Monday, November 10, 2008


Obama is damaged. Most liberals are. Its how they thrive. Damaged, persecuted, victimized individuals who can only function as casualties of society. Who would they be if they weren't the trodded upon by mean republicans? They would have no identity. So, when you rise to power based on constantly trashing the opposition and pushing a total failure label for the other side, I can only suspect that when you become privvy to the full picture, you are in trouble. What will Obama do now when it turns out Bush wasn't wrong about everything and Obama must, and I mean MUST, adopt some of Bush's unpopular policies? What is the man going to do? Is he going to A. lie B. say one thing and do another, which is also a lie C. become a hypocritical politician saying what needs to be said to win, which is also a lie or D. own it like a man?
Its not going to be D because liberals are by nature pussies. I mean no disrespect. OK, yes I do. It doesn't feel so comforting to know that Iran and Russia already think they can push around America with our new resident moving into Pennsylvania Ave. Does it strike anyone else as odd that all of the sudden the bullies are out in droves smacking their chests at Barack Obama the new and improved Commander in Chief? Our pussiness just went off the charts on the international scale of wimps. We are now NOT beloved, feared nor respected. We are France. A nation of whining pussies. Who thought that by just one election we could become such wimps. Or worse, Canadians. We are liberals, victims trying to appease the wife beater, the rapist, the murderer, the thief and the thug. We are the damaged goods needing therapy to nicely educate our way into love and respect from others. The big daddy therapist who is President-elect Obama. He is now laying on the couch of psycho-therapy, "using his words" hoping the bullies will listen to his nuanced positions and come to the side of group hugging without having to take a 6 month course in Love and Logic.
If America can now therapize(yes I made up that word) our enemies into loving us, we will win the ultimate prize, peace, love and movie stars as politicians. That is the "hope" that is the "change". America, the psychiatrist of western civilization who will snuff out the low self-esteem of rogue nations and make them non-aggressors who like themselves and us. Or, they will be put in a TIME OUT! We will never say NO, because that is negative and negative feelings cause pain and bad behavior. We will give other options, like asking Russia to "please point your missiles at the ocean instead of at the nice Polish people, I mean not instead of but in lieu of"(they will like that french sounding word). We will not spank, or hit, or say mean things like "serious consequences" because that is damaging to a countries self-esteem. Obama, psycho-therapist of the world. Our psychiatrist in Chief. Liberal America, loving you, embracing you, accepting you no matter what you choose and of course, becoming your happy place of reflection so you can take some me time.
And why is it that France and these other countries can afford to be appeasing nations? Because they have us to come to the rescue if threatened. So now that our ideology is fundamentally changing, who is it that will be the protector of other wimpy nations if we become one of them? No one.
We ARE being bullied by ideological thugs changing us one philosophy at a time until we can indeed be taken over and demolished through the fundamental change of our philosophy. This is the task of the terrorist and the aggressors of freedom. If they can't take you physically, they will get you intellectually and guide you down a path to your own destruction. Change your thought America, and you will change your strength. And that will change America from protector of freedom to occupied territory. I truly believe that.
Tough stance on foreign policy from Obama? Doubt it. That would be too pseudo-liberal and Bush-like. And we all know that it is the policy of the left to be the opposite of Bush and the right, which is their ONLY policy. So nuanced and intellectually curious these libs.


ba and the boys said...

chris and i were talking about this yeasterday. of course, you say it so much better!

Sandi said...

But the good news is that we may no longer be viewed as bullies. I don't know about you, but I hated bullies when I was young and I don't respect them now. The world can't survive just on who is meaner and who has the biggest weapons. And, don't forget, not all of us who voted for Obama are "liberals". Just tired of the "always throw the first punch, whether it's warranted or not" mentality of the last 8 years.

Larry T Durham said...

"Off the charts pussiness". I couldn't agree more with your assessment. I made similar points concerning Europe's "pussiness" recently:

I called their embrace of commie- libism "experiments". I like pussiness better.

