Monday, July 27, 2009


Democrats want a government that "feels" for the human condition when governing. I don't have a problem with this other than it's a huge pile of dinosaur dung. Empathy is a good thing, for Nuns and mommies. For Presidents, it's bloody gay.
Empathy is what keeps the human race kind, giving and hopefully human. Feeling another persons pain and suffering helps us achieve a great deal in our communities, neighborhoods and families. It brings us to action so we desire to ease one another's burdens and suffering. But, and that is a big BUTT, when it comes to our governing forces, it is not enough and is undoubtedly a crutch to effective objectivity. It stops all rational academic thought and the funny thing is, this is what academia has taught O-lover. It is academia that told Obalma that the surfs need a voice from someone who is more talented and powerful than them. It is ironic that Obama's education taught him to be less academic when problem solving and more emotional. Oh those creepy little Harvard teachers of lies.
One of the reasons Obama was so successful while campaigning, was because of his innate ability to empathetically connect with many people. This resonated with many, but to me, I get nothing knowing that the President of the United States would give me a big old bear hug of understanding when it comes to my problems. This trait is not a bad trait. More people should be more empathetic to others. The world would be a better place, of that, I have no doubt. But when it comes to elected officials, ruling with emotion is bad, bad, bad. When my child asks me for something that I know will be bad for him, it is in his and my best interest to not give in to his demands even if he throws a screaming fit and professing pain. For me to give in will not only set a precedence of spoiled-rotten bratism, but it will also teach him to kick, scream and cry to get his way and his very self-discipline is lost. If my emotions tell me that he is hurting and must have his wants satisfied, then my judgment is clouded by my irrational feeling and thus he is appeased and a monster is created. This is the epitome of the Obama administration. Obama and the democrats are parents of spoiled children and they are trying to stop the screaming because it hurts their ears and feelings, and they think it will get them re-elected. He is the Mom or Dad in the grocery store handing the screaming child the sucker, the ball, the doll, the candy bar, the chips, the child's every whim creating a monster and future undisciplined, government reliant adult. Obama and his undisciplined administration will try to appease the voter all the way to bankruptcy and devotion to his enabling. His collective hug for the uninsured will bankrupt America. His contempt for corporations and bleeding heart for the poor will create a plethora of new poor people. His cries for the minority will destroy race relations and any progress made. His recent emotional outburst about Jeremiah Gates, sought to appease the pained Professor and neglected the TRUTH. The disservice he is doing by creating a government of EMO'S is disgusting to watch. How is crippling the economy and destroying race relations working for ya? My husband is in the tax business and he speaks to business owners every day who are cutting people loose because of the very mention of pending tax hikes intended to provide the money needed for health care for the screaming babies and sobbing Presidents. Obama has a Messiah complex. He has a need to ease our suffering, a noble goal indeed. But, emotion clouds our logic and leads one down a path of not governing, but nurturing. The governments role is not to nurture, but to administrate.
I appreciate the Care Bears on capital hill sending me some love, but it's time to start using your brains. Effective leadership is one that makes the hard decisions when the tantrum is in a full throated shout, and sticking to what is the best for the sucking babies and not feeding their every want.
It's the same with the Obama foreign policy. He sends the sweetest emoticons to our enemies and apologizes for their pain. And on a side note, here comes my A.D.D., why is it Obama can apologize to freaking terrorists and not to an American police officer? Just wondering. It makes me go hmmmm. Anyway, his heartfelt hand is constantly stretched out to the dictator and wanting to pat the back of oppressors. He gets belligerent when he is questioned by anyone and stomps his foot of blame when he is proven wrong. He just wants to be liked and so the story goes. Love me and I will give you want you want even if it isn't what is best for you. But then again, I think he just flies around the world because he has no idea what to do when sitting at his desk.
He has already started the evil republican blame game...except I am not sure why republicans would be to blame for stopping this stupid health care legislation. Don't the Care Bears have a SUPER MAJORITY? Such a liar liar pants on fire this Obummer of a President is. I ask this question, what would his real approval rating be if he weren't having sex with the media?
So please stop letting your emotions get in the way of doing the right thing. That was to EMObama. Start using your head and making policy based on what is best for America. That my fair President would be for the people to keep their jobs, you know, the ones in the medical field. And stop acting like the Iraq war was so super duper expensive. It cost 1/4 of what you have already spent and will spend on your proposed health care bear flower bouquet of sweet sugar plums.
I can't rip on Obama enough. Like Whitney, I get so emotional baby, every time I think of you. I get so emotional. I cry like a big fat baby every day, that America elected a radical lefty who shows us who he is every time he says something without his teleprompter. He is Jeremiah Gates Wright, did we have any doubts? Climb down from the mountain Obama bears. It was a great gesture to promise such pretty things, but let's get real. You have elected the worst President in the history of America. There is no doubt his one term will prove me prophetic. Thanks for the big hug, but do you think you guys can do some real problem solving now? Just askin'. And if you weren't singing "I can show you the world" while reading this, you should have been. Alladin is Obama er Obbabwa.


Rob said...

Good post, Nik - funny video representing Obama... only problem I see is that I don't know who would be playing the role of the Genie? I don't see anyone in this administration advising him to tell the truth. looking around for what he should say? maybe he thought that magic carpet at the end was a teleprompter. But people won't like me... she won't understand the 'real' me. funny spin on empathy. I liked it the post. And if he's worried about the wealthy princess liking him now, just wait until she finds out she's getting jacked up to a 58% tax bracket!

Nikki said...

Thanks hunny...Alladin's emotion for the situation clouded his judgment and he lied. He pretended to know how she felt and played on THAT to win her. sounds so familiar...:)N

friedmsw said...

Feel Goodism is a real problem in this country! There are so many people out there who will not face the truth because they just want to "feel good". I can understand this desire to want to feel good. All we have to do is watch the news every night! Yet, we have got to find the grit inside of each of us to face the truth!

namaste said...

nik, i totally agree: empathy is for nuns and mommies. everyone else needs to get to work and stop acting like pansies.

"...oh those creepy little harvard teachers of lies."

you should have heard some of the garbage that was spewed from the lips of my bitter black professors at college. it wasn't just harvard.

"care bears"


"i think he just flies around the world because he has no idea what to do when sitting at his desk."



Great cartoon, really made me laugh!

Shnurki said...

Your argument is incoherent, your grammar dodgy, and your sentiments hateful. Overall a shitty excuse for political commentary.

Fuck you.

Shnurki said...

On a more constructive level, check this out:
Check out what David Krasner says on p256.