Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I kinda thought some aisle loving, touching and squeezing was gonna go down under that big Obama change thing everybody was Obasming about. Where is the love libtards? Just so you know conservatives, in case you live under a rock, the libtards are out in droves and they are crazier than normal and trolling conservative blogs because it's Operation STHU conservatives. That is shut the hell up for anyone who was wondering. When I say crazy, I mean no disrespect to those who may be institutionalized. Leftytards see conservative mirages regularly because of all the LSD they lick off the stickers they are trying to sell to the kiddies at the elementary school. The indoctrination station.
It's a carnival for us conservatives. It is so much fun I can't stand it! They are un-freaking-hinged! Call the vet cuz these puppies are sick. They are showing up at Town Halls like crazed Mother Lions defending their cub and pretending to be crazy conservatives. Again no disrespect to patients in the psych ward. The cub is of course President Obama. He is kinda sucking as President. Which they know or they wouldn't be acting like total falling behind in the polls, losertards. You see lib's, us conservatives didn't make the rules, you did. You taught us to criticize the President on every level. You were the consummate examples of sociopathic Presidential deranged hate. You showed us how to work it. You taught us to hold the President under a microscope and dissect his every move. The President is so scared of making a mistake, he has hired himself a teleprompter. Because of you libtards and your treatment of you know who, you scared the hell out of Obama. He is obsessed with NOT being Bush-like. It really is ironic. Its like ten thousand spoons when all you need is a knife. It's like meeting the man of your dreams and then his beautiful wife. Isn't it ironic, dontcha think? Also, he is a highly marketed celebrity that is beginning to run out of moxie. Charisma will only go so far. At some point he will have to have a clue and that time is now. Barack is the Brittany Spears and Madonna of politicians. The ultimate man-made boy band President. The New Kid on the Block. The NSYNC. The Backstreet Boy. All with some talent, but taught to dance and sing a little to the girlies who love them. Brit, Brit and Madonna Brit both have mediocre talent and yet with a lot of porno marketing, they are money making machines. The same goes for Obama. He is a historical figure for the party of no tolerance and oppression, the democrats. So in that way he is easy to market. Then you have his speaking ability. Democrats, like Joe Biden, can't believe how articulate he is for a black guy, so also he is a commercial for the democrats affirmative action program. They can say, "See our white programs took this black man all the way to the top, we are so great, our programs work and without them black people would still be in the hood". The President has no other experience or talent in leadership, but it doesn't matter because he can say pretty stuff and dumbassocrats eat it up! We all know what happens to these manufactured boy band Presidents, they eventually lose their star power because the ADD youths get bored and move on to the next big thing. The old thing usually becomes "gay" and so uncool. These are the constituents Barack chose and now he will have to rely on the ipod, MTV youth for his popularity. Too bad. So sad. The only ones left are the old lady hippies with elitist yet picked-on inferiority superiority complexes who have sexual fantasies about the man.
Needless to say, the crazy libtards are out and about on the blogs leaving hysterical comments, not as in funny, but as in bonkers. Welcome to my blog total lefty tools and thanks for continually reading and sometimes commenting. I hope you stop making stuff up like the President does and start sticking to the facts. What is it with democrats and their "means to an end" philosophy? Why do you think it is OK to lie to get your lame ass talking points across? Do you think we can't check out your fake moveon.org claims? Put the crack pipe down and give the brain cells a break for Obama's sake(Not Obama's sake as in for him, but like for goodness sake, like he is Jesus). "Obama" is my new swear word. OH MY OBAMA! Good Obama people, get a grip. Obama damn it! Poor, Poor mentally retarded lefty's. Never ever forget how much I love you. Love me back, I beg you. If I am ever President I promise I will give you some pretty pennies. I am your unicorn. Your republican pixie dust in the sky. Be nice to me like you are to all those fascist murderous dictators. Pretend I am Castro. Now be nice little democrats and start being tolerant of us religious right-wing nut jobs. It's what your claim is as non-haters. I love putting up the oldie but goodie kiss my butt bunny!
PS. How come the spellchecker brings up "Asama" as an option for Obama? So Muslimish and terroristish and racist.


skiriki said...

I believe to really take his name in vain the proper form is: gOdBamanit!

sue said...

you are so full of it!! Hey did you see the clip of the GOP congressman praising the rightwing terrorist(his own words)?? Fuckin idiots I tell ya

namaste said...

great rant! i actually think barry is the milli vanilli of presidents.

this is the kind of rant that sets a liberal up to be either stumped or to come out with their eyes closed tightly, swinging like a girl. let me grab some popcorn and watch. lol!

namaste said...

oh and i love when you put that bunny up!!

JimBob said...

Namaste: great rant! i actually think barry is the milli vanilli of presidents.

I'll take one new cup of coffee and one new moniter please! :)