Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sarah Palin freaks the hell out of liberals, and with good reason, she goes against their cultish grain. When you are a conservative woman or minority, or both, you better believe that the libs are peeing in their pants at the very thought of you. How dare a woman be a conservative. How dare a black person be a conservative. AND ESPECIALLY, HOW DARE A BLACK WOMAN BE A CONSERVATIVE! It's like Paris Hilton going to church. Like Al Whore driving an Hummer. Like Madonna being a virgin. It ain't happenin'.
For women, we are supposed to be married to abortion. Our rights are attached to our ovaries and therefore we must for the sake of suffrage, be pro-choice. This issue alone, according to some, defines us. If it isn't about the womb for women, then what is it about? Could it be that equality for women has so recklessly and dangerously been defined by the pro-choice movement, that we have ignored true feminism? HELL YES! Women are baby AND SEX machines and our lives are defined and forever connected to Roe v. Wade. What woman has benefited from the Whoopi Goldberg's of the world standing at abortion rallies holding up the symbolic hanger? NOT ONE. Women are defined by abortion. If you are a woman who is pro-life, then you are an affront to all women and you will get run.
Sarah Palin defies the liberal definition of a powerful woman and so she must pay. She was the governor of a state with a remarkable record and yet so called "advocates" for women demeaned her worse than any sexist male chauvinist pig. Women on the left clawed at her like cats in heat. Even now you have liberal women acting like scared little chimps in a lab when Sarah pops up on the idiot box. Never have I heard such demeaning banter about a professional woman than that coming from the left here in America. And yet, aren't they, the left, advocates of equality for all? Liberalism has done nothing for the modern female. Women are more confused than ever. If you have children, go to a college that is not Ivy League, are beautiful and conservative, then you are not worthy of respect. You are only worthy of ridicule and degradation. This is what I hear from the fraidy cat left.
Civil rights have been hard fought for women through the years so I just want to say thanks to Gloria Steinham, you have given us Uterin liberty. Freedom of the fallopian tubes, Great. Thanks for the advocacy. I can now assume I am equal to men because of my ability to screw anyone without protection and take care of it at the local clinic. I feel so fulfilled.
What about equal pay, sexual harassment, hostile work environments, rape, stalking, domestic violence or spousal support? What about adorning the cover of a mag rag NOT in my short shorts, but in a suit like a MAN, so I can be taken seriously? How about you liberals who are all about advocating equal rights start standing up for ALL women and not just LIBERAL women? How about that hypocrats.
Liberals fear those they can't control. Women are feeble and when they start thinking outside the abortion box, it's time to get nasty. You think teens are mean girls? Then you have never seen a liberal woman take on a conservative woman and better yet, a conservative black woman. Now there are some mean and nasty bitches, bitch.
Thanks libs for your defense of us women, and that includes Sarah Palin. When you demean her, you demean US ALL. Let me make that clear. When you demean a WOMAN, it does not matter what her politics are or how many kids she CHOOSES to have or how she feels about abortion. When you slander and make fun of her, you are on the side of inequality and oppression. Do you hear me? Liberals are the biggest oppressors of women in America. You are political fascists.
My ovaries are my business, and it seems to me abortion is legal libtards. That battle is won, get over it. Stop attaching my rights to my vagina. It's time to move on to equality beyond the scope of abortion. And it is time for your phobia of conservative women to lay in a pile of discarded lies with the other lies you tell. Nothing to fear but fear itself...unless we have PMS, then by all means be afraid, be very afraid. I am woman hear me roar...and that goes for both right and left political bitches...And if I have to, I CAN DO ANYTHING! PEACE OUT!


M Conservative Operative said...

Great article

namaste said...

such a great topic and your assessments are so dead on! YES, WOMEN ON THE LEFT, CAN WE HAVE THIS TALK AT LONG LAST?

we are ALL women. now that we've established that the msm were partial jerks to sarah, what say you?

thanks for the awesome nod, nikki. you're so good to me!


Pedaling said...

how dare a black woman be a conservative.

and how is it that conservative women are so drives them mad!

"liberal feminists are the biggest oppressors of women in america", i've always known that.

their thinking must stem from some sort of insecurity mixed with a sorry form of entitlement, mixed with extreme loss of values.

Tara said...

Excellent! I LOVE this post. I recently read a post about abortion off and it changed my views on abortion entirely. Abortion is not about 'choice', it is about MONEY! The people who 'sell' abortions have sold America into thinking it is their choice.

ba and the boys said...

thank you!

Conscious Observer said...

Gosh Nikki, why don't stop beating around the uh...shrub, and get to your point?

I have a friend who has her own business, is finishing up her Masters in Psychology, Interns for that degree, and she lives alone but has grown kids and 5 grand babies, and I call her "You are woman, hear you roar".

The liberals don't have anything close to a Sarah Palin, and they can't get past their jealousy.

I've been off line for a bit, but "Economic Growth, Unemployment falling, GITMO prisoners trial Part 2" and, "Going Rogue" have been added to my blog, if you're interested in reading them.

God Bless America. God "blessed" conservative women.

Ducky's here said...

what say you, I think she and the useless new age geek Oprah make a very fine portrait of just how brain dead this culture is.

As for the Liberals not having anything close to Palin ... is that something they should apologize for?

We have her to thank for preventing the mentally retarded McCain from gaining the White House. So I really can't be completely angry at her.

Given her recent performance on rabies TV where she confused Iran and Iraq and decided to cut off all imports to Iraq, I'd say her foreign policy handlers realize that they are dealing with a prime example of a right wing dildo.

Republicans --- finished for a generation.

Sandi said...

