Thursday, December 4, 2008


I watched Christiane Amanpour on Leno a couple of nights ago and have been disturbed ever since. She flapped her gums and spoke about a bunch of mumbo jumbo showing off her knowledge of world affairs yadda yadda yadda. Yeah she's smart and an excellent journalist. Cool. Whoopee. Big deal. I think liberals are wired funny. I really do. They honestly think they can intellectualize Americans out of our problems. Its a control issue.
So anyway or at any rate, Christiane has a special on CNN called "Scream Bloody Murder"(GOOGLE IT I have no desire to link to it) which is a documentary about worldwide genocide. Its an important topic no doubt about it. Just so you know, I am one of those people who really doesn't care about WMD's being found before we pre-emptively strike another country. I believe that if there are people in any country, in the world, who live under an oppressive regime ruled by the likes of Saddam Hussein, Hugo Chavez, Ahmadinajad, Kim Jong il, Fidel Castro etc. etc., America should take them out and free the people. Its our duty. But that's just me. So WMD's not being found...don't care. Genocide stopped. Saddam dead. People free. And how was the genocide stopped? Yep, with force or how ever you want to put it. But no, George Bush is worse that Saddam according to most liberals. Whatever. People were liberated end of story.
So here I sit listening to Christiane go on and on about worldwide genocide and how we should all be "aware of it". Yep, genocide. Be aware. Remember all those millions of Jews who were slaughtered back in the day? Well guess what? Mass murder at the hands of dictators is happening all around the world as we speak. And though it is an important documentary for Christiane put out there, what is the liberal answer to this mass killing? Awareness. Can I just say that...I HATE THAT WORD! It means nothing to me and millions of dead people. I am aware of many things. Cancer in all its forms. AIDS. Domestic violence. Rape. Racism. Child predators. Disease curable and incurable. Depression. Suicide. Abortion. Teen pregnancy. Addiction. Drunk driving. Autism. Prostitution. Gay people. Fat people. Ugly people. Sexism. Ageism. Global warming. Animal abuse. Child abuse. Over population. Starvation. Starvation on purpose. And the list goes on and on and though I am aware, they all still exist and are not going anywhere any time soon. All you need is cable TV and you are "AWARE" of every societal ill on the planet including genocide, ethnic cleansing and all other atrocities that are committed against humanity regularly. And what is the liberal philosophical intellectual answer to these atrocities? AWARENESS. Make a documentary so that we are "informed". That's it. Great I am a hero. I am aware. Just be aware of the crap and it will go away just by our demanding it. You can also start a foundation. Invite some rich and famous people to a 2000 dollar a plate dinner and call yourselves activists. You can wear the latest and greatest evening gown by some well known designer made exclusively for you. Make sure there is a long red carpet to walk on and invite the media so that the peeps see you walking in front of your "genocide awareness" dinner sign. You are truly doing something to make people "aware". The money raised will go to pay the person in charge of the foundation, usually a relative of the famous movie star turned philanthropist, and for the other awareness dinners that will be put on later that year. Whew. I sigh in relief knowing that we are all "aware" of Darfur and the mass killing of its citizens. Something will surely be done. We can now demand diplomatic solutions by way of sanctions. Good Luck people of Darfur who are going to die, We in America are having dinners and having tight t-shirts made for your genocidal benefit and looking dashing I might add(the tee's are running really small and are showing off our big brains, but don't worry they say "free Tibet" oops is this the Tibet dinner or the Darfur buffet?).
So I submit to all of you "Liberal Awareness Week". Its a week out of every year where we discuss the stupidness of liberals and how we can rid ourselves of their idiocrity. First we will make ourselves aware of liberal nonsense, then we will have dinners and pound podiums and get Botox injections and liposuction for these parties of liberal bashing. I'm so excited.
Seriously, let's bomb some communist bastards already and free some people for real...That will make them aware.


namaste said...

oooo-weeee! no one gives a good rant with excellent points like you, nik. yeah! umm... clooney, did u read this? umm... angela, mr. cheadle, what's that fat guy's name? michael? woot! take note! you have been called to the "red carpet". haha! go nik! well said.

Chuck said...

You need to decide whch color our ribbon is going to be.

One thing I always loved was when people used to put red ribbons on their antennas to support MADD. While I think their support is great, it was alawys fun seeing them speeding down the street, whipping in and out of traffic, endangering everyone on the road. The irony was too much.

Ducky's here said...

And we get to discuss jingoistic PNAC poltroons for the other 51 weeks.

Seems fair.

I love watching the death throes of the Saint Ronnie Raygun revolution.

You clowns didn't do crap. No you are reduced to background noise for the lefts amusement.

Righty64 said...

I love this "rant"! Where were all the "Free Darfur" people when it was CHRISTIANS persucuted in The Sudan? I can go on as you did, but the point is that liberals-lefties love to talk the talkl but have no real stomach to take on these things head-on. Yea, President Bush is evil, Saddam a hero. Or how about Osama bin-Laden. Great rant! BTW, how can you watch Christine even if it is NOT on CNN?!