Hat tip to Dan at The Bumbling Genius for linking me to ATN. Both are great blogs.

namaste said...

sandi, i can't believe you're serious. i'm not a fan of bullies myself, but that's not how i would describe this country. americans, as individuals visit other countries. the perception about our country comes from the interaction with american tourists as much as or more than with our president. if our freedoms and safety occur as a result of other nations perceptions of what we're capable of, then so be it.

my daughter once told me most of friends think my hubby looks mean. when i told him he laughed and said "good!" when she or our home is approached, they'll so so thoughtfully and respectfully. i like the sound of that.

nik, HIL.AR.I.OUS! you are sooo funny and on point!


Larry T Durham said...

To Sandi: No disrespect, but your point that "The world can't survive just on who is meaner and who has the biggest weapons.", seems a little naive.

Are you morally equating America with those nations that harbor and support terrorism? In your view, are we the "bullies" of the world? What evidence is there that America indescrimanately kills as do the terrorists? When was the last time an American blew himself up in a bus station or a coffee shop?

America is not perfect, but weather you understand it or not, we are a force for freedom and liberty in this world. I for one would rather us have the "biggest weapons" and not the radical supporters of Islamic facsism. These guys will kill you anytime, anywhere. I could care less if we are viewed as "bullies". I'd rather this evil cult be afraid of us than respect us. In any event, they'll never respect the traditions of western civilization. Listen to what they say and look at what they do. Freedom loving people like Americans are not the cause of Islamic psychosis. We are the antidote.

t.durham said...

I must agree with Larry T.Whether anyone believes it or not,America stands between the wolves and the sheep.Remove America from the equation and the world will return to a middle ages political structure.Russia,China and everyone else will devour the weaker nations.

Chuck said...

George Bush kept us safe for 7 years. He will be sandwiched by Bill "kick me" Clinton and Barack "attack du jour" Obama's national foreign policies. Maybe we can one day stop talking about how Bush's foreign policy has made us less safe.

sally said...

It will be so refreshing to have a president that is familiar with the Monroe Doctrine. Oh, I'm sorry, don't know what that is? Stick it in your Wikipedia

Ducky's here said...

Liberals trying to appease wife beaters?

I never make any attempt to appease the military or the cops. Two classes that are notorious wife beaters.

Nikki said...

sally, how intellectual of it the same doctrine Kennedy used during the Cuban Missile crisis? I could really give a crap if the President knows it or not. But you natural curious type liberals thrive on your Harvard indoctrinations. :)N

ducky, nice trashing of the military and the have exposed yourself. A true idiot, who of course "supports the troops and is a patriotic American". One of the most disgraceful comments I have ever read and gotten.

Nikki said...

Sandi, I understand what you are saying kindof, but I don't think America is the bully in the war on terror. Saddam Hussein was a really bad guy and he needed to be gone. I am one of those people who could care less about WMD's if there is an oppressed nation take out the bastards and free the people. :)N

Mustang said...

Nikki . . . I’m one citizen who believes that if the federal government would stop interfering in extra-Constitutional matters, it would have plenty of time to address the issues that only the federal government can do — such as foreign policy.

We Americans are so much like the citizens of Rome two-thousand years ago; we demand social change, and at the same time resent it. We argue incessantly for more “stuff” and then complain about the costs. We demand greater government intrusion and then complain when it affects us directly.

I bemoan the fact that we have a plethora of politicians, but currently no statesmen — no diplomats who understand the critical nature of their art; in many cases, a failure of diplomacy results inn armed conflict. And then whom must we blame for this? The people who elected an unskilled politician to begin with. In this regard, the American people should think carefully about what they have set into motion by electing an unskilled non-achiever named Barack Obama.

