Friday, October 23, 2009


I may be off on this, but I think Barack is sneaking in a little ATN before he takes his afternoon nap. He kicks off his Crocs, grabs a diet coke and maybe some pretzels then opens up his favorite op-ed page in blogland for some choice reading. This makes him look a little more stellar than the current status of, worst decline of popularity in Presidential history champion, but if he feels the need to get the Nikki feed, who am I to complain? I get the need to connect. I am every woman so go ahead and envy me, I'm the soul hip-hop queen but you already know me.
Feel free to do a gut jiggling belly laugh and think I'm delusional, it's all good. The voices in my head don't bother me. But when the Campaigner in Chief goes on a stumping hump and says this:

I can only assume that he reads this riveting electronic rag sheet. This "do what they're told" poop, is the very accusation I have made about HIS peeps the sheepocrats ad nauseum, and now it's Obama's MATERIAL? Yea, whatever. Barry do me a solid and stop plagiarizing my blog for stellar stumping material. You should NOT be campaigning for your sorry donkey friends who will probably lose in 2010 anyway. You should, as I have said before over and over and over...DO SOMETHING PRESIDENTIAL! Take that little nugget and apply it to your daily life in supplication.
I also think it's funny when a pot calls a kettle all you little race master baiters step back. That is not a racist thing to say just because Barry happens to be partially of African decent. It's a SAYYYING and it means that you are calling someone something that you YOURSELF are and it's completely hypocritical. There isn't a bigger person who is "TOLD what to do" than President puppet Obama. He has a staff of many telling him when to take a crap, when to eat, what to say, when to say it, who to say it to and he is making fun of American citizens who have CHOSEN to align with the republican party? Sphincter says WHAT? This is total douche-bagery. There has never been a more cult of personality following than that of the Barack Obamateers. Whose the leader of the club that's made for you and me? B-A-R-A-C-K...Why? Because we like you! He is a nice little dicktator that thinks any opposition to his thinking is not really thinking but if we think Obama think then we are total thinkers...makes sense don'tcha think? But thanks for reading and stealing my verbage. I am honored. I do hope you go to copyright prison and become some nice man's girlfriend. Drop the life boat cuz this stowaway is drowning.


namaste said...

first of all, i'm mad with you. cuz you made the video an essential part of your post. and i can't stand his face or listening to him speak. but it was only 29 seconds, so you're forgiven ;-)

and you are right of course: he is totally the pot calling the kettle black. i wish he'd stop talking and do some work. i've never known narcissistic and lazy to be a pair that goes together. but i guess i was wrong.

Nikki said...

Maria! I am so sorry! is difficult to look at his mug I know it, I know it, I know it! You are a trooper for lasting for at least 29...hehe ;)N

Sandi said...

I still think Joseph Fiennes is a hottie.

UtahManSir said...

Everybody should start their day with a simmering cup of ATN... and end each day with a stiff double of ATN with a 'little twist of lime'! Back to politics, what would this guy get done if he didn't have a majority? Have you ever seen any politician with LESS interest in recognizing or working with the OTHER party???

Nikki said...


Nikki said...

UtahMan, but how can you say that? He pinky sweared he would! Crossed his heart and hoped to die if he di'ant end the partisan politics of Washington. Stiff double huh? I take that as a compliment. :)N

Sue said...

oh gag me paleeeease. What did the shrub say, he would be the most bi-partisan president ever right? They all say it so just stop with the whining, its so unappealing! If you would take the time to read what Obama has done thus far you would be amazed, promise!! :-) But alas you would rather quote Faux noise and complain, complain....

Nikki said...

Sue, I have written an entire post on what Obama has done for us and Saturday Night Live has done a skit about his accomplishments. You are the one who should do some research. Better yet, tell me what has he accomplished?

skiriki said...

Oh, do dish, Sue. Enlighten us, puh-leeze!

Sue said...

ok let me get this straight.. you did a sarcastic ranting post and SNL did a stupid non-funny parody and thats gospel on Obamas accomplishments??? BaWaaaahaaaaahaaaa!! Theres really no room in this little box so I will do a post on it. In the meantime come on by and read all the rightwing accomplishments in the past few years you held office. I dare ya!!

