Tuesday, November 10, 2009


John Allen Muhammad otherwise known as the DC sniper will die tonight. He terrorized a city not to mention a nation by randomly shooting his victims in cold blood. He will not make public what his last meal will be, as if we cared about that. I am for the death penalty. Mainly because it is societal self-defense. I fail to see the difference between those who fight against us in war vs. those who are predatory criminals seeking to murder us on our own streets, in our homes, cars and neighborhoods. These criminals take away our freedoms just as dictators and tyrants do. Our children are not free to roam our streets because of sexual predators. Women are not free to live without fear because of those who will hunt, rape and murder them. Society lives in fear because of murdering thugs and this strips us of our freedom to live in peace. We must protect ourselves and kill them as though we are in combat, because we are. The war of good and evil is ongoing. Good-night John Allen. Rest in Hell.


Sandi said...

Agree! I'm just glad they managed to get this all done in 7 years and not support this guy on death row for 20 years. Good riddance.

lisa said...


namaste said...

i was on business travel in virginia when this murderous dog was on the loose. my colleague and i were terrified as we stopped at a gas station to refill our rental. i hope this guy rots in hell. seriously.

Nikki said...

Maria, I remember being scared to go to the gas station clear in Utah. Thoughts of copy cats crossed my mind. Rot in hell...I agree. :)N

EDGE said...

Lethal injection?


If I were a fan of the death penalty (which I'm not) this is what I would suggest.

Tie Muhammad to a post and blind fold him. Let him hear the rifle being loaded...and then...wait...wait...

Keep this up for about 45 minutes. Get him thinking. When? Is it now?

Eventually shoot him, but let him experience the fear he gave his victims.

Maybe I am fan of the death penalty after all. I just think lethal injection is just cruel and unusual punishment...for the victims.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I'm not a supporter of the death penalty generally, but I agree that J.A. Muhammed deserved to die. And I'm happy he's dead, and that the Commonwealth of Virginia got the job done relatively quickly.

But in all charity, Nikki, I feel discomfort that you and others are blithely wishing him to hell. Leave his judgment to God alone, and take no delight if his fate is eternal hell. A far better outcome would have been this man's conversion to Christ, and a sincere repentance for his crimes.

The Beach Bum Observer said...

John Allen Muhammad was born John Allen Williams, Muhammad joined the Nation of Islam in 1987 and later changed his surname to Muhammad. So another latent Muslim terrorist comes out of hiding to inflict his personal jihad on innocent victims. I hope the 76 virgins awaiting him are 80+ year old nuns weighing over 400 lbs.
Read my comment I posted Nikki's Blog about Maj. Hasan being a Terrorist, or read a more expanded version on my website. It's too long to repost here. But it explains what's happening to America, and how Obama is refusing to recognize it nor do anything about it. We must be politically correct, ya know...and not offend our Muslim friends.

Clifton B said...


My brother and his wife live down in VA. He did a shooting at a gas station only one exit away from my brother. The two of them lived in total fear until he was caught.

You hit the nail right on the head when you said that things like Muhammad steal our freedom. We should have zero sympathy for them.

Nikki said...

Clifton, I am glad your brother and wife were not in the line of fire. Living in fear is not freedom and these thugs deserve to die...:)N

Kirspy said...

I'm from Virginia and while I don't live very close to DC, I remember those three weeks in October as a scary, intense time. Generally I oppose the death penalty, but it's getting harder and harder to maintain that position. And I can't deny that I felt relieved when they turned this bastard's lights off.

Anonymous said...

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