Thursday, May 14, 2009


First of all, I am a big fan of torture. Now let's not give the collective liberal sigh of pain as though I just disrespected Obambi's mama. I think if the pictures of what terrorists do everyday were shown in concordance with the the torture pic's Obambi wants to show, most people would be for it, but of course that ain't gonna happen. I just try to keep an open mind as to who the enemy is and what they are capable of. Yes, we are supposed to be better than that, and yes we are better than that, even with the wet willy method of making the little bombing bastards talk. But what is so exciting right now is the tight rope that Obambi and the dems are walkin' on in this media circus. On the one hand, they want to throw the book at the previous administration and become heroes to many deranged conspiracy theorists in many psychiatric wards across America and abroad. On the other hand, if you were to do a poll...hahahaha I say that laughingly as if no one is doing a poll in the White House, did I hear there was a Poll Secratary? OOPS!! Nope, there was but they didn't pay their taxes so now they just contract out their polling. Anyway, polls suggest that the majority of Americans are not interested in pursuing any sort of indictment against the Bush administration. Most consider it counter-productive and contrary to the "change" and "hope" theme promised to them by the fairy dust Presidency. Its really just a bunch of shit, if you ask me, which no one did but this is my blog so there you go anyway.
Nancy Pelosi may as well change her name to Nancy Leprosy because she is now the stinking, rotting disease of the democratic party. Her limbs are falling off faster than a bunch of lepers in a hot tub. No one wants to even be near her. She is a dead Senator walking. The speaker no more. I can't wait to watch this battle play out. The CIA and Nancy are at war about what she knew about certain "interrogation" methods used against detainees. It was so funny to watch her press conference today. She was shaking like a kid who stole the milk money from school. Nice going dems. You couldn't be bigger morons. I can't believe you think you are the smarter party. There is a reason your mascot is an ass. Your domination is going to be short lived, so suck it up and keep on pressing this issue. Memo: To: dumbocrats...if you want to go after so-called criminals in government there are plenty out there. There is Darfur, Ahmadinadouche...Haiti would be a great place to throw the book at some rogue dudes in government. Cuba and Castro, Venezuela and Chavez and of course, North Korea. Just to name a few. OOPS, friends of yours. What was I thinking.
This is so funny. Who would have thought that the witch hunt would end up chasing the witch in charge of the hunt. HA! It really makes me smile to see the unraveling of a hideous career. Good-bye Nancy. Thanks for taking it to the terrorists and saving the kiddies. It looks like there is an opening for Mayor of San Francisco, give it a go. Those cronies will smoke some dope and love you all the way to Mayoral hell. Give it up Nancy, you are caught. Like my mama used to say...if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, talks like a duck, its a duck. You miss Nancy are a duck. A stupid, lying, idiotic duck. Oh yea, and don't spit in the wind and wear clean underwear. See ya back in Cali girlfriend!!
And now for some uh, uh, umm, uh, oh sorry the pages were out of order BS...who was that again? Your staff PERSON? WTF?? Was this person an orangutan? An aberration? I'd like a DNA sample please of that "staff" person...


Anonymous said...

There is a reason your mascot is an ass. luv it

ba and the boys said...

your description of nancy is kinda...uuummmm...disturbing. '...her limbs are falling off...'
but i have to agree. finally people are realizing what a cow she is. of course, i never liked her.
i think it is funny how everyday there is a new story, a new person to blame with her. that makes great tv!

Chuck said...

I like your idea of showing the pics of interrogation with the pics of what the terrorists do. Of course the media won't do this because it would misrepresent what Islam is all about. Because, as we all know, Islam is really just a religion of peace and tolerance and puppies blah, blah, blah.

namaste said...

wow. that was painful to watch. she's sinking fast.

LOL!! @ wanting a dna sample of the staff person. you're HILARIOUS, nik!

i'm so glad to see all her terrorist bullcrap talk come back to bite her.

one down, three to go. dean, bam-bam, and p-biddy.


Sandi said...

I'll admit it, I'm truly not sure how I feel about torture. There is the vengeful side of me that says give them what they deserve and hope we get something we need in return (ala Jack Bauer). Then there is the other side that wonders if they're doing the same to our troops over there and what we would consider extreme if it was done to someone we knew or cared about. Maybe this makes me wishy, washy, but that's just the way it is for me at this point in time.

As for Pelosi, I've never cared for her. First of all, she has that Suze Orman look in her eyes which is quite scary. She got too far too fast and isn't able to handle it. I'm sure most politicians would love to go back to the old days pre Internet and pre YouTube!

sue said...

I agree with Sandi, if we condone and continue to torture then our troops will endure torture too, is that how you sadists want it?