Sunday, March 22, 2009


I love liberal academic terms. What I love about them is that I can make fun of them and like fingernails to a chalkboard it bothers intellectual elitists. DIVERSITY is one of those terms used by liberals that is supposed to be "inclusive" for those who are indeed "feeling" excluded, whether it be by race, gender, sexual preference or socio-economic status. However nothing could be further from the truth. The diversity bus is the most exclusive club in America. To belong to the diverse club, you have to be A. liberal B. oppressed or C. dumb as a rock, anyone else is kindly not allowed to climb on. Let me give you an example.
My son and I were bored last week during spring break and decided to go to our favorite restaurant to hang out, order a bunch of food, drink endless soda and play UNO. We were seated in a booth with another booth directly behind us being occupied as well. Many of you have experienced the annoying invasion of your conversation space by someone talking so loud you have no choice but to hear the details of their idiocy. The person in the booth behind us asked his lunch mate where she was looking to purchase a home. Miss Mover said she was looking in Gilbert. The loud speaking person I will call community Juggernaut, said "Oh NO you do NOT want to live in Gilbert"! Miss mover asked why not and community juggernaut said "There are way too many Mormons that live here and you do not want to live by all these Mormons". Miss Mover asked why not? Community juggernaut said, "Well they keep to themselves and don't talk to anyone but other Mormons". Miss Mover said really? Community juggernaut said "Yes there is no diversity in Gilbert, you need to move to Scottsdale there is a lot of diversity there". Miss mover said "Well you know I do want to live by people where I share some commonality" and CJ said "Oh you will have a lot in common, everyone in Scottsdale has a lot of money, but they also will have your same values and interests and it is much more diverse" WTF? And the conversation continued and I was dumber for listening, I am thinking about suing. let me say this first...I live in a neighborhood of about 150 residents, 12 of them are Mormons, WOW its an over-overtaking. We Mormons are busy. We are going and doing and don't mean to exclude anyone, but we are involved in family, church and community. If we do try to be your friends you think we are trying to convert you so you give us the stink eye. If we don't talk to you then we are exclusionary. Its a lose/lose for us any way you slice it. I have many friends who are not of my faith or ethnicity and so do my other Mormon friends, so this dude is a big fat liar. HE is in fact the excluder(that may not be a real word). Besides it sounds like he didn't like our value system so we are not allowed to ride the diversity bus because we are not the "SAME AS YOU". If we traded in our values we could ride, so I am wondering why is IT again you push "diversity" when you are in reality pushing "SAMENESS"? Just a question for the intelligentsia...again I will be waiting for your answer. Celebrate diverse people who share a not so diverse philosophy. I really am trying to understand. I don't get it. Do the voices in my head bother you?
Diversity is nothing more than an academic lib acting again like they give a rats ass, that's it. Fooled again diversetards. Celebrate your complete annihilation of true equality and cultural awareness, BY EXCLUDING. Cultural awareLESS.


It's Me said...

Love this post. Let the "diversity" freaks move to thug-land where their daughters will be enticed to have pre-marital sex and their sons will hang out with Abercrombie boys who use daddy's money to snort chemicals up their noses.

Dumb-asses! If it were up to me, I'd rather live around the Amish or Mormons than with the Stepford Wives. At least I'd feel safe.

friedmsw said...

Love the cartoon!! Great post!! It has been awhile since I have heard the phrase "stink eye". I need to remember it though.

namaste said...

nik, it's high school and the "in" crowd all over again. basically control issues is what makes the liberal world go around.

excellent post. i love it when people spill the beans as you have here. ha! take that juggernaut jerk! you wanted to be heard? well here ya go!

ba and the boys said...

it is true-there are aton of service family memebers in gilbert. they are bringing a bad name to the whole place. sorry.

Mustang said...

You didn't do this, Nikki ... but let me caution you anyway. Do not make the mistake of using the word liberal as a noun modifier for the word intellectual. It would be an oxymoron of the first order and ruin your credibility for the next 10,000 years.

No, don't send me any money. I'm just glad I was able to save you in time.

Coby said...

I for one am Liberal in most, but not all respects. I am also considered to be somewhat intellectual. Not Genius, not a rock either. So the preface my comment. Liberalism and intellectualism shouldn't be labeled as an oxymoron. I Think Ms. Nikki that you just happened upon a dumb ass rock in that restaurant. I think of myself as diverse, only because I want to know and experience other peoples cultures, religions, and whatnot. I for one don't agree with forced diversification of ones beliefs,practices or cultures. Thats what makes diversity anyway right? The right to choose ones path so long as it is legal. Loved the post!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

** Sigh ** ... for everyone that is still singing the praises of "diversity", let me say for the 3,586,837th time, it is morally and practically a neutral term. Community or neighbourhood diversity might be good, and it might not be. It all depends on the individuals involved, and what they do with all that diversity.


As for the Mormons, they're welcome in my neighbourhood any time. They're clean, mannerly, honest, friendly and quiet (in the sense that they usually don't stay up half the night drinking and screaming - right, Nik?). I'm not crazy about the proselytizing, especially when it's 2:00 a.m. and I'm drunk and screaming outdoors, but the LDS folks are totally up front about this aspect of their faith and none are ever offended when I tell them I'm Catholic, that I disagree with their beliefs, and that I'm not much interested in reading their material. And heck - clean shirt and tie or not, they're always ready to lend a hand if I'm working in the yard and am having a hard time carrying something, moving topsoil, or mixing concrete.

IOW, Miss Mover should move her ass to Gilbert. [Warning: Gratuitous and ignorant insult coming:] Scottsdale sucks.