Nikki said...

Sue, I wrote it before the SNL skit and its at my sidebar...I dare you to read it and then kiss my butt! MWAH!

Sue said...

I did read it. now I don't steal friends post ideas so this link will take you to my friend Annette who posted Obamas weekly address. He says it better than I can what he is doing to change things. Watch, listen or shut up.

susana said...

nik, in the sentence "Barry do me a solid and stop plagiarizing my blog for stellar stumping material"

It would read better if you said...
"Do me a solid and stop plagiarizing my blog for stellar stumping fodder."

Don't get me wrong, there is a ring to your original statement but the "barry" and the "material" are too far apart in your sentence and really not that similar in sound. Compare it to 'solid'and 'fodder' and see how it just rolls off the tongue, then throw in the word 'blog' and bingo your got yourself a trifecta of vowels...more internal rhyme to it.

susana said...

one more thing,
have you noticed how the use of the latin term 'ad nauseum' is used in blogs, ad nauseum. ?
Did you start that blog-byte too?

Nikki said...


Nikki said...

No way will I listen to Obama tell me what his Presidential accomplishments are in his weekly radio isn't that hard to google something Sue. Go ahead and give it a whirl.

Nikki said...

susana, fodder is an OK word...but material has more of a gig a comedian's material for his or her gig. It isn't a poem so it doesn't need to rhyme. I am sorry if it doesn't roll off the tongue like a lolly but maybe just maybe there is a tootsie roll when you get to the middle. :)N

Nikki said...

oh and ad nauseum is used ad I didn't invent it but Al Gore did when he invented blogs. :)

Sue said...

Bob is Bob Cesca, this is actually from August so some has changed, but for the better! Oh I just read your last comment to me. If you don't read or listen to what Onama says before you run your mouth and criticize then you have as much credibility as Fox faux news!

Bob goes on in that post to site this list, which comes from a commenter at DailyKos called jonnie rae..

He stabilized the markets, so 401Ks are starting to slowly come back and we are not about to meltdown anymore.

Unemployment numbers are coming down dramatically from when he took over.

GDP went from 6.5 shrinkage to 1 shrinkage since he has been in office.

Tens of thousands of state employees still have jobs, and services are maintained because of his stimulus.

He ended torture.

He IS closing Gitmo.

95% of Americans are receiving a tax DECREASE.

He provided unemployment, food stamps and a 65% reduction in Cobra for those who lost their jobs.

He set new emissions standards.

He protected wilderness land set for oil leases.

He got Pakistan to agree to fight the Taliban, which Bush never could. The top leader was taken out this week.

He nominated and got confirmed the first latina Supreme Court Justice in history.

He signed Equal Pay for Equal Work, Children's Health Bill and Credit Card Reform.

He has a first time home owner's credit, a modification of mortgage plan in place. (This needs work, but it is in place)

He has made it easier for students to get college loans. (UMass just gave a 1500 rebate to all students because of the stimulus money.)

He has improved America's image around the world, especially with Muslim countries.

He got the 2 NK journalists out.

He got the non-proliferation treaties going again, and he will chair the next meeting. Already an agreement exists to reduce Russia's and US's arms.

A significant amount of the bailout money is being paid back. This is a good thing.

He has taken on healthcare, the most difficult thing to pass in the US. I am not completely happy with how he is doing it, but he is doing it.*

He ended the abstinence only thing. And the law that said a pharmacist could refuse to give birth control pills to women if they so chose.

He is sticking to the timetable to withdraw troops from Iraq.

He got funding for the useless bomber cut.And those heliocoptors. He plans to make more weapons' cuts.

He has cut 2 trillion from the budget over the next ten years.

He has taken on energy, the second most difficult thing to pass in the US and it has already passed the House.

He saved the American auto industry. (Cash for clunkers is doing great too, both for the industry and jobs, and for the environment.)

He is building a green economy for the US. First steps in the stimulus, others in the energy bill.

More jobs will be created in transportation when rest of stimulus kicks in in 2010.

He is facing complete disrespect and vilification from the media and the wingnuts,getting more than 30 death threats per day,and still goes on, calmly and with determination and intelligence.

