Tuesday, August 4, 2009


If our economic situation looks like it is being handled by a bunch of numbnuts, it's because it is. Let me just tell you about this guy, Jared Bernstein, economic advisor to Dumb and Dumber #2. Now keep in mind how people are calling Sarah Palin dumb and site her education as an example as though only smart people go to GAY HARVARD.
Let's start with his EDUCATION: Bernstein graduated from the Manhattan School of Music with Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts where he studied double bass with Orin O'Brien. He earned a Masters Degree in Social Work from the Hunter School of Social Work, and from Columbia University he received a Masters Degree in Philosophy and Ph.D. in Social Welfare.
Good Grief Charlie Brown!! What the hell is going on up there on CAPITOL HILL??!!!


El Cerdo Ignatius said...

The supreme problem in Washington is not the lack of economics education among the army of advisors, but rather the political philosophy.

Any old schmoo can learn basic economics. (Take it from me - I have a degree in economics.) Once you have the basics down, not much more study is required to learn the theory behind public finance, the money supply, the bond market and monetary policy. The rest is mostly common sense.

The problem is that this gang in Washington subverts economic law (akin to the law of gravity, but with more pain if you screw with it) to political concerns and goals. When you find someone with approximately four university degrees advising the president or veep, you can generally be assured of a leftward tilt in that person's thinking. Economics gets ignored, and political concerns, like interventions in private industry, starting the country on the path toward government-controlled health care, making "the rich" pay more taxes ("because it's not fair!"), protecting labour unions and trial lawyers, and cap-and-trade get brought to the table and foisted on the country.

It does not matter that none of these things makes economic sense. If your political philosophy is bent toward state intervention, then mere economics will be dismissed as petty concerns from The Evil Right Wing.

Truthfully, though, one cannot fault this administration alone. The Bush administration was led by a president who talked like he understood economics but who at his core probably did not, or if he did, chose (like Obama) to subvert economic strategies to political ones. Prescription Drug Benefit, anyone? No Child Left Behind? Signing off on budgets passed by a Republican Congress that included annual spending increases that were usually more than twice the rate of inflation? Doing nothing to stop the growth of the federal bureaucracy? All of these were courtesy of a Republican administration. Why would anyone believe they would get better once the Democrats took power?

All of it is evidence that Washington is run by damn fools, no matter who is in power, many of them lettered as well as Jared Bernstein. The current president is like a firefighter showing up at a blaze with hoses and pumps hooked up to gasoline tankers, but he doesn't think that's a problem.

Clifton B said...

The only possible way spending your way out of bankruptcy makes sense as an economic plan, is to hire Ding Dongs like this one.

Let me guess, he never had a private sector job either, right?

namaste said...

i'm no economics expert. but spending tax dollars to reduce a deficit doesn't make sense to me either.

i always love your snark, nik!