Sunday, November 16, 2008


I stopped watching Oprah a long time ago. She has gotten so over the top full of herself its nauseating. She has gone from a big haired glorified Jerry Springer type talk show host to authority on everything. I remember the days of people beating the crap out of each other and yelling obscenities on her show. Yea, it was no different than Sally Jesse Raphael and The Jenny Jones Show. She brought on the trash and made the ratings rise. Then, during the 90's she found her spiritual "voice". She began telling us to "remember our spirit" and started the "Angel Network". She tried to make a difference in the lives of her viewers by being informational and charitable. Also during the 90's there was a transformation of Oprah that sent her into not just super stardom, but the show was en coupled with the power to highly influence those who became the Oprah faithful. They would hang on her every word as her wealth began to rise giving her credibility and respect by peers and celebrities. She introduced her "favorite things". Whatever Oprah endorsed began to sell like hotcakes and advertisers began begging for their products to become one of her favorites. Celebrities who appeared on her show were guaranteed successful movie attendance and she soon became every woman's best girlfriend with connections. Her book club would guarantee a spot on the NYT's best sellers list and authors would scramble to become an Oprah favorite. She began to be the show that could make or break any person, product, book or idea. In the 00's she began to dabble in "The Secret" as though it were a secret and millions listened to the cultish tapes that admonished individuals to picture themselves doing what it is they wanted to succeed at...there you have it, the not so secret, secret.
Oprah today is as honored and followed as any cult leader. American women need to stop looking to Oprah for their opinions. She couldn't be more wrong in most of her ideals and is in my opinion leading many women far, far away from their judeo-christian beliefs.
She has pushed her cosmic universe crap like it is this new found religion. In this cosmic trip, it is our minds that we should embrace and not God. She asks us what the "universe" is trying to tell us when we want to become our BEST selves. Since when do Americans, especially American women turn to Oprah for spiritual guidance? It was Oprah who told women to enjoy some ME time. Women all across america began neglecting their families to venture out on "girls nights out" for weeks and months at a time. Focus on yourself, she told the women of america. Be your BEST self, which meant, work on your looks, your brain, your satisfaction, your pleasure, you, you, you. Of course this is healthy to an extent, but since when in a self-indulgent society have you ever seen self-absorbed women take things in balance and not to an extreme. NEVER.
Oprah is a glorified 1 hour commercial, pushing her stupid liberal ideals and products from whomever will supply her audience with free crap to make her look good.
Oprah now talks like Thurston Howell the 3rd and is the worlds authority on what is and is not acceptable for society. There is no doubt in my mind that many women in America, like zombies at a Jim Jones rally, voted for Barry strictly because Oprah told them he was "The ONE".
Oprah is a joke. I could care less what she thinks about anything. She is a dangerous person who thinks that dog whisperers really can talk to dogs. I mean, who puts their own mug and name on a magazine every single month? That person has some major narcissistic issues. She is the Midas of our minds and the Oliver Twist of our pocketbooks. If Oprah says buy it, American women will buy it. If Oprah says eat it, American women will eat it. If Oprah says wear it, read it, see it or vote for this guy, American women will do it. Its a strange country that sees individuals as saviors and get their opinions from a TV talk show host with billions of dollars.
America is morphing into a mini compound of mindless followers that deem themselves informed because they watch Oprah. If you'll notice, most followers of her show end up getting something as an audience member. Which to me goes to show the mentality of those who voted for Obama. Oprah watchers are the epitome of Obama supporters. Oprah gives big prizes. People love HER as though she gave it to them. She becomes more powerful and rich the more she takes from car companies, Apple, Philosophy and other manufacturers who did in fact pay for the items that she gives to audience members. Oprah then becomes a hero, and her audience loves her and watches her even more because she can HOOK YOU UP with the stuff. So it is with Obama. He will take and then give and then become a hero, when in reality it is the corporations who should be the heroes of your pocketbooks. Its all so disgusting and brilliant.
So it is my plea to American women to stop watching Oprah. She is a cancer to American tradition just like "THE ONE" she so proudly supports. AND, I have had it with her best girlfriend gravy train Gayle, too. Both of them are boils on the butt of humanity. America will be better off when that blowhard is off the air 2011. Seriously go re-birth yourself out of a large piece of rolled up carpet like you did in the 80's. I have no use for influential retreads who act like, because they have a billion dollars we should all listen to their lame indoctrination. The country is NOT "The Color Purple", we are red and blue. I refuse to adopt your liberal ideals to make myself suddenly united with you and your cronies. I prefer to argue and fight thank you anyway. Put a muzzle on it and go back to white trash on display for TV entertainment. Now that I can respect. This Oprah is just SO creepy.