* He has no champions in the Senate, only a small group of obstructionists who seem to have been given all the power by Harry Reid. The insurance industry has convinced people that he is Hitler; and this is only the beginning. If Pharma gets into it, what do you think will happen to healthcare? They have way more money than the insurance companies. You want him to fight all the corporate interests which actually OWN this country, including the Senate and Congress,and you want him to do that virtually alone? The left has attacked him almost from day one. The right is throwing the kitchen sink right now.

Now, if this isn't enough there is also this article from the Washington Monthly and Steve Benen who quotes E.J. Dionne and they are talking about how Pres. Obama is not getting the credit he deserves for the financial crisis and how he handled it.

Donald Douglas said...

Who's the leader of the club? !!! That's riot, Nikki!

Pedaling said...

oh my, he's going with that tactic?...reminds me of how a parent of a homely child tells her ugly child he's beautiful so he won't find out otherwise-
oldest trick in the book.
it also works well on those who are starving for some sort of positive approval without really doing anything to deserve it.

the best & only thing obama has done to benefit this country is wake up the AMERICAN people to the corruption that has been going on in washington and is now, through his outrageous ego and power hungry, america hating agenda, is at AN ALL TIME High!

Sue said...

the only thing at an all time high is republicans running furiously from their lame and broken party! :-)))

ba and the boys said...

oh sue, im sorry you still like and defend him. so sad.

Pedaling said...

sue- i agree-
far too many republicans have lost their way!
all those running are running strong to the conservative -God, Country and Family side where they began....

mark this day down in history as the day sue and i agreed on something!!!!

when a dude in ny runs with a R next to his name yet he votes as a liberal, he deserves to lose votes from his party
and where did those votes go???
to the libertarian, as they should!

Nikki said...

Sue, I am dedicating an entire post as a comment to your comment. That is how retarded your comment is. Stay tuned...

Sue said...

whatever....I just speak the truth. The truth doth scare you I guess..

Sue said...

Obama Has Won Over More Than He's Lost
Public Policy Polling notes President Obama's approval rating with people who didn't vote for him is 14% and his disapproval rating with people who voted for him is 6%.

"So he's won over twice as many people as he's lost since he got elected. Who in the national media is going to write that story? Not bad for someone whose support is supposedly falling apart."

the 6% disapproving are because he's not progressive enough, not because of his performance overall. I'm gonna say I still have confidence he will listen to us who voted for him.

susana said...

Nikki called sue's comment as being retarded..the only this that is retarded is that Sue used the word "running" instead of "stampeding"
Unless of course she was using the term "running" in the context of 'running from the bowels'.

sue said "the only thing at an all time high is republicans running furiously from their lame and broken party!"

Anonymous said...

Nikki, did you ever stop to wonder why it's always the people who are smarter, more educated, and less brainwashed than you who disagree with you?
Maybe they know something you don't.

Zoe and Indy said...
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tammy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Anonymous said...

Sue - reagarding your list of accomplishments:

Continuing unemployment claims are only down because these folks have been jobless for so long their benefits have run out.

New unemployment claims filed last month were significantly higher than expected.

Housing sales are up because the government is subsidizing home purchases in the form of a massive $8k tax credit (and oh, the ensuing fraud!).

Housing prices dropped almost 9% from last year (and 2008 was a really bad year, you may recall).

Only time will tell if closing Gitmo was a good thing or not.

Bill Clinton got the journalists out, not Obama.

Who did this Cash for Clunkers idea help? The auto industry, which received billions of bailout tax dollars, and some car dealers had more buyers than they could sell vehicles to. For sure the price of used cars for poor people who could not buy a new car will go up. And what about people with real clunkers? The people who bought new cars turned in good, running, well cared-for cars that had to be destroyed. How many public work jobs could be created for people who have no unemployment checks if that tax money would have been used to create jobs instead of those billions of dollars that went to those banks that gave out million dollar bonuses to those who caused the economic mess?

I have more, but that's good for now.

Right Is Right said...

You always seem to nail it Nikki.
Great blog.

Nikki said...

Thanks RIR! I appreciate you stopping by very much...:)N