Friday, March 6, 2009


Deception at Core of Obama Plans...By Charles Krauthammer


namaste said...

oh yeah? what's he doing that most of his predecessors before him didn't do? the only infuriating thing for conservatives that screams the difference is his maddening social agenda. bush did his lying and thieving just like clinton did his lying and thieving. yes, they all had a tough job, but nobody sits in the chief seat with a halo. maybe this is a wake-up call to the public and the lower branches of government to address the amount of power and free-reign assigned to one individual and/or one area of an executive administration. not just in the presidential administration but with banks too.

so we rah rah rah on the blogs and in editiorial columns about prez-o. then what? we're not gonna impeach him are we? and have our country suddenly in the hands of daffy duck?!! god really help us then!

you know i love ya nik! but it is what it is.


namaste said...

hey nik, don't get me wrong. i'm not saying that we should stop policing the administration and ripping prez-o's attempts at implementing his shitty policies. hell, we should sound the drum AND the horns, make sure nobody sleeps on these things.

i was watching a program the other night where two ad execs were trying to hash out a problem. the subordinate exec eloquently explained to his superior how they'd found themselves between a rock and a hard place. after a pregant pause the senior exce said, are you telling me this simply to anger me?

the question that i would put to mr. krauthammer is, what do you propose we do about it?

Nikki said...

Maria, yep its what we do and while it does get tiring, at the same time why should Obama get a free ride? He should get hammered by us peeps for his blatant lying and FALSE stimulus package. True, the American people have been sold a bill of goods in other administrations, but now is no time to mask 1 trillion of our dollars as anything but pork. I think we should join in what many Americans are doing and having Tea parties to protest the taxes that Mr. Obama is proposing and his constant ripping on corporate America...You have posed the million dollar question in what to do and certainly not ignoring the happenings in Washington simply because it has happened before. Obama was elected based on his change, hope and his being different than those in Washington. He is and was and will always be a politician first, just like the rest. its a great point and one that should be shouted to the blind. At least Bush never claimed to be anything other than that...that one ups him already! great comment! :)N

friedmsw said...

Thanks for bringing my attention to this article. Did not feel any better after reading it. LOL

Chuck said...

Read it earlier, Krauthammer is a brilliant man.

Righty64 said...

Thank you! You got a HT in my post on this column. Obama is lying to the American people. One thing though. Although it seems not to be the case, according to Real Clear Politics, The One's unfavorable ratings are more than double since innauguration day. I think the more that people pay attention and focus on the REAL problems, the unfavorables will continue to rise. Maybe then The One will wise up and try to solve the real crisis right under his nose.