Friday, October 9, 2009



Righty64 said...

THIS IS CLASSIC! I wish that I thought of this one. I tell you, this is but a late or early April Fool's joke. They can not be serious-the Nobel committee. A JOKE, I tell you!

Professor of Life said...

Take Norway off your list of places to visit folks. They could have and just should have given the prize to Miss America or Misss Universe for all the times they have uttered " I wish for World Peace. " What a joke...Socialists for Obama - Imagine that ?? The media continues to slobber on and on about Obama.... but for your 4-1-1- many Americans are having buyers remorse over Kenyan Barry and his Czars, his weakness, his back pedaling on most campaign promises, his handling of Afghanistan and his frenzy to ram health rform down our throats so his friends like George Soros and the insurance companies can profit .. Maybe the Muslims and Socialists in Europe appreciate Obamas world apology tour but many Americans do not. He trashes a system that has been very good to him. The backlash is coming although the mainstream media will do their best to hide anything that doesn't flatter Mr Obama

ba and the boys said...

i gave up on this award meaning anything when al got it for saving the world.

Sue said...

isn't Thailand where Limbaugh goes to 'get some' from boys??

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

Jesse Jackson speaks about Obama's Nobel Prize

Some say with surprise
Obama how’d he
get a Peace Prize?

They say how could he have won?
With all his accomplishments
he aint done

Some say the Nobel committee gave him a present
For voting in the U.S. Senate
130 times present

But just in case you missed it
All his accomplishments
I will now list it

How about that bling,
He got that
from a Saudi King

Often he would scored
In a basketball game
15 point or more

Or how can you discount his dreams?
He had
for our Olympic teams

Or what about all the Community organizing he has done
Teaching inner city kids
being chased by gangs how to run

The Nobel committee Obama they did choose
Look at Bush
all he ever got was a pair of shoes

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Sue: isn't Thailand where Limbaugh goes to 'get some' from boys??

No doubt, dear Sue, you'll leave the burden of proof on Mr. Limbaugh to prove that he's never been to Thailand. Failing that, you'll believe it.