Like the Romans before us, we have learned that when the crucible of conflict is thrust upon us, we must hammer our enemy hard; we must ruthlessly pursue victory; we must soundly defeat every foe. If we do not have the skill-set for merciless warfare, the enemy will be back at a future date. Again, as with the war between Rome and Carthage, do we need two-hundred years of warfare because our citizens at home “lack the stomach” to win? Now I don’t know a single veteran who loves war, but I also do not know a single veteran who thinks America should ever accept less than total victory.

Obama has already presented us with dangerous signals: making ludicrous public statements does no more than encourage our detractors. The jackals are already forming; Russia has announced its attention to re-militarize its border with Poland; they have already invaded Georgia. Obama’s election reenergized Iran to pursue its mission of international jihad. In the face of these real-world scenarios, Americans look forward to bringing our troops home from Iraq — lulled into thinking all is well in the world. It is not.

Ducky's here said...


Since arm-breaker Rahm Emanuel was spotted this weekend at the Mouse Circus more often than Cialis and Exxon commercials combined, here’s the skinny on the selection of the Congressman from Illinois’ 5th district as President-Elect Barack Obama's Chief of Staff.

See, years ago when the Christopaths kicked reason and compromise out of the Party of God, some of us came to the conclusion that trying to reason with Bush Regime Dead-Enders and the 48 million throwbacks who voted on November 4th to put them back into power is ridiculous.

That trying to enlist these cultural arsonists in fixing what they’ve spent 25 years burning to the ground is laughable.

Hope is great. Collegiality is great. I’m all for them.

But should the wretched whelps of Jefferson Davis decide to get uppity, you're gonna need a heavy standing ready with Plan B.

You ain't seen "bully". You're Sunday morning coming down and we aren't in a very generous mood after your hijinks the last few years. Better yet, find your moderate voice, you'll be much happier and productive.

Nikki said...

Mustang that was an excellent comment! thanks for leaving productive thoughts...:)N

Nikki said...

Ducky, my moderate voice is not in the foreign policy wing of the republican party, I am with the conservatives 100%. I believe you are wrong and deranged in your thinking and that is putting it as moderately as possible...:)N

It's Me said...


Great post. Great analogies. Great theories. Great passion.

Oh....and great opinions.

Anonymous said...

If the world views us as bullies, then they need to re-read the definition. When was the last time a bully protected, a smaller weaker kid on the play ground? Never! The bully is knocking that kid down and taking his lunch money. Did we kick Suddam's ass and then take his country, his oil? Nope, we have worked hard to make Iraq a democratic society and give the people of Iraq the opportunity to sell us the oil at $150 dollars a barrel.

If we look like bullies, so be it. At least we haven't had are asses handed to us on our own turf since Bush took office. I fear the death and destruction much greater than 9/11 now that Obama is in the big chair.

Karen said...

You make me smile.

EDGE said...

I hope the world won't have another crisis that only we can stop in the near future...because they're screwed.

Donald Douglas said...

Interesting, Nikki!

Psychotherapist in chief!

Those folks need it, that's for sure. Go Obamacultists!

Z said...

A story I heard that got squelched faster than the speed of light was that Mr. Obama apparently squealed on something that was said in private during his meeting in the Oval Office with Mr. Bush. Yup...leaked already.
doesn't that make you feel secure? The WH said "they were so sure that he'd realized when a president talks with a pres elect, the pres elect would realize that's in confidence."

UNREAL. How much will Obama mess up and how serious will it be? Positively scary....especially considering the gaffes the VP makes. Can't wait till he makes them in high powered meetings or overseas. Oh, God, help us!

MRMacrum said...

This post coming on the heels of your "Republicans get a grip" post makes this one ever so entertaining. Hilarious might be a better word. Maybe you should follow your own advice and get a grip yourself.

You state - "Who would they(Liberals) be if they weren't the trodded upon by mean republicans?"

One might counter with - Who would the Republicans be without Liberals to trod upon. It would seem that is all you folks are interested in sometimes. Something tells me you would have no fun at all.

