Friday, September 19, 2008


Just a note to let all the Obama peeps know that Obama agrees with Bush on the financial bailout. According to Yahoo "Barack Obama said on Friday he supported efforts by the U.S. Treasury and Federal Reserve to shore up confidence in the financial markets and said he would hold off from presenting his own economic recovery plan. "The events of the last few days have made it clear that we must take further bold and decisive action to shore up confidence in our financial markets and avoid a deepening economic crisis that could jeopardize the life savings and well-being of millions of Americans," Obama said in a statement. Obama said he supported efforts by Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to work with the Congressional leadership to find a solution to the deepening crisis." Obviously Obama had not heard that Congressional leaders had gone home citing they "didn't know what to do" and according to most pundits it is the Presidents job to take matters into his own hands to solve this crisis. Of course the aforementioned "action" is the sole proprietorship of El Presidente and should not be mistaken for any sort of responsibility of Presidential candidates, especially senators. I am just glad to report that Obama is going to "hold off" on stating what he would do, like his Harry Reid cohorts. At least he and Congress are consistent at accomplishing NOTHING. And President Bush thanks you for your support of this action and of course the Bush Doctrine.


Sandi said...

See, what I don't get is that McSame is always talking about smaller government, but he wants to create a new agency to deal with the financial issues! WTF?!?

Nikki said...

Sandi, great point! To me its easy for these 2 to both stump about stuff with Bush taking the heat. Yes whoever wins this fun job will have to be thick skinned for sure because decisions that actually matter are not the ones they are both touting at the moment, but when they sit behind the chair and the accountability punch hits them smack dab in the face, and of course kicks them in the ass! :)N

Mustang said...

I think it would be a extraordinary financial disaster to do nothing ... now that FRE and FNM have been allowed to lapse with congressional oversight, but there is a significant danger to corporate bail-outs. We are transforming our government to resemble the Marxist regime in China and the old USSR. My concern is that McCain is moving the GOP further to the left, and if we are not exceedingly careful, we will end up exactly where Pelosi and Company want us to be: a socialist state.

Today, I offered the Mustang Plan. Sadly, I'm not getting many calls from Capitol Hill ... but that's probably because those lazy bastards are on vacation (again).

At least there are astute readers at Nikki's place ... they recognize political fraud when they see it.

Nikki said...

Mustang I agree it would absolutely be a disaster to do nothing...I just want Obama to acknowledge Bush in his agreement rather than pretending like Congress is doing something which they are not. This is what bugs me the most. Tip toe around the Prez and act like he is the one on vacay. bugs big time. thanks for the important comment I will head over to your place for your take. :)N