ba and the boys said...

so funny nik! i KNEW as soon as oprah endorsed obama he was going to win. i still catch oprah now and then, but it is mostly about the guest who is on. not really for her.
im sure she was/is thinking 'im making womens lives better' and maybe some peoples lives she has done that for (like the ones getting a free car.). but some women spend more time watching and believing and living oprah than they spend in their church/reading their scriptures/praying/practicing their faith put together.
and when you think about it, who is really going to be there when you need them (hint: i doubt she is going to do a favorite things show here in utah.)
great post nik! this was great to finish my day with.

Sandi said...

I totally agree. My brother lives in Chicago where everything is Oprah and it drives him nuts! I've even gotten to the point where I avoid books that are part of her book club (or whatever the hell it is) because she annoys me so much! And, frankly, I have to put Dr. Phil in the same category. Makes me want to get the squirt bottle I used to use for our cats and just douse both of them.

Khaki Elephant said...

Pompous, self-indilgent, arrogant, Oprah

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Both of them are boils on the butt of humanity.


Great post, Nikki. The Oprah-ization of the USA (in fact, of most Western countries) is not all Oprah's fault. It seems to be some sort of irresistible force. I'm of the belief that Oprah sensed this and surfed it for profit. Nothing wrong with sensing a trend and making some money on it, but as you point out I think things have gotten out of hand.

MRMacrum said...

Pardon me, but a correction is in order. The proper term for "The One" is not "The One", but rather more correctly, "That One". That is if you want to be true to your fallen hero and give the credit properly.

"That One" drips with so much more disrespect than "The One" does.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

"That One" drips with so much more disrespect than "The One" does.

I respectfully submit this to explain the difference between The One and That One:
(Around the 2:35-2:45 mark).

MRMacrum said...

el cerdo ignatius - as I said ""That One" drips with so much more disrespect than "The One" does."

I knew the difference and figured I would just give her a heads up on how to show her disrespect better and at the same time pay compliments to her candidate who lost. Some crumbs if you will to the vanquished.

I will say that to live in a country that places more worth on celebrity than substance does bother me. When American Idol has more people engaged than are involved in electing the leaders who make real decisions affecting their lives, it is indeed a sad state of affairs.

Ducky's here said...

She asks us what the "universe" is trying to tell us when we want to become our BEST selves.

It keeps telling me I will NEVER be able to hit a major league fastball.
Your mileage may vary.

Larry T Durham said...

I feel like a stranger in a strange land. I have never subjected myself to Oprah's show. Could I be the only person in America to have never watched the sainted one sell her snake oil?

Great rant Nikki. Damn people, cut her off, grow some gray matter.

Z said...

I can't stand Oprah..haven't watched a whole show in years.. But I've caught enough snippets to know you're right...And here's a Christian woman, her words, who warns not to be duped into 'following the old rugged cross' and is teaching millions of ladies across this country new age baloney...that's comforting, isn't it!?

By the way, did you know they get JERRY SPRINGER in Paris right after high school lets out on TV? ANd we wonder why 'they hate us' (which they don't, but...) I used to CRINGE when we lived there and French people would ask about it. Like we KNOW someone like ANYBODY on jerry Springer?? oh, man.

It's Me said...

I don't watch tv, so it is safe for me to say that I'm not all "Oprahsized!" I can't stand talk shows. I used to watch a few reality shows, but quit after ridiculous boredom.

Karen said...

Well done, Nikki. Sheeple everywhere. Whatever happened to thinking, reading, listening for yourself? Laziness is not an admirable trait.

A documentary is being made with interviews of Obama voters. They are asked simple questions like "which party controls Congress?", etc. They are clueless. Yet, they know all the negative slurs put forth about Sarah Palin. The media really did itself proud these past two years.

Anonymous said...

So Nikki - I guess I should rethink the "O" Magazine subscription I got you for Christmas?

WomanHonorThyself said...

couldnt agree more!