Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Not only is Al gay and pretends to like Tipper for political purposes, but he is also the biggest scam artist in HISTORY. Yep, Al Gore is a lying liar and he tells lies about our mother earth. What is that sound? What do I hear? The screams from the left about Halliburton profiting from the Iraq war? Yes, that IS what I hear. I also hear babbling "fear-mongering" claims about exaggerated terrorist threats. Could Al Gore be profiting BILLIONS...yes BILLIONS, from this whole fairy tale green thing? The answer is yes, YES HE CAN and YES HE DOES. And The New York Times a lefty rag sheet agrees with me. Al Gore has directly benefited from the policy he fear-mongered the Obama administration into adopting. Looks like global warming err...climate change (they had to change the name because of the globe actually cooling) is a fear-mongering scam to put billions into the pockets of a bunch of democratic ass hats. If you can't be President, play God, says Al the climate whore. Pretend you can change the climate and make millions off of your fear-mongering. Al can say stupid stuff like we are all going to DIE IN 50 YEARS, because his fat head will be dead in 20 years and all his money will be well spent on gay porn. The POTUS job is such small potatoes to Al. He is on his way to being the HEAT MISER of the world. Controller of the extremities. Too bad he is a big fat jolly green liar. Al would like to thank the Obama administration for all their support (please say support with a lisp). GLOBAL WARMING IS HALLIBURTON. The only difference is, Halliburton is legit. Global warming is a super scam on a colossal scale and half the country has bought into it. A bunch of green ass whores. Bloody hell folks...what is this country becoming? Slaves to the green, in more ways than one.


TechieGirl said...

Alright, after reading your blog, I apologize for my comment made on the MBP page. You're more like me, or rather I'm more like you, than I thought.

Nikki said...

Techiegirl...no problem...thanks for the comment. :)N

Pedaling said...

i feel, even the lefty people are on to al.
biggest scam in History!
father al, the epitome of the wimpy -sissy...just the kind liberals love so much....
i'll take macho men with guns and vocabulary, who base their investments in legit sources over the devil snake, lying, profit off the stupid;
over the heat miser, all day long!
gore and his made up fairy-tale that brings harm to the nation & its people all in the name of power and $$$$$, is finally exposed!

Khaki Elephant said...

A lot have people have made money on the scare. Greenpeace, the Sierra Club and Harvard University have never had it so good.

Well said, Nikki!