Thursday, October 8, 2009


I hate Hollywood. I hate celebrities. I hate the culture, the morals and most of all the messages they send to young women. Clothes designers are included in this celebrity category because so many "super" models become celebrities and these designers are intertwined in the celebutard business. They market their products through these praying mantis celebutards as they walk the red carpet and reporters ask "who are you wearing?" Ralph, as in I PUKE, Lauren, oh yes you look beautiful tonight for a skeleton with skin. For such a liberal town, there couldn't be a more degrading place for women. We are talking about hard-core lefties who scream at the top of their lungs about abortion rights as though it were the all encompassing equal rights for women issue. Where is the outrage in Hollywood for true feminist values? I am talking about the exploitation of women as sex objects and judged by men on the size of their asses, lips and boobs. Men who RAPE little girls are treated with more respect in Hollywood than the little girl they rape! Where are the true liberals who decry this treatment of women and more importantly GIRLS?!
As far as I can tell, Hollywood is run by a bunch of Jewish gay dudes who demand that actors love, honor and obey liberalism in the form of gay rights and continue AND EVEN ADVOCATE the trampling and abuse of females outwardly without accountability. There couldn't be a bigger abuser of women than the entertainment industry and yet, so many look to these film makers and the designers who clothe them as though they advocate for the weakest of humanity. BULLSHIT. They are the oppressors of women. They are the slave owners of the female image. They demand abortion rights so they can sexually harass women into career advancement and suck out the evidence. They demand abortion rights not for the incest victim, but for the continued exploitation of sexual favors from women seeking fame.
Marketeers demand a female look a certain way. Excruciatingly thin, young, plump lips and ginormous boobs. Acting ability doesn't really matter as long as you look a certain way as defined by a bunch of horny bastards, and will hump on screen like a rabbit.
Like the model in this Ralph Lauren ad, beauty is being portrayed by an emaciated holocaust survivor. The marketing of women is almost non-existent. Girls are the new woman. Models are getting younger and their exploitation is overlooked by many in the land of elite liberalism. Why does the feminist driven ideology of the left escape the causes of Hollywood? Because they are the oppressors. They are the ones creating the insecure female dominated by the male. So many young women and girls look at magazines and watch movies with stars in their eyes, and yet it is men who they target and it is men whose attention these girls want. Girls who need man attention learn how to get it when they watch men gawk at these plastic air brushed females on movie screens, the television and magazine covers. Beauty is defined by a select few who shape the fashion culture and then pay celebrities to advertise their designs by wearing them and making their fashions the next big thing.
It is shameful. There couldn't be a worse ideology dominating our daughters young minds than that of the liberal oppressive exploitation of Hollywood and the fashion runways. Pushers of anorexia and promiscuity, these designers are no better than drug dealers and pimps. Actresses are prostitutes to their pseudo industry. Woman up, marketeers of the female...stop your exploitation and degradation of our gender. Your hypocrisy is causing bile to gather in my mouth. Stop the madness!!! EAT SOME EFFING FOOD ALREADY. Now I understand why the fashionista is full of liberals. They are starving skinny bitches who need some carbs and they are grumpy as hell. Eat some bread and live! It's all because of low blood sugar. Operation doughnut hole. Eat your way into conservatism. Fat is the new black. I hate Hollywood...and Ralph makes me puke.
*I really do think this is photoshopped...however, airbrush a little fat in there.


namaste said...

wow. i hope that is a photoshopped pic. she looks terrible!

yes, you're right about the hollywood industry. they are so far gone with their treatment of women, i don't know how we'll ever get those horses back in the stable. it sucks.

"eat some bread and live!"

LOL! i hear ya!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

The Angry-Stick-Figure-Chick needs to jump in a large automobile, preferably a model from the late 1960's, the better to burn lots of fuel, and get her emaciated self to Bob's Big Boy, where several cheeseburgers are indicated.

And get the homestyle fries and milkshake too, honey.

And then go back tomorrow, and then the day after that, etc.

Sandi said...

The advertising industry also is annoying. I love the ads for wrinkle cream that use 20 year old models. And the ads for body shapers that use size 0 models. Yeah, we all look like that!

skiriki said...

"...needs to jump in a large automobile, preferably a model from the late 1960's, the better to burn lots of fuel..."

ROFLMFAO! It worked for me!

But, Nik, if you would just have a couple of OJ soaked cotton balls, you, too, could look just as thin!

Life is too short not to eat cheesecake!

ba and the boys said...

that is one big headed girl...very sad...