselves to be more judgemental than Jerry Falwell at a gay bar regarding this subject. 3rd of all, the impregnated teen should NOT be encouraged to marry the little man penis that knocked her up. She should be encouraged to give the baby up for adoption. But its not my daughter and not my baby so its not my decision. Frankly this is family business and Barack Obama is being quite classy about the whole thing. I read this statement by him on Politico "I have said before and I will repeat again: People's families are off limits," Obama said. "And people's children are especially off-limits. This shouldn't be part of our politics. It has no relevance to Gov. Palin's performance as a governor or her potential performance as a vice president. So I would strongly urge people to back off these kinds of stories. You know my mother had me when she was 18 and how a family deals with issues and teenage children, that shouldn't be a topic of our politics." He gets my kudos.
While there will be those who will judge the "how it looks" aspect of the party who claims a monopoly on "family values", the reality is that the topic could have been avoided with a Romney pick. Having said that, Sarah is the pick and the lefties who are jumping all over this like Pat Roberson at a whore house are lame asses. This has nothing to do with being pro-life and even less to do with family values. It has every thing to do with stupid teenagers making stupid decisions and parents paying for their little darlings "indiscretions". Look at the Bush twins. Little floozies running around like little George's and the peeps loving it and plastering it in all sorts of papers.
There is an aspect of this story that does concern me. There is a problem with teen pregnancy in this nation. This certainly does not bode well for that. Teen pregnancy should never be glamorized like the Jamie Lynn Spears pregnancy was. Down playing is one thing and up playing is another. The teen should not be demonized by her mistake, but should also not be plastered on every paper. Send her to a condo in the Bahama's. A clear message should be sent. The message should state that this is not a cool thing even if your mom is running for the Vice Presidency.
For me, it looks like this is an all-American family with problems just like the rest of us. For some reason in this election people want the best of both worlds. A down to earth family that relates to the common man. But one who is perfect in every way. News flash: that family does not exist. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that's the long and the short of it. So those of you who want to paint Sarah Palin as an unfit mother and an even worse VP candidate because her teen has a bun in the oven are hypocritical at best. The party of "don't judge" has now become the party of let's throw mama under the train. And for the republican folks who are showing your true colors of self-righteous haughtiness, you suck and will get yours. So all in all I think this is unfortunate and I hope the girl will make a better decision than that of getting married at the age of 16. Adoption is a better option IMO.
WOW. Who knew Republicans had teens that got knocked up? Surprise! We have families with flaws. The secret is out. Whew. Now let's get real people.


Sandi said...

The saddest part is that the family is not going to be allowed to deal with this in private. It has to be very difficult for all of them. Why anyone would go into politics is beyond me.

Paul is a Hermit said...

The whole story - if it is a story - is making me yawn and go back to more important things like what or who, passing clouds look like.

Now if Palin had done an Elliot Spitzer or John Edwards, now we've got something.

EDGE said...

I hope the Dems make a HUGE deal of this! Cutting their own throat!

DB said...

This is great stuff. :D

Should have gone with Romney. I am pretty sure he does have the perfect family, Nikki.

Chuck said...

Agree with Edge.

As far as the Palins, I thought they handled it with class.

I do disagree with you on Obama though and this was my blog today. I feel his comment was good and appreciated. I found it interesting though that he let it go on for two days before he suddenly became offended. I feel he wanted to allow the attacks to gain a little traction before he came out. He has always been quick to demand an immediate response from McCain for things like this on the right. He doesn't practice what he preaches.

Sally said...

Like the GOP said this is a private family matter. I don't think the public has any business sticking their nose in this child's life. Likewise, I don't want the government dictating what goes on with my vagina.

Political Realm said...

I agree with what Obama and a number of others here have said. It's too bad for the girl that this had to become national news. I guess it is newsworthy in that her mom could become vp, but it shouldn't go much beyond that.

I think the story and other news that is quickly pouring out about Palin does illustrate that the McCain folks probably didn't vet her well and it was kind of a panic pick meant to grab attention and Hillary voters.

I don't think Romney would have been the answer, however. Given the way the McCain-houses story took off, Romney would have only reinforced the out of touch meme. Tim Pawlenty was probably his safest choice, while Bobby Jindal may have made a better surprise type pick.

Karen said...

McCain's person who vetted the choices had been vetting Palin for several months. He was very good at keeping the secret, as was the rest of the inner circle before it was announced. Her own parents didn't even know.

McCain and Romney have no fondess for each other. Romney will campaign for the ticket and that is good. The American public had a hard time warming up to Romney.

The Bush twins were floozies? When? In college? Because they drank? They had a rep for enjoying margaritas but not for being whores. And, now, are fine young women doing good work. You know, like regular people.

Obama's 'innocence' on this is funny. As though it wasn't his campaign that coordinated the attacks from the rabid left blogs with the ridiculous rumor about sweet baby Trig. They are slime.

Dan said...

