Friday, May 15, 2009


Al is claiming that it took him 2 years before he started criticizing the Bush administration. Whatever Al Gay. I am sure it wasn't because you were in a drunken stupor, getting fat and growing your Grizzly Adams beard all while shooting pool at the local gay bar for those first 2 years. Of course Tipper that is 6 inches, its not global cooling its global WARMING, dear. MMHMMM yep, and monkey's are gonna fly out of my butt too, Al. What a tool...EXCEPT THERE IS THIS>CLICK HERE


namaste said...

cheney wouldn't like me in person and i wouldn't like him. we both seem pretty headstrong. HOWEVER he is not the p**sy-wuss that al is.

big deal he waited two years. and i betchya in a fight he would politely let the other guy throw the first punch. what a skirt! stupid girl-baby!

Nikki said...

Maria, I think you and Dick would get along famously WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!? ;) arrogant these politicians, ALL OF THEM!!! Rob and I laughed at the stupid girl baby when I read your comment on my it!!! :)N

Chuck said...

Realize that he'll probably get an Emmy for this interview.

Stanley DeWalt said...

Isn't Al Gore finished? why are we wasting time on him?

didn't he...

say the movie "love story" was based on he and tipper?
say he invented the internet
say there is global warming, when the last eight years there has been global cooling
say buy my carbon credits, as he flies around in a private jet that burns $30,000 in fuel every flight. I will get rich

Khaki Elephant said...

Stanley asks the critical question. Why are people still listening to this moron? (of course, when I say "people" I'm not referring to the agenda-driven harpies who give out Nobel Prizes these days)