Friday, August 14, 2009


So he killed a few dogs, get over it. I am not saying what he did was right, it wasn't. It was downright foul and inhumane. But, it makes PETA go into a tailspin of constipated hell and that makes me happy. And for that reason alone, let the dude play football. He is an amazing athlete and I believe in redemption and peeing on hysterical PETA activists. I hope they douse themselves with gasoline and smoke a cigarette in disgruntled protest of his return. PETA people are the dumbest people on the planet and deserve this road kill anguish. There are a few groups in the world that are as dumb as the PETA FREAKS. Some democrats are close, but they win the "my mama dropped me on my head real hard" prize HANDS DOWN! Pamela Anderson is a huge PETA supporter, need I say more? Have you seen her lately? She looks like she just got done having a dog fight. She would throw a fetus in the garbage before she would test mascara on a dirty disgusting rat. PETA really stands for Porno for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Have you seen the PETA ads? They are all naked women skanking against fur...ew. Seriously, I take Mr. Vick back with Journey's open arms and say welcome back Michael! Give them doggy PETA HELL! Signed, PETH. People for the Ethical Treatment of Humans.


sue said...

I hear Vicks coming to Philly, my know how Philly fans can get, will he be loved or hated, we'll see!

namaste said...

i was really pissed with him when i read the stories of what he did to those dogs. i guess he paid his dues.

he is very lucky to get his football gig back ala the eagles. although if i had to guess, i would say most of the players on the team are not happy about it.

as for peta, another idiot club.

"people for the ethical treatment of humans."

LOL! i love it!

EDGE said...

The NAACP loves Michael Vick too...

...choose your poison right?

Jess said...

Hey Nikki, I found you through Z, love your blog!

PETA lacks credibility with me because of their tactics. The people are loons. Good thing there are many other organizations out there who support humane treatment of animals who promote their cause in a less radical manner. PETA is just full of loons.

As to Michael Vick, he is a grown man, an adult, and his apology just doesn't matter squat with me. He knew what he was doing was wrong (what reasonable person wouldn't know that to treat an animal like that is just---wrong!)

Apologies for doing things done intentionally..well they don't resonate well with me because the reason is normally the result of being caught, not because a person realizes they did something wrong. They already KNEW it was wrong!

mind....does that make sense? I'm sort of rambling here.

We have a responsibility to live our lives the best way we can, enjoy it while we're here and be good stewards of the earth and the animals over which we have been given domain. I am not a religious person but my upbringing and common sense just tells me that it's wrong to abuse the privilege.

It's Me said...

If you've ever caught a glimpse of chicken fighting or dog fighting, and it did not spark the sickest feeling in your stomach, then you're just as fucked up as MV. Life is life...whether it be human or animal....and to use animals this way is the best definition of evil, saddistic, and without a conscience. He's a disgusting human being whom, yes, paid his dues, but he needs to get the hell outta mainstream society and go into hiding until all us animal lovers HEAL. Don't shove him down our throats.

Sandi said...

I don't like animal fighting, I don't like Michael Vicks, and I don't like PETA. As long as he isn't playing for the Broncos I don't care where he goes. Hopefully he learned something, but probably not. Just learned how to not get caught the next time.

Z said...

I have mixed feelings..the guy HELD DOGS UNDER WATER TILL THE DROWNED. That's hard to think about.......
But, he did do his time.
I'm guessing the good folks of PHilly will decide if he's to stay or not.
Pamela Anderson came out against KFC about 2 years ago, and we were listening on the car radio...I asked Mr. Z to please "Drive to the nearest KFC, we're having lunch there"....we NEVER eat there but we did that day!

friedmsw said...

To me what Michael Vick did was HORRIFIC!! However, it appears that he is showing remorse for what he did. Time will tell if this is really genuine. I am not opposed to Vick getting a second chance in the NFL. He served two years in prison for killing an animal whereas another NFL player served 30 DAYS in prison for killing a HUMAN BEING! However, I am sure that PETA will have their supporters out at Eagle games to protest. Feel kinda sorry for the fans who are going to have to be subjected to that.

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

Pit bulls love to fight. Who are we to deny them that? It's letting them kill each other that I have a hard time with. I also think we should let them retire after a few pro fights. We should buy them a dog house in Florida and let them eat steaks and Hershey bars. They've earned it.

Unrelated comment: Your comments on our blog are extremely insightful and I appreciate your support. There may come a day when we say something that turns you off. I hope it doesn't happen, but I genuinely enjoy your comments thus far.

Inappropriate comment: You seem happy in your marriage, but if there ever comes a day when you're single... call me. I'm actually very interested. I'm not lying.


Nikki said... me there is no such thing as an inappropriate comment! I love your blog and trust me, you will NEVER say anything that will turn me off...I am in my prime honey! woohoo! Feel free to comment here any time you like, I love fellow smart asses. And if I am ever single, I will definitely call! It will give me an opportunity to raise you the way I want! Whose your mommy? :)N