Tuesday, April 21, 2009


No offense to Perez Hilton, but get a hold of your emotions you totally gay mafia dude. There really is nothing worse than a flaming angry queen ripping on a chick in a beauty pageant. Talk about irony. Isn't there a pageant of men in speedo's this guy could be judging? I'm just sayin'. I mean who asked this angry homo to judge WOMEN? Maybe he is looking to hang around a gorgeous woman to see if she can hook him up with one of her hotty boyfriends, I don't know. And since when is a woman with fake boobs, a hot bod, and a big blond beaufont hairdo's opinion on gay marriage fodder for the Miss USA crown? Isn't the BEAUTY pageant about looks and not political opinion? Keep the queens out of the beauty queen business, they don't go together. Remember The Electric Company, "One of these things doesn't belong here"...its the same principle. Stop acting like the Miss USA pageant should be a platform for political activism. Its like asking Ellen Degeneres to pick the sexiest MAN alive. I don't watch beauty pageants, but I can guess that those who do, could care less what these HOT women think about gay marriage. I give her kudos for answering honestly and not pandering to get the crown...Perez stay out of beauty pageants, OK?! Or next time get Rosie...BITCH!


Bungalow Bill said...

He is so offensive. Don't these people have anything better to do with their lives than follow shallow celebrities?

Sandi said...

OK, I didn't know "Perez Hilton" was an actual person. What a putz! Politics don't belong in beauty pageants. And please no more references to men in speedo's. Made me a bit pukey.

ba and the boys said...

i am so proud of this little girl! she was asked a question and she answered even though she knew it would upset people.
you cannot say the answer that will make people happy and and be false to yourself.
perez can go to hell.
ooooopppsss. did i just say that.

namaste said...

"i mean who asked this angry homo to judge WOMEN?"

that line gave me the giggles!

kudos to miss california for speaking her truth! i hate angry gays like this flaming-flower-perez and rosie. they are the biggest friggin cry-babies on the planet!

you're on a roll tonight, nik!


Nikki said...

And isn't it funny that Perez thinks that Miss USA should hold only certain opinions...how about a gay pageant retard! Pick the most beautiful gay or lesbian...upset and hurt, typical picked on gay. :)N

Chuck said...

Her grandmother already gave me my quote of the week, she gave him a smackdown

Anonymous said...

Refreshing that she spoke her mind and stayed true to her beliefs.

It's Me

Mike H said...

I like how he says that Miss California should (if she became Miss USA) represent all Americans. Please. She's in a freaking beauty pageant, not ambassador to the UN.

Anonymous said...

I predict the next shoe to drop will be a lawsuit filed on behalf of gossipy queens everywhere who demand their own beauty pagent.

Liberal judges will absolutely agree.

Barney Frank will be the judge of choice.

The Miss Bitch USA pagent will petition the government for economic stemuli--and get it.

Dogs will begin living with cats and NAMBLA will hire a lobby to represent their interests in Washington.

By the time I grow up, this country will be so screwed!

Eric Cartman

Righty64 said...

Beautiful rant Nikki! BTW, Miss California has made me proud to be a Californian once again! She has more stones than the bottom-feeding, gossip queen! It is not easy these days to say what you mean and stick to it. Carrie Prejean is amazing to have NOT wilted under this all out assault of the libertard left.