Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Liberals are Bigots

Liberals often trot around proclaiming a monopoly on tolerance and open-mindedness. This claim is categorically untrue. Liberals are some of the most bigoted people in America. On a side note, I don't particularly think being open-minded is a good thing. This trait lends itself to much gullibility and most open-minded people are really weak individuals who really have no core value system. They are "milk with toast" people who sway with political and societal trends. They really have no back bone and are probably co-dependant.
Back to the topic of liberals are bigots. The Merriam-Webster definition of a bigot is this "a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices, especially one who regards or treats the members of a group ,with hatred and intolerance". I see no reason why this definition should not apply to such a self-superior thinking group such as liberals.
Liberals think they are smarter and more educated than everyone including conservatives and poor people. Yea, some are poor people, but only because the liberal elite act like they give a damn about the poor so the serfs align themselves with the fat cats of empathy out of obligation. Libs are every bit as devoted to their opinions as the next guy and are extremely intolerant of conservative thought and philosophy. They would burn a christian at the stake and claim it was because Christians hate gay people because some are against gay marriage. Does anyone besides me see the irony here? Its OK to force or intimidate a religious group into supporting secular thought, but do not infringe on a persons right to stomp, mock, sensationalize, demean on judeo-christian tradition and freedom of religion.
Liberals are bigots. Minorities and women will enjoy civility and equality on a far grander scale than religious people ever will. Secularists will fight against natural law within our system and call it tolerance. When really it is fighting for a societal norm that does not include natural law, which is God's Law or what many religious folks know as the 10 commandments. These laws reach farther than the basic ten. But its a start. The fight is anti-religious in nature and I am here to rip the mask off of the so-called, self proclaimed tolerant police and expose them for what they are, BIGOTS. You fight for only certain crowds and certain people. You are prejudiced against conservatives and god-fearing people, which is a-OK with me. I just want you to stop the lie. The live and let live lie. You want us to live as you live and think as you think, then we can obtain the tolerant label as you define it. The jig is up. I see you working your little bigot ideas among the peeps and disguising it as civil rights. You prey upon societies abnormalities and seek to make them normal to win converts to your twisted ideology. You recruit the lowly and make them beholden to your vast left winged tyranny. Liberals seek only to rule over and cripple by appealing to our softer gullible sides. This is why they use words like tolerance, diversity, inclusion and awareness. They use psychological jargon to transfix the unaccepted and dejected to their side. Liberals are societal trolls. That is why they fight for the weak, poor and the oppressed and not the self-sufficient and god-fearing types of people. We are stalwart individuals who need only freedom to make ourselves and society better.
Practice what you preach liberal bigots and tolerate even those whom you despise...oops, liberals despise no one and offer only love to all humans, except those who think differently. Show me some love liberals. Love a scary religious right-winged nut job today and redeem your claims of tolerance! I will be waiting!
And just a memo about the term "reversed-racism" racism should not be assigned to one group of people and if a white person experiences racism it isn't reversed it just IS PLAIN OLD RACISM. ALL races are capable of racism against any group of people. Let's not be elitist about our definitions.


Larry T Durham said...

I was "jonesing" for a good rant and right on time Nikki is back and rantastic as usual.

As for Liberal "openmindedness", if you are open minded enough - your brains may fall out. Which might help explain the incoherence of DC these days.

WomanHonorThyself said...

good on u for speakin out!..I wonder what the comments will look

Righty64 said...

AMEN, sister! Also I posted about the clearly racist tactics employed by Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid in blocking President-elect Obama's senate replacement. I wonder if the theatrics would have been the same if the replacement was white? Or anything else? Hope and change, baby! Hope and change!

DB said...