I don't think this reveals anything about the Democrats except what they think about Christians. Everything they say about this in the coming weeks will be off talking points from the cluless aimed at Chritians to encourage them to stay home in November. They will miss the boat entirely by doing this.

I won't hold my breath either waiting for Obama to admonish his cronies in the media for going after this girl like a hound with the scent of blood in his nostrils.

As far as Pat Robertson's concerned, it seems he hasn't cornered the market on atributing natural disasters to God either.

Z said...

CNN is trying to spin she only spoke to mcCain twice in their lives and wasn't properly vetted...They are BRIMMING with JOY over this..can barely contain themselves.
And, when Katie Couric REALLY frowns, you know she's trying to contain the glee. Sad, isn't it.

Obama...what else COULD he say? really.

Anonymous said...

Some of the most focused families have their share of wayward teens. I cannot believe some of the things I did as a teen and college years and am still alive to tell about it. My issue is with more with adults who never grow up and make excuses for themselves. Sarah Palin is not that type of adult. Again she is a real person with real problems and is not making any excuses for her daughters mis-hap. The Dem's were just waiting for this glory day and it is fizzling fast. This is small potatoes compared to other much larger presidential scandals.

Anonymous #2

WomanHonorThyself said...

the media is all over this like a virus Nik..poor girl!

Chatterness said...

:::sitting back:::::

:::Garfield grin:::::

Anonymous said...

as a republican who voted for bush twice, I find it disturbing that she claims to have to have told congress 'no thanks' to the bridge, but she kept the money...

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

The more artillery the Lame Stream Media and all their sycophantic fanatics deploy the more this will backfire. Picking on grrls like this is a risky political move. Especially to any one who has ever seen a family members ultra sound pic.

Nikki said...

Sandi, You hit the nail on the head. A lot of great people are probably discouraged for ever running because of this kind of stuff. :)N

Paul, I agree its all pretty boring. I heard someone actually say today that abstinence doesn't ok. NOT having sex is NOT a legitimate pregnancy prevention technique. That's a goodie! :)N

DB, you know my man is perfect in every way! :)N

Chuck, I read the piece on your blog and you make some great points...I suppose too much credit was given to Obama NOT being calculating and I now see that I was jumping the gun! :0N

Sally, I am sure the government wants nothing to do with your vagina. just sayin'...:)N

Realm, great analysis. Romney and his wealth would have been more food for the common folk pushers...however this common girl is gettin the run through! :)N

Karen, I must clarify I don't think the Bush twins were floozies...but they were portrayed as such. I think McCain is quite happy with the work Romney has done for him. He has raised a ton of money for the old man and that warmed him up to the guv. :)N

Dan, the left does hold contempt for christians especially christian women...imagine asking whether a man is capable of being a good father and holding public office and look what party brought that up. :)N

Z, Obama is not my man...but at least he is speaking the truth whether it is for the politicking of it or not, he is the voice of reason regarding the subject. :)N

anonymous, well said. Dem's love to point out the less than perfect families on the right...funny how they care less about married Presidents preying on young women interns the same age as their daughters. double standard for sure! :)N

WHT, and a fast moving virus it is! But the peeps will show up for the big speech tomorrow, let's hope she nails it! :)N

chatterness, enjoy the theatrics! there is much to watch my friend! :)N

anonymous, are you referring to the bridge to nowhere? :)N

GSG, great comment. risky and childish. :)N

Incognito said...

I agree with Chuck and Z... although it's good Obama and Biden both finally mentioned that family should be off limits, the waiting a few days is very telling. It's politics as usual, and Obama want to ensure they back off his.

ba and the boys said...

i agree withnik and everyone who thinks kids are dumb. no matter what you teach them at home, at some point as parents we have to sit back and hold on and see what our kids do.
and who knows, maybe this girl will run a fortune 500 company someday. when she isnt dumb.
i am certain that sarah 1. knew her daughter was preggo when she said ok to mccain 2. knew that at some point reporters would let the world know she was about to be a grandma and 3. figured that she could deal with it.
i want to get back to the issues and remind the country that obama has nothing to bring to th table!

Nikki said...

Incognito, I agree its a great point...the timing is very suspect. :)N

BA, love the term preggo...maybe we should have some fun and come up with some terminology for being "impregnated"...haha :)N

LauraB said...

I can understand the dems being such morons, but I can't understand members of our own party being against Sarah Palin.
While blog hopping today I ran across this comment by a conservative blogger:

"I am one who questions how Sarah Palin as a mother could go into this knowing her daughter's pregnancy would soon be known to the whole world. As a mother myself, I cannot see how she could let her career be more important than protecting her daughter.
Maybe if last Friday, when Palin was introducing her family, she gave the news about her daughter and that she recognizes that the Republican idea to teach abstinence needs something more to make it work, then she would have taken this whole thing away from the media and the Democrats to expose and exploit, then, maybe then I would have more respect for Sarah Palin."

The convention speakers were great and told the Palin story in a way that made the dems look bad and afraid.
Why are there still so many conservatives that can't see it that way?
Are our values SO strict that we can not find forgiveness in our hearts?