I will say that I do enjoy reading your rants. Sometimes I agree. like your Get a grip post. Sometimes I don't. Like this one. And often times like this morning, I laugh. Thanks for the chuckle.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

We are now NOT beloved, feared nor respected. We are France. A nation of whining pussies. Who thought that by just one election we could become such wimps. Or worse, Canadians.

Canadians are worse than wimps? Gentle Jeremiah. Like you, I am not pleased about the leftward lurch of the USA or of my country (Canada), but you might not want to paint with such a wide brush next time. Tell the Canadians fighting and dying in Afghanistan that they're worse than wimps. Tell it to the millions of Canadians who support the mission. Tell it to millions of Canadians who attended ceremonies at our war memorials just two days ago. Go on, tell them.

Sure, we've had our problems with left-wing governments, and yes, Americans are possibly about to have theirs under the Obamarrhoids. That doesn't mean the whole citizenry has lost its mind and gone soft.

Just in case you're wondering, Nikki (although I doubt you are), this sort of bull from loudmouth stereotyping Americans is what makes Canadians shake their heads in dismay at the USA from time to time. Even more than foreign policy. Even more than unpopular wars. Even more than election campaigns that last two years.

Try and remember who your friends are next time.

Nikki said...

mrmacrum, I am glad you enjoy my slap and tickle approach for my readers...I do need to get a grip MOST if not all of the time, I admit it freely and absolutely. I am not hiding from any weaknesses on either side of the aisle and that includes my own. I merely state the truth in a most exaggerated manner. Its what keeps them reading. Thanks for doing that. :)N

Nikki said...

el cerdo ingnatius, I know Canadians are our friends and my outrageous approach to writing is what my blog is about. It really is not for the easily offended. No one is exempt from my criticism and if I were to fear offending then my satirical writing would be stifled. I am not willing to do that to myself. I appreciate your comment and the butt chewing I indeed deserved! Canadians are good friends to America a point very well taken...:)N

Anonymous said...

regarding Canadians fighting and dying for americans: The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is beneficial for all citizens of the world not just for those residing in the US.

Ducky's here said...

Beneficial in what way? By destabilizing Pakistan, a nuclear capable nation?

Taliban are still there and they don't seem to want to leave regardless.

Can you run down a few of the benefits besides our continued failure to understand we don't know much about fighting insurgencies.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

@anonymous (11/13 12:53): My point was not that Canadians are fighting and dying for Americans. I am of the opinion that the deaths of terrorists, the overthrow of governments sympathetic to terrorists, and the replacement of despotic regimes with democratic ones are indeed good for everyone. My point was the umbrage I took with Nikki's description of Canadians as worse than wimps.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

@Nikki (11/13 9:57): Well, if it's in-your-face writing that you're all about, may I commend you on your success.

Speaking as one who has gotten himself into trouble in the past with colourful, vivid writing, I guess I can say that I understand your approach. Even if I don't necessarily agree with everything you write.

It really is not for the easily offended.

I'm not usually easily offended. Honest.

Nikki said...

el cerdo ignatius, I know you have thick skin and those that do stick around. I have been offended much and have offended much in the blog world and have tried not to take blogging too seriously. To me generating conversation is done by sparking some emotions, but sometimes it and me can go too far. I definately love canadians, I was going to marry one at one point in my younger days! Thanks for reeling me in! :)N

Ducky's here said...

Speaking of national psychotherapists, I thought I'd share this wonderful quote with my far right brethren:

"And now the liberals want to stop President Reagan from selling chemical warfare agents and military equipment to Saddam Hussein, and why? Because Saddam allegedly gassed a few Kurds in his own country. Mark my words.

All of this talk of Saddam Hussein being a war criminal or committing crimes against humanity is the same old thing - liberal hate speech.

And speaking of poison gas, I say we round up all the drug addicts and gas them."
-- Rush Limbaugh, November 3, 1988