Monday, June 1, 2009


What is it with democrats and their apologies? Do you donkey's really buy that shit? I remember my mom making my brother say he was "sorry" to me for his teasing, and hell no he didn't mean it, he was just trying to get out of picking weeds or a possible grounding. Its the oldest trick in the book. Its what you say when you need to get out of a tight spot. How many boyfriends or husbands use it to stay out of the dog house? Pretty much all of them. I am sorry. Its my fault. I take responsibility. And like the gullible creatures we are we accept, only to be disappointed over and over again.
Bush never apologized. Its a complaint that is so childish by democrats, I can literally see their asses pucker when they throw their heads back, put hands on hips lamenting the Bush no-sorry tour like scorned women. Obama seems to think it makes him humble and non-Bushish, because its what the assocrats demand. In actuality, its annoying as hell. The dude has no backbone or firmly held conviction that I can think of. He once made a bunch of cotton candy clouds into pretty shapes though and that's super cool. The President needs a new cabinet post called the apology secretary. This person could take care of all the mistakes the democrats make while ruling our fair land.

I flew a plane over New York scaring the bejeebus out of hundreds of already on edge New Yorkers, oops, SORRY. I am not exactly transparent like a promised, SORRY. I have a few lobbyists and said I wouldn't, SORRY. I am staying in Iraq even though I said I would get out after 1 year, SORRY. Everyone I appoint to my cabinet doesn't pay taxes, SORRY. I go to a racist church, SORRY. I am a Special Olympian, oops, SORRY. Dear World, America sucks, SORRY EUROPE...these are all Obama apologies and there are many, many more apologies by the drunk old uncle Joe Biden. We now have Sonia Sodacracker apologizing to the American white male. The Dem's will accept all the apologies because that is what they do. Look at Bill Clinton. He had them at cigar STIMULATION. All along you donkey's were thinking, sigh, if he would just say sorry then I will give him my mad love again...what? Clinton's policy on what's that country? Not sure, but he is a democrat so he is right about everything and Bono said he was a rock star. That little bitch Monica went after him the fat slut. And so Clinton apologizes because he was caught, as do they all. And you accept.
Republicans don't accept apologies. We just say OK nice, now get the hell out of office you piece of crap politician. Example exhibit A: Larry Craig. You don't see his nasty bathroom gay pick-up wide stanced mug anywhere. We hold our peeps accountable. But not the Dem's. They are co-dependant. They are the party that loves too much and thinks too little. Obama has it made. He makes a mistake, apologizes and its back to business, or Broadway plays or whatever it is that he does.
What does Obama do? I hate to change the subject, but here I go...right now I could be President. Here is my plan. Tell Muslims who cut out the vagina's of women and want to blow us and Israel to HELL, that America loves them like we love our MTV. Check. Kiss European ASS. Check. Find a problem in American society, print a bunch of money and act like its a problem solver. Check. Create a spending bill, call it a stimulus package, print more money and make the rich fire a bunch of employees and take more of their money to compensate and put America on welfare. Check. Suck the wealth out of America. Check. Ask financial peeps where all the money went. Check. Party like its 2009, with Prince. Check. Have lots of celebrities to the WH. Check. Think about more money. Check. Start to cry about deficit. Check. Blame George Bush for ALL America's problems. Check. Give pretty speeches and go places where people can cheer for you and it will be seen on TV. Check. Make sure NBC, who owns GE, understands that my Universal health care program will make them RICH if they never say anything bad about me. Check. Keep media loving me by making movie stars call them racist if they report anything negative about me. Check. Oh yea, and last but not least...if I do get caught being stupid, saying something stupid, not keeping a promise, flip-flopping, mismanaging, lying or misleading...APOLOGIZE. Check. Its all good. And since its all about change, I will change the apology tour to the "OOPS, MY BAD" tour.
Listen to Brian Williams not just APOLOGIZE for Sotomayor, but he ANSWERS the Presidents question after he asks it...AND listen to Obama spew emotionalism as though its what the supreme court is about.