This is just the game of politics. It isn't that one group or another are actually bigots, but about marketing going behind such a stance. I don't honestly think that conservatives are any more bigoted (is that a word?) than liberals, but sticking that definition to them serves the useful purpose of branding. This works both ways. "Liberal" has been branded by the right as a bad word, and the left has branded the right "bigots" for disagreeing with leftist stances. "Ignorant" is another classic brand, as is "elitist". Just part of the game. There were a large number of liberal "bigots" who voted for Prop H8, but of course it is far more politically expedient to just tag the far-right ones as bigots. ;-) Don't hate the playa, Nikki, hate the game!

namaste said...

bigots can be found in every political and non-political group. it's just like looking for stupid ppl. no one group has cornered the market on them either. LOL! but what i like about this post, nik, is you lay it out there for the lefties who like to claim they have claimed the market on fairness, political correctness, and free love. which is bullshit. cuz they are undercover haters, bigots, as you say. as long as you agree with their chosen position, all is well. woe unto the dissenter who challenges their thinking. i love when you rant.


Benjamin said...

You tell 'em!

I am so sick of hearing about tolerance, diversity, inclusion and awareness! It's one thing to extend it to Christians, but they think we should just include and tolerate everybody! That is so bigoted and they should be ashamed of themselves!

Giving all of the coloreds the same rights as us is no different than taking our rights away! They claim not to be racist, but it's impossible not to be racist. Even Jesus was racist! They are just racist against whites because we are all real Christians, not muslims going to churches and pretending to be Christians!

Anonymous said...

Are you aware that there are liberal Christians?

What you are saying here is an absolute that cannot possibly be true.

"Liberals are bigots" "Mexicans are lazy" "Asians are good at math" "French people are cowards" "Conservatives are idiots" "Politicians are corrupt" - these are all absolutist statements that in no way can be true.

Your simple-minded argument is nothing more than a meaningless rant. There are good liberals and good conservatives, just as there are bad liberals and bad conservatives. You are just letting off some of your steam because you and your ilk lost in every area of our government this year, and you are scared that all of your violent, petty excesses of the past 8 years will be reversed.

Nostro=dumbass said...

love it and club seals, they taste good and keep us warm!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Anonymous: You are just letting off some of your steam because you and your ilk lost in every area of our government this year, and you are scared that all of your violent, petty excesses of the past 8 years will be reversed.

Up until this sentence, your comment made a lot of sense. But then the mask came off... "you and your ilk", "violent, petty excesses"... I'm not saying this line proves Nikki's thesis, but let's just say it comes across as a bit ironic.

Yours etc.,
One of the Ilk

a corgi said...

I so totally agree with you; my husband and me talk about a lot of the things you brought up in this entry; thanks for sharing your thoughts :)


Sandi said...

When I was in college, I was the ultimate liberal know-it-all. What I've learned in the 40 or so years since then is that nothing is black and white. Life is mainly shades of gray and being at the extreme ends of the spectrum and being locked in beliefs leaves no room to grow and learn. My ideology has changed over time due to life experiences, education, and just getting older and seeing a different. I'm conservative about some things, somewhat liberal about others, and middle of the road on most.

As for bigotry - it knows no color, religion, culture. There are bigots everywhere - conservative, liberal, Christian, atheist, black, white. All is takes is low self esteem and the need to feel that there is a group of people who are lower on the totem pole of life which can give a person feelings of being more important and entitled. They aren't, they just feel that way.

Sadly, there will always be bigotry in this world.

It's Me said...

hmmmm....pretty harsh judgement! I'm a lefty with a tad bit of right! great rant, but too isolated to a group of people.'re gutsy, girl!!!

Khaki Elephant said...

The party of tolerance (as the Dems like to think of themselves)will tolerate any color or gender . . . so long as you agree with their ideology.

Great rant. welcome back!!

Jibreel Riley said...

hard core, hard hitting... keep up the good... great work

t.durham said...

All I can say is...DAMN!! Take no prisoners Nikki as usual. I'm all in...Nikki for prez! And if they can get back up...kick em agin.

EDGE said...

Roger that Nikki...roger that. Great post, but hey you already knew that!