Sandi said...

Good post. I guess since I'm only a partial liberal maybe I can be saved? Also, no thanks to the botox.

Z said...

"intellectualize ourselves our of our problems" Good one, Nikki!

Great rant......Sign me up for Liberal Loon Week....I'm with Chuck.. Let's design a ribbon...I'd say LIME GREEN might be a good color?! They gave RED to us, right?

Donald Douglas said...

Keep up the good work, Nikki!

It's Me said...

Nikki, excellent post! The "Awareness" factor is dripping blood on both sides, my friend. With that said, I have to say, this is one of your best yet! Good job, girl!

MRMacrum said...

"Seriously, let's bomb some communist bastards already and free some people for real...That will make them aware."

This is your alternative to intellectuals?

Two questions - Why is it our job to solve the World's problems?

Secondly - Why do so many of you chicken hawks consider violence as way to achieve that? Because of it's stellar track record? Or maybe it just seems so fulfilling to know someone somewhere is on the receiving end of a missle with our name on it?

The issues facing the World and the US will not be solved by flinging missles at them.

Nikki said...

MRMacrum, when it comes to genocide I absolutely think flinging a bunch of missiles is an appropriate action...Let's focus on appropriate punishments for appropriate actions a favorite term for the intellectual types. When Hitler was slaughtering a bunch of Jews what kind of re-educating or sanctions did you think would work on him? My point is obviously exaggerated which I think you know. Sitting around and trying to educate the masses into tolerance and respect for humans is of course an important aspect of dealing with the dictator types, but that isn't the language they speak and the answer is of course in the middle. Don't act like military action is never needed or an option because the mind can persuade on a much grander scale. Its not that we love war or see muscle as the end all answer, but most of the time its the best way to get rid of dictators who rule with horror over their people. Or I suppose we could discuss it at a fundraiser. That is always a great way to free people. :)N

Nikki said...

It's me, thanks and of course no one is exempt from blame! :)N

MRMacrum said...

Nikki - I still wonder why is it our duty to step into the business of other countries?

I say it is not our duty and leadership in DC knows that. But they use ideological feel good excuses to justify using military force as a major part of our way of influencing the politics of the planet. There are no high ideals like free them or for good of the starving kids. It's about power and who has the most benefits the most. If ideals of freedom for everyone or deposing lousy rulers of one kind or another was really what we were focused on, then we would own Pakistan right now. I wonder why we don't. Oh yeah, that's right, they are supposed to be our buddies. Yeah buddies alright.

I think a major problem in America is not lack of awareness or too much awareness. It is selective awareness, which brings with it slective interest. If there is no upside for the US, we side step and shift those efforts to the intellectuals and their fund raising banquets.

I have no real problem with us staying out of the business of others. Matter of fact I would love to see us keep our soldiers home. But when we do mess with other regions of the World, we should at least be honest enough to admit it is our own self interest we serve first before we serve theirs.

t.durham said...

Mr.MRMacrum you are right for the most part. I also believe that we should mind our "bizzness". That being said, I also believe that it may be in our interests to butt in when an ally is in trouble or if we have financial interests involved. Darfur is neither. While the slaughter is terrible and unfortunate we cannot protect the whole world.

Nikki said...

I think the hatred that is directed at Americans by other nations is not in response to our over-reaching our influence, but the exact opposite. We sit in our cozy houses watching TV complaining about being broke while the rest of the world chokes, is murdered, starves and is oppressed. Our doing nothing on their behalf IS in my opinion the real reason for resentment and hatred. Our strength is God given and I believe we have a duty to use it for the good of mankind and that sometimes means destroying enemies of freedom for all humanity. Perhaps a good read of the Book of Mormon will help anyone who wants to understand this philosophy. Thanks for the conversation...:)N

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Nikki, you make a very good and interesting point: to most people, especially Hollywood liberals and their pals in the media, symbolism is all that's required. All we need do, as you say, is hold a benefit and make ourselves aware. It makes us feel good. It means we care.

That of course does nothing for the suffering masses. But at least we feel good about ourselves.

In other words, symbolism has a higher value than substance. But it doesn't stop at the far shore of the ocean. Ask yourself if there are any domestic problems in the USA which are met with feel-good symbolism, which is painless and easy, instead of problem-solving substance, which is often painful but beneficial in the long run. Anyone who stops and thinks about this will realize that symbolism has become the flavour of the day.

Having said that, I believe Macrum has a point about intervention in other countries. There are some problems that the USA cannot solve. Look at Iraq - and I say this as one who believes the transformation of Iraq into a pluralistic democracy has been a good (if costly) project - and multiply it by six or seven. America cannot afford this. The financial cost would be too high, and the human cost (in American lives) would be too high.

I am totally in favour of lobbing missiles at countries that are impinging on US interests, or having the CIA do some covert dirty work to get rid of a murderous dictator. Actions like these generate respect. And whether we like it or not, the world is mostly governed and influence is mostly made effective through the use of force. Always has been, and always will be.