Friday, June 26, 2009


I don't claim to be completely informed about health care and the all problems that need to be fixed regarding it, but here I go playing an expert. I tried to watch some of the President's health care infomercial yesterday on ABC to get an idea of where Obama is coming from, but it was to no avail. Not only was the freaking White House turned into a gay MTV Real World episode, the audience and the talking heads were lobbing softballs at the President like he was an 80 year old lady with a bat. I had plenty of questions for his highness and its nice that they stacked the audience with Obama-gay's and Obama-sluts who really have no idea what the hell was going on. The Obama groupies asked the stupidest predetermined questions EVER. I mean what the hell? Did the audience use little portable teleprompters too? Or did they just spoon feed the sucking babies questions on their Blackberry's? Either way, the whole thing sucked.
Here are my questions for you "give me some free health care" teet suckers. If the government is going to offer free health care as an option to you sorry ass peeps, why in the hell would anyone opt to pay for insurance? AND if this is the case, what will happen to the insurance companies, pharmaceutical companies and many other corporations in the medical field? If these industries lose money in the private sector because of the government taking their customers, who will employ all of these people? And don't say the government, because if you do then you are strenuously supporting a state-run society and welcome to DMV medical care. I ask these questions seriously. I want them answered. Obama is not a business man and has no idea how to run our economy let alone the health care industry. I see this whole thing crippling our economic situation even more and regardless of what you libs think, its corporations that employ people and keep the economy going.
Also...if he is going to pay for this 1 TRILLION dollar gig with the Iraq war funds, when is that party over? It seems to me that Obama is a control freak with spending issues. Maybe he needs to see a shrink to figure out why it is he has a need to control our lives and spend all the money we don't have. I feel like our President is a self-medicating, shopaholic house wife. He has this need to be loved and its killing our country. Stop trying to appeal to the psychiatric ward of America. I know they are the ones who are hypnotized by you and the easy sell...but they are also dumb. Memo: To: President Obama: unemployment is at 10%. How about taking a course in economics and get back to us. And while you are at it stop trying to predict the unpredictable, you are not Moses. Your health care plan sucks. ABC even reported you as stumbling through questions you probably authored. Its time to kill this plan, before you kill our economy further. I can't wait to hear from the peanut gallery. Just keeping it real.


El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I said it back in November, and I'll say it again: Barack Obama is clueless on economic issues. Absolutely clueless.

The debate over health care in the United States has a ring of dishonesty about it. There is a simple way to reduce medical costs, and it's tort reform. I don't understand why the feds and the states don't legislate it - is every legislator really in the pocket of the lawyers who get off / get rich suing doctors? ** COUGH ** John Edwards ** COUGH **

As a Canadian, I can tell you good folks in the USA all about government-run health care and single-payer health insurance. There are some good things about it: if you have a sudden catastrophic illness, for example, like a heart attack, stroke, etc., the system is there for you, and you don’t end up bankrupt (although prescription drugs are not covered, so you may be looking at increased costs going forward). But if you have a cancer diagnosis, where time is of the essence, or a painful knee or hip (or whatever) problem requiring an operation, watch out! There is no such thing as rapid treatment or surgery within a day or two when the government runs health care. You wait, and you wait, and you wait. Lots of people die on waiting lists in Canada, which is the system’s dirty (open) secret. But Canadians, with their sheep-like tendencies and their politically-correct love of equality, don't raise too much fuss. Probably because they think that's just the way it is, and there's nothing to be done about it, and everyone is in the same boat.

I have had good and bad experiences with our system. In 2004, I went to the E.R. with a severe asthma attack. I was taken right in, and within a few minutes I had the mask on and was breathing easier. In late 2005, I had an irregular heartbeat and was taken right in again. The kicker that time, of course, is that my doctors wanted to run a few other tests, such as an echocardiogram. I had to wait eight weeks for the echocardiogram, which was done on a "rush" basis. Without the rush status, I would have waited about seven months. And God help any woman in need of a mammogram. You better hope that lump is benign.

A few days ago, I tried to stop at my internist's office to arrange my annual appointment. Simple enough, right? Wrong. The internist was so busy in 2008, that I couldn't get an appointment with her last year, despite several visits to the office to ask for one. And the other day, I was blown off again, and had words with the medical secretary over the wait time. I still have no appointment, and the secretary couldn't even give me an estimate as to when I might get a call - too many patients, too few specialists, and my internist is on call too much at the local hospital. I'll probably only get to see her again if I have a heart attack and end up on my back, near death, in the emergency room via an ambulance.

And if anyone thinks a government-run system is going to result in the same amount of money available for medical research and development, think again. It won't be there. Medical advances shall inevitably slow down without those funds.

If you think you'll get quick service in the emergency room under a government run system, you're right, you will - only if you're in danger of dying in the next few minutes. Otherwise, hunker down for a few hours. When medical care is "free" (a silly term if ever there were one), the demand for it is always going to exceed the supply of it, and nothing, but nothing the government does can ever change this. My then-five-year-old daughter fractured her fibula in 2001, and when we went to the hospital for an x-ray, we were told to come back in the morning as they were particularly busy.

So, America, enjoy the debate, but make it an honest one. There are some benefits to government-insured health care, but there are some big downsides, too - just as there are holes in the present American system that need fixing.

namaste said...

i'm SHOCKED to see no response from the peanuts....


excellent post and my sentiments exactly, nik.

and i am so glad to see you, el cerdo, weigh in here with your experience as a canadian. thanks for lending a reality check to the discussion!

TCL said...

Obama knows exactly what he's doing. It's been a plan of the progressive/statist movement for many bring socialism to America. Notice how fast everything is moving? Everything is an emergency...gotta get it done before the sheeple figure it out. Do it all at once so we can't keep track of it. And, with the Dems in control of everything, now is the time.

Sandi said...

Having worked for 30 years in hospitals and losing three parents in one year, I can tell you that health care is a mess. The plans being talked about are way too complicated for me to understand them entirely, but we do need to do something. The cost of ER care for all those people without any type of insurance is astronomical. It's one of the things that drives up health care costs in general. People need options. Drug companies need to stop raping the public. Hospitals and physicians need to stop overcharging and padding bills. But I don't think there is any quick fix. Socialized medicine is not the answer. But neither is having a large portion of our country without medical care.

sue said...

A friends brother died in the hospital yesterday, the bill was 800,000, they told his wife give us 13,000 and we will forgive the balance! WTF!!!