Wednesday, September 3, 2008


The left is sexist. If Sarah Palin were pro-choice she would not be getting this amount of scandal ridden attention. Why is that? Probably because she would have sucked out the baby of the 17 year old a long time ago and this would not be an issue. And of course she would be a true star of feminism and courage had she NOT had so many children and focused more on herself and her career. Feminism to the left is really about shirking the call to be a wife and a mother and embraces a faction of Independence and maybe 1 child or none at all, of course raised alone by the woman. There is no need for a man, unless you plan on going into politics and the appearance is essential to being elected. Yes, the left has defined women once again. As women we are only "accomplished" if we are pro-choice, anti-gun, have 1 kid or less, don't have pregnant teens because they forgot to get a condom in the school candy machine which led to an abortion, hate our husbands and let me re-iterate this again, are PRO-abortion. Its hilarious how so many in the media, including women, are asking whether or not she should be home with her children, especially her child with "special needs" rather than running for VP. When was the last time the media asked a man about his commitment to HIS family when running for office? When was the last time the media scrutinized a man for having family "issues"? When was the last time the media grilled Barack Obama about his brother who lives in a hut in Africa and lives on 1 dollar a year? Mr. do the "least of these"? When was the last time you heard anyone ask Hillary when she plans on NOT being co-dependant and hanging with a man that is clearly a sex addict? Or is the criteria for actual accomplishment for women strictly based on Ivy League academia and pro-abortion status. Our politics are innately connected to our ovaries ladies. They decide our fate in politics lest we comply with the "feminist" status quo. Feminism is wrapped up in a little package called abortion and we must comply or else we are no more than empty, brainless females with a bunch of freaking kids. Portraying Palin as a empty headed beauty queen is all about her being a conservative. If she were a liberal democrat she would be the most accomplished woman on the planet and a rising star. Nice progressive attitude Dem's.

Here is a clip of Campbell Brown from CNN who is an attack dog reporter grilling a McCain spokesperson, who is obviously an idiot...What governor has foreign policy experience again? Trust me this has nothing to do with foreign policy and more to do with the fact that this woman is conservative and didn't abort any of her 5 kids. Tucker do some research dude. And Campbell, well you "baby" are a pit bull and a troll, and I say that with a smirky laugh shaking my head back and forth. McCain ultimately pulled his interview with Larry King which was to air last night over this interview. Number 1, Campbell is a condescending beeeeoootch, and number 2, Tucker needs to get a freaking clue before he goes on national television.


Paul is a Hermit said...

You're something else, Nikki. What can I say, you nailed it all, seemingly rather sarcastically, but I like that, if it were. :)
She's not one of them. Period.

Unfortunately, she's vermin to those you mention. She's got to be destroyed. There's a chance they'll succeed, I think more though, there's a chance she'll be lionized by more people because of the attempt at extermination.
For me, when I saw she could handle an automatic, and had a family that stood together, I'm almost ready to stomach Lindsay Graham.

Chuck said...

The feminist movement died during the Clinton presidency when they supported him even though he treated women the way he did. Think about it, how much of a force have they been since then?

DB said...

Wow, the right calling the left sexist is akin to the left calling the right racist. The public doesn't know Palin so they are digging and learning. This is politics and McCain (assuming he knew all this stuff) knew the media would have a field day with this. If Palin can't handle the heat, maybe she should stay in the, uh, um, kitchen...ok, totally kidding. Seeing as this is a post on sexism, I had to go there, ;) (and give a clearification I was joking so some of you don't take that seriously).

Chatterness said...

There seems to be plenty of gravy for the crow.........anybody?

WomanHonorThyself said...

and hypocritical beyond the pale Nik...true true!!

Marci said...

I was not suprised when I heard some "expert" on teen pregnancy state that the Palin's obviously forgot to teach sex ed at home. Apparently I am the only one who was ever 17 before, and thought I knew better than anything I was told!

Khaki Elephant said...

Why am I not surprised by what Marci heard? Between that and idiotic statements that Palin is to blame for her son's Downes Syndrome . . . don't you just love the party of tolerance?

Coby said...

Hey there Ms. Nikki, I have to admit. Sarah Palin has something. I don't agree with all ofher politics, but I like that she has ballz. If she ran on her own I WOULD vote for her no doubt. Mcgeezer made a very good choice here. She may end up saving his butt. It would be a terrible thing, getting to the booth and pulling the switch for ole Mickey just because Sarah Palin is just that damn gorgeous! HeHe just may happen!

Nikki said...

Paul, thank you! I think she has added much to the ticket so that so many who are not so keen on McCain can take the olive branch in the form of Sarah Palin and vote! :)N

Chuck Great point! Clinton was the worst thing for feminism. he created the stand by your man feminist...who thinks with her ovaries only. sick. :)N

DB, nobody cares about the questioning of her credentials, its the questioning of her motherhood that gets us going! :)N

chatti...mmmm gravy! :)N

WHT, hypocrisy abounds! :)N

Marci, you hit the nail on the head! let's push abortions and birth control and harp on how abstinence doesn't yes it does no sex no pregnancy. :)N

Khaki, there is no tolerance for conservatives and even less for christians...:)N

Coby, you know I am all about the hot vote! You go dude! vote for the hot candidate! ;)N

Lauren said...

I like your site very much!! Pondering on the teenage pregnancy that alot of your commenters are hung up on is good for me to do because alot of those reading this blog i guess never had children out of wedlock or a surprise pregnancy for any of their family members????????/ HM I bet that's not true and even if you do get married at that age because of pregnancy - how long does it usually last??? Let that gooooo people it's life it happens and she's dealing with it!!!!!!! It doesn't mean she can't THINK at all because her daughter is pregnant. Obama said in one speech that he'd been to 57 states?? REALLY where are all of those located?? please inform me and he never heard his preacher say anything out of the way while he eas sitting in church - have you heard him contradict himself on that one yet please you tube it if you have not!!!!!!! Don't lie and try to cover it up that you sat in church and enjoyed his views please don't discredit americans by continuing to lie about it!! It's you know saying your daughters pregnant - oooooppppps out of wedlock to. Just doesn't happen in this day and age and hasn't been going on for yrs has it. Like people who cheat will cheat again (yep)why not they get away with it once do it again!!!!!11