Friday, October 9, 2009


I hear the click, click, click of key boards...Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize..........WTF?? Did we just get PUNK'D?


Sue said...

would you call it a peace of crap if one of your rethug idiot presidents was to win it? I think not. I'm proud of you Mr. President!!

susana said...

The Republicans have spun so far off the belligerent rage-o-meter that they now simply hate Obama at a purely genetic level. For months, the conservative wing of American society has been steadily nose-diving into a self-reinforcing tantrum. Two years ago, they were America's Patriots, ready to crucify presidential candidates for failure to wear American flag lapel pins. Today they treasonously call for the assassination of the President from behind church pulpits. With one voice, they now literally cheer America’s failings and jeer our successes. This is the group of Americans who sat vapidly by as their freedoms were plundered, their children were killed in unnecessary wars, and their phones were tapped by major corporations all while they worked themselves into a magnetic flag ribbon stupor of Toby Keith patriotism. Suddenly they’ve woken up to find their jobs, rights, and – most distressingly to them – their influence gone. And it’s driven them insane.

Sue said...

DAMN SUSAN thats a fabulous rant, hey watch out Nikki you got some competition!!