Sunday, October 4, 2009


Alrighty then. Let's take a looky lou at what Obama has accomplished. But first, a trip down memory lane is in order. Remember when he was a Senator for about 5 minutes, and spent most if not all of his time writing a book and running for President? Before that he was a community organizer, President of Haaaaarvard law review, taught Constitutional law at the University of Chicago and was a civil rights attorney. All this before conning the American people into his current job as celebrity in chief. No small feats before the big gig, but nothing of note to report from his days as an absent Senator. As a government official Obama has been lacking in the accomplishment department for quite some time so why do we expect anything different? Let's examine.
Since Obama has taken office almost 10 months ago, with a super majority I might add(love throwing that in) what has President Obama accomplished? Let's start with executive orders. First issue according to Obama was to order the United States military to come up with a plan to withdraw from Iraq. Remember that place? Still waiting for the PLAN. The one where we were going to bring the troops home pronto? Then there was Gitmo. Obama issued an executive order demanding that Gitmo be closed no later than January 2010. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. Our rocket scientist in chief has no idea where to put our little enemy combatants. Moron. Gonna hafta wait.
Obama also reduced the secrecy given to presidential records and changed procedures to promote disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, lasted for about 3 days. Never has the government been so secretive, controlled and micro-managed. He had no chance of ridding capital hill of lobbyists and as a constitutional law professor probably already knew this. He played the American people pretty darn well on that one. Soon after he took office he got a shout out from the ACLU crying foul to any sort of infringement of free speech by stifling the right to lobby the government. Nice try.
Also he repealed the ban on world wide abortions funded by the United States, imposed by President Bush. You all be happy to know that your tax dollars are now funding abortions throughout the world. And you were wondering why the deficit is bigger than it has ever been. We are the worlds unplanned parenthood. Speaking of stimulus, Obama also passed a fabulous 787 billion dollar economic recovery package that is not helping you nor is it helping me. The unemployment rate is at a whopping 10% and his package is less than stimulating anything but his horny women fans and Obama-gay hetero-sexual male supporters.
Obama also freed the trapped little stem-cells and now government money can fund research on the little boogers. The spin was always that Bush would not allow stem-cell research, but the truth is he did not allow federal dollars to pay for it. Stem-cell research has always been lawful, federal grants have not.
He nominated a Supreme Court justice, Sonia Sotomayor. Big deal. First Hispanic female to be on the court. Am I supposed to be impressed?
He signed 2 bills early on. The continuation of the Children's Health insurance program(which Bush was going to sign anyway)and the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009. Please note that signing an already penned bill is merely just that, signing on the dotted line. Takes all of 5 minutes and that is only because of the photo-op.
He put new restrictions on oil refineries to prevent global warming and flexed his muscle while doing it as though he didn't benefit greatly from union laced oil companies during his Presidential bid.
Foreign policy is too painful to go through, but let's just say he has alienated the state of Israel, kissed the butts of a bunch of Muslim's, left Europe shaking in its shoes and is losing the war in Afghanistan by completely ignoring IT and the commanders who are asking for help. Pick up the phone Barack, soldiers are dying. Remember when Joe blow Biden said they knew where Osama Bin Laden was? He and Barry acted like they had special insider information that Osama was holed up in a Motel 6 down in Afghanistan. Lying bastards. America is still at war people, try not to forget it and the promises Barry made during the campaign about them.
His health care plan is still in slow play and will soon die a long and painful death. His record is slim and pretty sad for a President with a majority party in tow and kissing your ass. All of his so called accomplishments I mention here could be done in one freaking day. Not impressed. Do I need to do a post on the Bush accomplishments in the first 10 months? Read on PBS about the Bush first 100 days, it will embarrass you Obama supporters. Yes, Bush accomplished more in his first 100 days than Obama has in 10 months, and he had 9/11 to deal with after 8 months. Not looking good for the non-accomplished community shmmunity organizer. He has a decent educational record, but his ability to shake up a nation, is pretty lack luster. Just keeping it real. Do something Barry. Please. You don't need us to hope you fail, you pretty much are failing. Make sure you go on Dave the horny bastard Letterman and push your celebrity status. I do know it will be time for you to start campaigning again in about 4 months. Can't wait for the 3 year campaign cycle coming to us live from the Thunderdome at Pennsylvania Ave. No more "Yes We Can". It's more like "GET OFF THE CAN". Yep, take a crap or get off the pot. Not really, I like it this way. Just wanted to point out the failures. It is what I hope happens. Failure. Don't even get me started on the "Cash for Clunkers" fiasco.


El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Our rocket scientist in chief has no idea where to put our little enemy combatants. Moron.

Such a shame there is no one out there calling out the Attorney General, who is allowing US immigration law to be broken every single time one of these enemy combatants is brought into the United States. Did you hear that? Eric Holder is wilfully breaking the law. It is unlawful to permit anyone to enter the United States if that person is known to be a terrorist or a supporter of a terrorist organization. The law does not specify any exceptions. How is he getting away with this?

Oh, and just a passing point: I believe the accommodations chain in Afghanistan is not called Motel 6 but rather Motel 2, so named because they say at least two of your room's walls will still be standing at least 50% of the time by the time the sun comes up.

namaste said...

excellent summation, nik. every day that i see that man in office reminds me of easily duped a lot of people can be. amazing. the saving grace is he's a one-termer for sure.

i hope your readers click on that excellent link about bush's first 100 days. the point to me is not about bush the man. hate him or love him. the point is a president charged to run a country like he knows what he's doing. obama is a big ego-maniac kid who does not put America first. spending a million dollars to go beg on behalf of one of the most crooked cities in the country and getting SNUBBED! appearing on late night talk shows! appearing on t.v. repeatedly to clobber the American public with his dumb ideas and big ego! he's pathetic. and let's not forget about his czars and appointments to positions in his administrations.

ugh! your post got me going! thanks for the great read!

Nikki said...

I am just waiting for the rebuttals...waiting, waiting, waiting some more...the silence is deafening.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I'll offer a rebuttal of sorts. To repeat a comment I made a few weeks ago, I'd like to see a president who takes it upon himself (or herself) to undo, not to do. There are already more than enough laws on the books and bills passed by Congress. The country is overgoverned, overregulated, overtaxed, and overburdened by debt. It would be great if an administration tried to get out of the business of doing everything for everyone, and spent its time withdrawing the presence of the government in so many spheres of life.

All of this is a way of saying that a president could do less - a lot less - than President Obama and still be doing good for the country.

courtneyme109 said...

Ironic! All the more reason why 44 needs to get in AFPAK to win it. Might be the only victory he has.

Professor of Life said...

you got this one right