Chuck said...

What's telling are the things he does not apologize about.

Having not a single person in his cabinet that has payed taxes.

Naming a racist to the SCOTUS

Breaking almost every campaign promise he made (except the ones about meeting with despots)

Working to raise taxes on the middle and lower class after he said he wouldn't, fuel, cigerettes, junk food, tax on private health care.

Thye ironic thing is he is apologizes about all of the wrong things.

Karen said...

My fave from a liberal apologist is the phrase, "I apologize if you were offended", not that I said a stupid thing, but that you are at fault for being offended in the first place! A non-apology apology. Now, it's off to Egypt this week, and waiting for the apology tour to continue.

namaste said...

IMHO, people who apologize and say sorry all the time are the biggest LIARS on the planet. as a mother i've always hated hearing other parents forcing their kids to apologize. it's fake and it's lying. as for the democrats... ugh!

where to friggin begin?! with the election of obama, a completely inexperienced community organizer (and a senator who did nothing for the two years he was senator but write a couple of books), the democrats have revealed themselves for the incredible liars that they are. yes, i know i'm talking about my own party, but the truth is the truth.

i held my nose and voted for mckain. no, i did not like george bush. and yes, he did piss me off for most of the 8 years he was in office. but business is business and my vote was about putting my COUNTRY FIRST.

for all the minority voters out there: i don't need a black (or mulatto) president to feel could about being black. i saw where someone made a comment on another political blog that a group of people can feel their self-esteem rise by the success of one of their own. that just goes to show hopeless and useless some people are.

as for the remaining voters that felt obama was in a presidential race against sarah palin, and felt that he was more qualified to be president than she was? ugh. you were lying to yourself. and you allowed your extreme disapproval of bush to cloud your judgment.

apologies? i'm sorries? give me a break. (not all) but many of the democrats embarass the shit out of me. grow up.

as for obama and his sorries? oh please keep them. we've got 1328 days left. let's just get on with it and get you out of that chair so we can have our country back. good grief.

nik, you hit one of my hot buttons. great post!!

It's Me said...

I'm sorry that you feel this way. OOOPPPSSS wait a min.....did I just apologize for the way YOU feel? Oh, that's right, I'm a democrat, therefore, "I'm sorry." hee hee

Anonymous said...

"I can literally see their asses pucker" what the hell does that mean? are you looking at a sphincter? is it squeezing? puffing up? or relaxing? I just want to know, please tell me, ass man

Nikki said...

Anonymous, where exactly is Grafton Massachusetts?

Anonymous said...

Nik - I may not always agree with you (ok, well hardly ever) but you are too funny! You need your own talk show for sure!! Todd

Nikki said...

Todd, You are THE coolest!! I miss you. I need to come see you guys! I swear I am going to...don't give up on me! :)N

Khaki Elephant said...

I don't mind apologies, but I hate Obamatic apologies. Notice that his apologies are never about what he has done wrong, but what he thinks America and/or Americans have done. This self-indulgent jackhole is marching around the world in essence saying, "America has been a terrible country, but I'm not like the rest of them. I'm gonna make things better."

What a tool.

EDGE said...

If a Democrat apologizes...then there must be a hidden reason behind it!

It's Jimmy Carter all over again.

ba and the boys said...

this took me awhile to read...but thank you! glad there are people like nikki out here.

Anonymous said...

Are you telling me you know who I am? or do you really want to know, where grafton is? it is 50 minutes west of boston

Happy Hour...Somewhere said...

Leave it to Anonymous to focus on the ass pucker. Forget the substance of the post. Does Anonymous think Obama apologized? Does he agree and why if he does? Does he think Obama has a plan? Disagreement can be enlightening.

Freadom said...

Great Post. Ooops. First: I'm sorry I have been avoiding your blog. I've been busy living. Okay, we're square. Now, great post Nikki. I couldn't have worded it better myself.