Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Why do Obama supporters think they are so superior? I am not gonna lie, I don't like Obama and I hope he becomes the biggest loser President ever. I am not sure why that statement sends the Obama whores prostrate, but it does and it's fun to say because of it. It gets them so riled up that I could probably end this post right now. Just so you know, America has never failed because of a Presidents FAILINGS and the only peeps with this handicapped melonhead philosophy are the lefty stanks that are masters of baiting and lying.
I am sick of the superiority complexes of Obama supporters. They tout their "progressive" views as being more "enlightened" and part of a larger more powerful movement unseen by the ignorant. It's a special club. A club of progressive intellects with a crowning glory. They are elite enigma's encroached in their historical creation...Barack Obama. They created him and we will not break him, not on their watches. Never have I seen so many democrats taking the Presidency so personally. And why is this? Is it because they themselves feel they are responsible for the emergence of an idyllic icon? I can only assume that this is the case. Is this a new syndrome? Presidential crazy love syndrome by proxy? Symbolic gestures of the transference kind. Their superiority is shameless. They proudly and profoundly defend the gaffe machine Obama, and in doing so make themselves liars and enablers. I can't even count how many times I have talked politics with someone who is an Obama supporter, be it a stranger or friend, that they weren't ready to kick my ass if I said anything negative. HOW DARE YOU!! How dare I? How dare these intellectual midgets spew such ridiculousness. I AM NOT GONNA LIE!
I don't like Obama. I don't like his big ears. I don't like his girly smile. I don't like his teeth. I don't like his cool, dude, homey chide. I don't like his friends. I don't like his dog. I don't like his speeches. I don't like his stupid skinny ass. I don't like how he throws a freaking baseball. I don't like his stupid mug on TV every freaking second of every freaking day. I don't like his wife. I don't like his arrogance. I don't like HIM. And most of all, I don't like democrats PERIOD, therefore I don't like him. I DON'T LIKE BARACK OBAMA AND I HOPE HE FAILS BECAUSE IF HE FAILS THEN WE GET A NEW PRESIDENT! WOOHOO! BONUS. I hate Obama's politics and I hate his supporters for their deep and confusing adherence to him. Do you hear me dumbassocrats? Are you getting it? If he fails, America does not fail because America is not Obamastan. We were here long before he came and we will be here long after he goes. He is not Jesus. He is not even Santa. Obama is not parting the Red Sea as far as I can tell...So keep your better than thou sanctimonious liberal butt shiioot to yourselves. You aren't more righteous because you voted for the black guy. You aren't superior because you are so progressive in your world view. You aren't anything but a group thinker that can't see Obama for what he IS let alone for what he ISN'T. Your allegiance should be to your country and not to a big eared canonized figure head. If I hear one more person proudly proclaim "I voted for the man and I am so proud" I am gonna head butt them into the next century. Proud? Why? Because you are a muletard? Since when are Americans proud to be Americans because of who holds the office of President? Does the President really define our country? Such little serfs you mules are. Little friggin' cult members of the Obama Joy luck club. I'm proud to be an American where at least I know Obama is President. Thanks for re-writing the words to Lee Greenwood's song. Seriously, stop having relations with yourselves for your Obama support donkeytards, it's so porno.

