Sunday, March 15, 2009


OK let me first say that if you are going to kick-off a stupid emotional cry-baby response, DON'T! I am declaring this a thinking zone and not a whining zone right off the bat. Don't make me say all the stupid democrat lies for you before you say them like...(and please say the following in a really whiny tone with bitter beer face and your head tilted to one side with your hand pointing and snapping in a Z formation) "Republicans only like rich people" or "Republicans want children to die in the street from starvation with no health insurance", OK fine be stupid that is your choice, I can't change your mental retardedness. That is not my objective because I already know how the liberal disease has taken over your brain and made you a tool. Having said all that, why is it that minorities french kiss with friggin' democrats and despise the GOP?
Shelby Steele has written an op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal on this very subject called Why the GOP Can't Win With Minorities. He claims that in many circles conservatism is really just racism by another name. Why is this? Is the democratic party actually doing a good job at marketing the opposition this way? Or is the GOP really just an old southern confederate flag waving party stuck in the old days of Jim Crow and segregation?
Shelby offers his answer to this question and to me it rings true. He states "Conservatism has no way to show itself redeemed of America's bigoted past, no way like the Great Society to engineer a grand display of its innocence, and no way to show deference to minorities for the oppression they endured. Thus it seems to be in league with that oppression." He goes on to say that liberal activism is credited for ending this oppression and conservatism is in the same league as that oppression.
According to Steele liberalism is really a failed philosophy, but is the redemption arm of America, and so it survives and thrives. Steele says "This is the left's great power, and a good part of the reason Barack Obama is now the president of the United States. No matter his failures -- or the fruitlessness of his extravagant and scatter-gun governmental activism -- he redeems America of an ugly past. How does conservatism compete with this?"
The romantic notion of liberal activists is that they can create social norms through a higher moral conscience, where conservatism demands true equality through discipline. The GOP does need to find a more inclusive marketing strategy without dragging in the philosophy of white supremacy through guilt ridden liberalism. Advancing victimology in our nation isn't doing any minority group any favors. The left has grasped a hold of this powerful message and has sought out other self-appointed oppressed minority groups since the civil rights movement of the 60's. What and who would the left be without a group to redeem and an evil empire to blame? With no one to control and offer sanctuary to, the democratic party would be non-existent. So by its very nature, someone must be oppressed for liberalism to survive. So again I ask, who is it that keeps the little guy down?


sue said...

all you have to do is read the headlines about greed on wall street ( whats happening with AIG) and you will see why Americans are clinging to hope that this Democrat President Obama can make things different for our country. Its all very simple, repubs passify and bend over backwards to reward the top 10%. And after all this mess is rearing it's ugly head, you people are still crying about Obama letting those tax cuts expire. wow... unbelievable...

My Blog said...

When will this hypocrisy end?
Never i suppose. Like this child wearing an Obama mask.
As I have just blogged on this morning

Chuck said...

Sue, are you joking? Maybe you need to go back and see who really is in bed with Wall Street and our failed financial sector. Do powerhouse GOP names like Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, Barney Frank (literally was in bed with a Fannie Mae exec), John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, Rahm Emanuel, Nancy Pelosi, Steny Hoyer, etc sound familiar?

As far as apoligizing for any past racism, you won't hear it from me. It happened, it was horrible, I wasn't born yet, I don't feel a need to apologize.

People need to brush up on their history and realize it was the Democratic party in favor of states rights (slavery) and the GOP that ended slavery.

Then we have Robert Byrd. Whenever the libs want to dig up the whole "the GOP is racist bit" they conveniently ignore Robert Byrd's KKK days.

namaste said...

chuck said it right. this is what you and i were recently talking about, nik. people DO need to brush up on their history. the BIGGEST advocates (abolitionists) against slavery were republicans and conservatives. the democrats saw an marketing opportunity with civil rights and jumped on that bandwagon in the sixties.

great post, nik!

EDGE said...

As a I told my friend the other day...not one of our enemies gives a damn if he's black or white. Not one.

Larry T. Durham said...

Liberalism has failed black America. The infantilization of Blacks by the government and popolar culture prevents them from truly living the "American Dream". Excessive welfare, affirmative action and a blind allegiance to "multiculturalism" seems to keep blacks perpetually on the "plantation", alienated and separated from their fellow citizens.

Contantly looking for "racists" under every rock is a waste of time and energy that could be spent living happy, productive lives. My .02.

It's Me said...

I am way too dumb to answer this question.

It is what it is!!