Saturday, October 17, 2009


I love how our micro-manager in chief is so scared of the media...the media that dares diss him that is. The fraidy cats on capital hill are such products of the trophy, self-esteem generation, that they can't help themselves but to put an entire news organization in time-out. Their ego's are bruised and their feeeeeelings are hurt because of the meanies at FOX, the so-called media arm of the GOP. So we see the Obama babies nursing their FOX infected little boo-boo's with their CNN anti-biotic and taking on free speech. So what if Fox is conservative? Who cares. Why can't a cable channel kick out righty slanted commentary like the other liberal leaning whores of NBC, CNN, ABC, CBS and MSNBC? Are we not guaranteed free speech? Since when does a sitting President have time to worry what the big bad wolf is saying about him? Let them huff, let them puff...or are you afraid they will blow your house down?
The American people are smart enough (maybe only half) to dissect the news into categories of opinion vs. straight up news. Maybe we aren't, it's not my call. But I do know that I personally am and Obama the smarty pants in chief should not ass-u-me that we are all a bunch of dumb-asses soaking in opinionated commentators as news. Intelligence officially insulted. The party people incapable of news separation, would be those who align themselves with demoliberal party, the one with the ass as its mascot. The party of social engineers.
The worst thing that could happen to this Presidency is for the American people to think for themselves. That would be tragic and an end to his brain freeze of cold and calculated ideological bullshit shoved down our craniums. My ears have been raped repeatedly by this administration and it's time to call the crisis center. I am sure they are scrambling as we speak to find a way to get us to blob out on NBC and the Huffington Post as our news outlets.
So the conservatives have a channel, should we call Oprah and tattle? So do the porno people, the foodies, the sportos, the black people, the music junkies, the women who kill their husbands for beating their ass, the Oprah holics, the scientists and the animals. You name it, if you are a large group of peepholes with a marketable interest, you have a channel. The lib's have a monopoly on media love, so stop going fetal because of FOX news, Obama. Your underwear skids are showing. Why do you think this is Venezuela? Why should Little Hugo Obamez get shaken by some opposition to his long live the King policies? Why does this scare you, Barack? Like I said before, it is bad for Fidel Obamstro to let the peeps think with their own lobes.
Lay off Rush and FOX, you scared little Mao Tse Tsung lovers. Stop kicking out government Czars who want to kick it with mass murderers and you won't get run on conservative news channels. It isn't our fault you hang with philosophers who like to kill millions and are worse than Hitler. Seriously, is Anita Dunn a friggin' snake? Her tongue has less control than a rattler. I love White House communication directors that keep their lickety stick in their pie hole when giving a boring as hell spew.
If there are some people we should be fraidy cats about, it would be the Czars in Obambi's tool cabinet.
All I have to say is shut the hell up Pennsylvania Ave about the conservative Fox Network. Your job is to ignore the media and do some work. But of course Obama is a media whore and is not quite sure what to do when all the kids in the pool aren't blowing up his floaty toy. Poor baby...suck your binky. My advice...stick to more Presidential things, like oh I don't know AFGHANISTAN!
*More Anita Dunn via ABC...She actually admits to "controlling" media!


Sue said...

yea we got the donkey unfortunately but have you ever seen a pile of your friggin elephants shit??? Damn, thats a truckload of shit you got there girlfriend!! Smells bad too..

Nikki said...

Well that comment just more ways than one.

namaste said...

"So do the porno people, the foodies, the sportos, the black people, the music junkies, the women who kill their husbands for beating their ass, the Oprah holics, the scientists and the animals."

television is killing me! there is liberal garbage every where! you are right! barry and his stupid lackies need to stfu and get to presidential work! what a big stinkin JOKE this administration is. it's a laugh. do you think they'd send the feds after me if i mailed barry a presidential book for dummies?

another excellent rant! and yes! i am a fox news junkie.

Sandi said...

I stick to The Daily Show for my news!

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

You must be doing something right. Looks like you have a couple of libs perform suicide attacks on your blog. Keep up the good work.

ba and the boys said...

EDGE said...

I just watch FOX News and say the hell with all the rest.

Sue said...

oh how I pity Edge, you can't get news from just one source and especially if its Fox noise, UGH!!!