I remember the whole "feminism" thing from the 60's (long before your time, Nik). Most of it was laughable. However, I also remember not being able to get a charge card even though I had a good job, and my not-yet-employed husband being able to get one because he was the man! That pissed me off.

As for Sarah, I'm not a "liberal" by your definition, and she doesn't scare me. I just don't think she is even close to being qualified to be President or VP. Maybe a Senator.

And I love your Romney button!

susana said...

Seems like Nikki's peeps are surprised to find a black conservative woman in the GOP circus tent. Yay and kiddos to all of them…. One by one the white conservative americans are recognizing the civil rights act of 1964. Maybe in 45 years or so, they will be able to process the differences between a woman’s brain and a woman’s womb.

Ducky's here said...

Here's why one particular conservative bimbo isn't running.

She just isn't going to subject herself to the scrutiny that comes with running in Iowa and New Hampshire. She's not gonna go to small diners and people's living rooms where she has to talk to a small group of people and answer their questions and pretend like she cares about them. She's not gonna go through the countless debates with other, hostile, candidates.

She can insulate herself from the fray when she's on a book tour getting big crowds, but she can't do that continuously until the Iowa and NH races. Eventually, she'll have to appear in unscripted, uncontrolled situations with unfriendly audiences, and you know she tanks in that environment.

If she could just do the campaigning that comes AFTER the nomination, maybe she could handle it. But, she can't.

And I don't think she wants to. She's too lazy and selfish to put herself through that. Although it takes a big ego to run for prez, it also takes a willingness to sacrifice yourself to the campaign.

It helps her now to keep the illusion open that she might run, but I think she'd be nuts to try. She can make tons of money the easy way, with no accountability, or she can try to run for president. Which do you think our little bimbette will choose?

Janelle said...

Pre Roe and Post Roe thoughts from a grandmother of seven. I've always believed that prevention is a better course of action. And the choices and availability are so much easier now, why not use them? And the message applies to the guys, as well.

tammy said...

This post isn't about whether she'd make a good candidate or not, it's about liberal women being hypocritical when it comes to Sarah Palin. Don't like her politics? Fine. But don't degrade her because of the choices she made with HER life.

You hit the nail on the head Nikki.

susana said...

I don't degrade her...I just disagree with nikki. She seems to think that women should lock step with other women...she is projecting her lockstep republican beliefs onto gender issues. It is just plain silly! and so is her rant! it absolutely makes no sense!

Anonymous said...

women suck ass

susana said...

yes, anonymous said...some really do!

Nikki said...

I don't think women need to agree...however I do think they need to recognize sexism for what it is regardless of the political ideology of the woman. I don't think Sarah is qualified to be President or Vice President, but I do think she is a victim of sexism and I think those on the left should see that fact. I also think Obama and Biden are not qualified to hold the positions they currently hold, so I guess it is all fair in politics. I think it is laughable for the left to call Sarah stupid when Obama is a gaffe machine and Joe Biden couldn't be a bigger retard. Oprah asked Sarah who was going to take care of her kids if she was VP...who asked Obama that question? Nobody. And why can't her husband take care of the children? This is sexist folks, whether you like Sarah's flubs on Iraq and Iran or not is IRRELEVANT, THE QUESTION IS SEXIST. You don't have to agree with Sarah's politics to see she is being treated differently than a man in the big bad national political arena. Get rid or your paradigms people and read the post. Sexism is alive and well and until you lefties see it, women will always be second class citizens.

tammy said...

Susana, I didn't say you were personally degrading her. I don't know you. I've just seen it and heard it from too many liberal sources.

Another example besides the points Nikki made above:

The left claimed that Bristol Palin's pregnancy illustrated hypocrisy on the part of Sarah Palin because Sarah is a proponent of abstinence education and her unwed daughter got pregnant.

So I guess that means we can say John Kerry is a hypocrite because his daughter was arrested for a DUI.

Ridiculous, right?

susana said...

Why do you think McCain picked her in the first place? Sexism is not just a left/right issue, Sexism is not a MSNBC vs. Fox news thing... it is a social norm. What if sarah was butt-ugly? (remember Janet Reno) I would bet dollars on dimes sarah would not have been chosen by the mccain team.
If the next presidential election comes down to two women running from from both parties, the cutest one will be the winner.

Nikki said...

susana, they picked her because the McCain team was trying to steal Hillary votes and Palin was extremely popular in Alaska with an 80% approval rating at the time...however her treatment by the McCain camp and the Obama camp and the media was sexist sexist sexist. She was far more factually accurate in her VP debate than Joe Biden was and she was scrutinized and Joe was not. Joe lied like a dog and was never asked what magazines he reads for his "world view" by anyone in the media...THAT is sexist. The media hyped up how much she spent on clothes, who asked Joe Biden that same question? Equal treatment is all we are asking. You don't have to like her, you can hate her for her politics or because you don't like her glasses, accent or hair. But to say she was not treated unfairly by the media during the election and even NOW is ridiculous.

susana said...
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Anonymous said...

It was rather interesting for me to read that article. Thank you for it. I like such topics and anything connected to them. I would like to read more on that blog soon.

Elizabeth McKenzie said...

Wow, you had some issues and I know you feel better after that rant. I wish you had been more harsh.

Yes conservative women are beautiful because they are beautiful on the inside. Liberal women have all this hatred, their insides must look like parchment. They are always wanting to change what is good and pure. Look at Nancy Peeloosey, she was once a pretty woman, but she's bitter and has the pinched face to show it.

This was a great post. It reflected everything that is wrong with the way the liberals want to ruin the world. They are so immoral there aren't enough words to describe. I've never had so much disgust in me since Obama was elected and the commies took over the country. You said it eloquently.