Why did CNN give 24 hour coverage to the freaking gay gay rights march thing in DC? I'm not gonna lie, I am not a homophobe, but I am a homoist. I am against gay marriage and as a Mormon prop eight lover, I am hated profusely by most gay people, so the feeling is mutual. I don't really care that they are gay as much as married gay people want to adopt kids(because biologically they can't create them)and I am against gay adoption more so than gay marriage itself. It's a hate/hate relationship. But for holding my opinion I am accused of bigotry and when gay people hate all over my Mormon religious keester it's because I am a right-wing religious nut job infringing on their right to pretend to procreate under the law, and that view has nothing to do with bigotry. Monkey's flew out of butt. Religion is not a civil right I guess. And of course neither is thought.
Needless to say, CNN OVERKILLED the gay gay parade. What I find in total hilarity is the Obama bait and switch. Totally against gay marriage pre-election...NOW, a total fence sitting love me some homo's kind of a guy. Wasn't it the Thompson Twins who sang, Lies lies lies yeeaah, there gonna get you...?
I don't really care about don't Ask, don't tell...end it. It is stupid. Don't ask, Don't tell? What the hell? We don't ask and we can ALL tell. It's called gaydar and most people have it and if they don't then, it's all good! I think that if a person is willing to serve their country, it shouldn't matter which team they play for in the sex world. Just sayin'. End DA/DT.
Just a memo to the gay community: I would be more apt to support your gay causes if you weren't such huge big fat baby diaper wetters. The gaytards suck binkys and I can't in good conscience support their flamboyant tantrumed style protests. Send me some love, and we can have some Babs cawffee talk. Until then, marry your sister, your pet, your Grandmother, your horse, your pool boy...but do it in Amsterdam. MWAH!
PS. Comment free zone...no more moderation!


namaste said...

i'm first! woo-hoo! and yesss! no more comment mod.

i love the rant about skinny-ass of course! and the reason i and others LOVE this blog is because you say WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANNA SAY! it makes us gasp, gnash our teeth, laugh or throw things! haha! great post!

skiriki said...

Great post! I'm sure you will get all kinds of tantrum throwing, progressive-philosophy spewing hate mail from the Obaaaaaaamaaaaaa sheep to keep you busy for the next week and a half. lol!

Sue said...

Actually I was surprised at first to see the words 'don't like', then came the hate word right after my thought! LOL

OK, heres the reason straight from the mouth of a liberal who is not googoo over Obama. We had 8 years of horrific SHRUB and DICK and we want fresh and new ideas. Liberal presidents give us that. In the next year I will be back here sayin I TOLD YOU SO! :-)

Nikki said...

Come on Sue you can do better than that. The comment mod was not on because of crazy comments...it was a completely different matter all together. Feel free to let loose and say a few cuss words. Do I need to send a memo??

commoncents said...

Great Post! I really like your blog - keep up the excellent work!!

ps. Link Exchange?

ba and the boys said...

i was very glad NOT to be drinking anything when i read those 1st few lines! ha ha! i would have had to clean off my computer!

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

Liberals do think they're superior and my travels prove it.
The continuing story of Stopthepresses visit to a liberal blog......
After repeatedly being flagged and having our comments hidden while posting on the internet site “Newsers" (Which has been taken over by liberal bloggers), Stopthepresses sat down for an interview with one of the liberal bloggers who constantly censored our comments...........

Stopthepresses:-- Mr. Howard Limpwist thank you for taking the time for this interview, we would like you to explain why you constantly censored our comments posted on the Newsers site. Was it because we expressed a conservative opinion?

Mr. Howard Limpwist:-- Not at all my dear chap. Pip, pip, cheerio, and by the way the name is Howard Limpwist esquire III.

Stopthepresses:-- Yes, Mr. Limpwist. But, can you tell us why you censored our comment?

Howard Limpwist esquire III:-- Well my good man, I can see by looking at you and reading your posts that you did not attend Harvard University, as me and the President of these United States did. So therefore, I know that you are not up to par with our intellect. I flagged you, my good fellow because your comments offended me. In that, while I was eating a bowl of exquisite New England clam chowder and blogging on “Newser”, I came upon your comments, which where very disagreeable and cause my monocle to depart from my eye and fall directly into my soup, while I stared with my mouth all agape.

Stopthepresses:-- Oh I see, so in your Harvard elitist world there is no free speech.

Howard Limpwist esquire III:-- I resent that remark. For I’ll have you know, that we Harvard liberals hold dearly the concept of freedom of speech. My good man, I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it, if I agree with it. Once again you have offended me and this interview is over. Come on Maury let us break camp and blow this pop stand.

