Thursday, October 2, 2008

Did Barack Obama say he would meet with Ahmadinadouche?

Hmmmm...but now he says he "never said that". OK, you freaking double talking lawyer. There is a reason there are so many lawyer jokes. They are liars. They lie with straight faces. The look you in the eye and lie. How do you know a lawyer is lying? Their mouth is open.


Righty64 said...

Excellent! Look, no matter how often Sen. Messiah Barack tries to parse it, he SAID it. It is right there on You Tube. And it was the You Tube debate for crying out loud! Did you see the debate tonight? See how Sen. Blowhard tried to say Sen. Messiah Barack NEVER said it. But, Saracuda pulled it off and thensome.

Southern Sage said...

Well he does want change Nikki!