Sunday, May 3, 2009


If this is torture then every older brother in America should be in prison for younger sister crimes and torture. I just want to say right here and now that I have seen people do stupider, more torturous stuff on Jack Ass. I mean seriously, I would rather put a ski cap on, get strapped to a board and have some dude pour water down my throat, than listen to Keith Olbermann. Don't some men hire women in black leather to do this kind of stuff on purpose to them? This is really what people are freaking out about? I just don't see the torture, maybe I am a sadist.


sue said...

yup, you're a sadist. The torture argument has pretty much been settled as far as did the Bush administration torture. Yes it was torture and maybe you should join Hannity and give it a try, thats probably the only way to convince you. :0)

Chuck said...


The torture argument has pretty much been settledIt's incredible that every argument the left believes in has already been settled. One example is global warming. Nobody wants to debate it "because it has already been settled" irregardless of the science.

It has not been settled that this is torture. Obama and the rest of the left believe it is but, and this may surprise you, you and Obama don't get to decide what is torture.

sue said...

so i guess you haven't been listening to the rest of the world, and that includes republicans too, this waterboarding is torture and has been deemed torture LONG before Obamas time! duh

EDGE said...

I do believe this is torture. No doubt about it.

But... am I supposed to care about animals that would love nothing better to cut my own throat and put it on the internet for my family and friends to watch? Is that torture? Maybe we can call it murder?

Really? Am I supposed to care about them?

I say keep doing it...except use boiling water next time!!!!!

namaste said...

this guy's a wuss. i wouldn't want him as the head of my household. friggin scaredy-cat.

i say torture the terrorits. it's a language they understand.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Hi Nikki!

As much as it pains me to say this, I agree with Hitchens. Waterboarding is essentially a slow, forced drowning. It's not a simulation at all. Try putting a soaking wet facecloth over your face, and then try taking a breath. After the first respiration, during which you may get a bit of air trapped under the cloth, you're only going to get water. No air.

Now add to the fact that you are bound to a board and completely unable to move. Hitchens at least had a failsafe and was doing this as part of an experiment.

I think the debate here should not be whether or not waterboarding is torture. I think it should be along the lines of this question: under what conditions is the use of waterboarding of a terrorist under interrogation justified? I personally see it as a moral line across which a Western nation ought not cross, but then again, one can think of a hypothetical situation under which it might be useful. For example, suppose there is a plot to bring a dirty bomb of some kind to the top floor of a major building in a large city, and detonate it. And suppose one of the scumbags already in custody knows something about it, but he's in a less than cooperative mood. What does one do?

The problem I have with this process right now is that the Democrats are not being honest about this debate. Many Democratic congresscritters and Senators have previously spoken (in the aftermath of 9/11) in favour of "enhanced interrogration methods" when dealing with terrorists. Eight years later, with no further attacks on the US homeland (thanks to the Bush administration, the US military and the CIA), their memories are failing them and they are clamboring not for a debate on the morality of torture, but are looking for an opening to mendaciously discredit and marginalize the Republican Party. That's what this is all about: hang every possible excess on the GOP. It's partisan politics, of course, and to some degree it ought to be expected, but it is part of the 15-year-old trend to criminalize politics. This time, the Dems are taking the further step of demonizing their opponents and the previous administration to a degree never before seen.

This is not what happens in a democracy. Move on, lefties. If you want to make changes, then make changes, but cut the crap-talk about prosecutions.

Tyler said...

To me I dont think it's the torture but the principle. We go over seas to stop this terrible behavior and preach how wrong it is, but then do it ourselves. And to some who haven't even been proven guilty. Interesting post though :)

Chuck said...

Tyler, someone who hasn't been proven guilty? Are you serious? These men brag about 9/11.

Tyler said...

Yes Chuck, I'm so serious....Some men were sent there because they were just suspicious. Sometimes men were tortured for information they didn't know about. And while I know most of these men have it coming to them, it's still wrong.

Chuck said...

Tyler, you are confusing issues. Yes, some men were sent to Gitmo that were innocent, they are called ex-prisoners.

This does not however mean they were waterboarded, by all accounts so far very few were. I have heard no indication that innocent men were waterboarded, only the ones they knew had info. What do you think the odds are that an innocent man would have info about a terrorist attack?