Sue said...

well I guess I have to admit liberals are smarter then conservatives, it is factual.
I would have come out swinging with some cussing but I thought I wasn't allowed, wuz up with that??

Besides I'm used to your ramblings about libs and the president so it doesn't get to me anymore. I have evolved, see pedaling, I have evolved!! :-)))

Sarah said...

I was under the impression that the don't ask/don't tell policy was created because of gay people being beaten up and killed in the military. It's been a while, so my memory is a little foggy, but I thought it was created to PROTECT them. They are like a bunch of whiny 2 year olds who want everything that isn't good for them. It's a selfish lifestyle with disposable income, so we obviously hear them squeaking their wheels more often than we hear about anti-gay rallies. Oh wait, those don't really exist. Do you know why??? Someone around here has got to hold a REAL job. While we're all out working to put bread on our table, these crybabies spend their time and money to whine about their right to waggle their junk in public. Give me a break. Yes Lady GaGa, you too. Does anyone ever take you seriously anyway? Put some pants on.

susana said...

Such a great gift of bullshit,Nik, your words are like manna …conservative mainstream crap raining down from heaven. Nik-darlin', your blog-hating-mania is so brown, stinky and yet intoxicating delicious...yummy yum yum… slurp, suck, wonder-bread sponging gravy slopping good. Total finger licking bliss.. ummm, ummmm ummm.. I hope all of us who have been blessed by your words will remember to thank the good lord for our intelligently designed digestive tracks and our divine abilty to crap it all out and start over tomorrow. Who needs a brain anyway?...apparently only the scarecrow.

Nikki said...

susana, thanks. I think. :)N

Righty64 said...

I love it. You just call them Obama whores! And they are. And yes, I do hope that his policies fail. Not him. As far as the gay parade, funny how the Obama whore media made a huge deal about that and ignored the 9/12 parade in Washington and across the nation. They are all pathetic. And no, liberals are not real world smarter than conservatives. If one calls selling out the United States every chance he gets and socializing the economy smart, well, that is pathetic. Great post!

Nikki said...

Patrick, I can only imagine the pain in this interview. If there was anything worse than an American liberal it would be a Brit...at least I did a nice British accent while reading your comment. Glad you survived! :)N

Nikki said...

Sarah, don't ask was the brain child of Bill Clinton and as far as I know not being in the military and all, it had nothing to do with protection but was strictly political. Bill promised to end the ban on gays in the military during his campaign, but it proved to be politically risky at the time...so he settled on a worthless don't ask policy. I will let the service men and women speak to the nature of protecting gays in the military. I don't think many care. What convinced me that it didn't matter was the fact that so many hetero-sexual soldiers were pretty A-moral themselves and served without moral judgment by civilians. Plenty of straight soldiers cheat on their wives, husbands and practice immorality contrary to military code. Why not offer the same option to a gay person to serve while living an honor code. To me it is no different than a promiscuous straight man or woman in the military who breaks the rules. Gay or straight, soldiers can still serve with honor. :)N

Listen To Me said...

My Dear Conservative friends who are SO quick to defend you Liberal friend Shaw Kenawe.
I would like you to read the following from HER blog:

“I may not agree with everything that Beck says , but I don't agree that any group of people have the right to "shut him down" for his thoughts. I'm sick of people saying that if you don't agree with the president, you're "right wing Nazi,"”

Shaw Kenawe said... In reply to my comment.
Your outrage is quite misplaced on this blog. I don't "laud" Olbermann, Sharpton, or Shultz or Rev. Wright.

You have said nothing of interest to report to anyone but only repeat your tired, empty rhetoric of being a victim because the Republicans lost the last election, and it's really quite tiresome.

It is appalling that you're so desperately wrong about what you've written, but even more unforgivable is that you're also insufferably boring when you do so.

EDGE said...

I like where your head is Nikki.

A Guy From Brooklyn said...

Thank you and God Bless you Glenn Beck.You have done a great service to our country.