Monday, November 9, 2009


Let me just state from the get go that I think Louisiana should just be given back to freaking France. We paid good money for that state and they are worthless. Maybe not now, but back in '05 they were. Some of the people in this disaster acted like freaking retards, plain and simple. Mostly local government officials, media and the crazy tards in the Super Dome. Good-bye Louisiana, we have a receipt from our purchase and we are returning you because you are damaged. I know not everyone acted like idiots, so in that case, I will give the just kidding disclaimer. Just kidding. Sort of. There were probably more who acted heroically than not, but of course the news latched on to the crazies. Tragic in itself.
One of President Obama's biggest campaign promises was that he would "rebuild the Gulf Coast and prevent future catastrophe's". This is a big ass guarantee on it's own seeing how Obama is not in charge of Hurricanes and natural disasters. But this is our little secret. We will just let the Obamakins think Obama is father weather, Santa and the Easter Bunny.
His Obama '08 website claims:
"As president, Barack Obama will keep the broken promises made by President Bush to rebuild New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. And he will take steps to ensure that the federal government will never again allow such catastrophic failures in emergency planning and response to occur. Barack Obama swiftly responded to Hurricane Katrina. Citing the Bush administration’s “unconscionable ineptitude” in responding to Hurricane Katrina, Obama introduced legislation requiring disaster planners to take into account the specific needs of low-income hurricane victims."
Of course Bush hates black people and poor people. I think I might go find some right now and push them down in the mud. The day really sucks for me if I can't kick some homeless person in the shin and scream at them to get a job. It makes me feel warm inside. One of my favorite passtimes is driving in poor neighborhoods and throwing eggs at poor people in my BMW. It's what I do, I am a conservative and we hate poor people. I wish more people from the hood would have died in Katrina. President Bush does, too. He is Dr. Poor people should die and wishing mahem on evil Mardi Gras lazy loser poor people. It's such hogwash people...democrats suck, but this is what they think.
I am always amazed at the holier than thou finger pointing peanut gallery, who sit on their asses and criticize those who are actually trying to help. People from many organizations, including the federal government were busting their humps attempting to help the victims in a horrifically caught off guard situation and the voices from on high stopped short at nothing to proclaim the incompetence of those with actual boots on the ground. I can't stand blood sucking office dwellers in Washington who foam at the mouth for political opportunities.
President Bush chose to not show up in Louisiana so he would not disrupt the rescue operations and distract the recovery efforts. This was damaging politically but he chose to do the right thing anyway.
Let's move forward. What has Obama done to "rebuild the Gulf Coast". Has he put his money where his diarrhea mouth is? Not really. As a matter of fact democrat henchman James Carville couldn't be more pissed and voiced that opinion on CNN. Another failure to cough and choke over or laugh and giggle like me. He has thrown some money at the problem, 1 billion dollars to be exact and Dem's will act like this is a lot, but it isn't. One billion is a politically manufactured amount to appease the growing deficit crowd and yet big enough sounding to the average retard to brag about to their political foes. Obama has sent "lots and lots" of cabinet members to the region and brags that it is more than President Bush sent. OK what that says to me is that he has made a nuisance of his administration by constantly making Louisiana cater to his stuffed shirts and skirts. How about another billion and we will leave the cabinetards in Washington where they can't break anything. But of course there is no way of getting a picture taken if you do that. This is such bureaucratic nonsense. Couldn't President Bush have done the same thing? Sure. Is this really what people were bitching about? Send lots of cabinet officials and some money and we will shut the hell up, George. Crying racism and promise breaking is just another way of saying, WE NEED MORE MONEY AND MORE GOVERNMENT ROBOTS INTERFERING with a LOCAL clean-up because Louisiana can't take care of herself! Sure FEMA should have responded with more precision and swiftness, but in this HUGE of a disaster I would be surprised that human ability could do so EVER, even with Obama as President, haha kidding of course, about Obama having greater disaster skills. It's just so elitist to think he cares more about people and therefore would have responded better to this disaster. Categorically untrue and stupid thinking.
Thanks for showing up for a few hours, hosting a gig where you can give a speech and take a few pictures and then flying out. It's probably because the Dalai Lama is visiting the White House and you had to get back President...oops my bad, the Dalai was UNINVITED. What will Richard Gere think of that? Anyway, Thanks for the big fat carbon footprint to do nothing. Make that a buttprint. Nothing spectacular to report here. Just keeping it real folks, unlike the left of the center of the universe democrats.


Tara said...

Ha! It's interesting during Katrina, I lived on the West coast, and now I recently moved to the South. Even though, I am not in New Orleans, {i am about 2 1/2 hours away} my perspective has TOTALLY changed. I used to feel sorry for all the helpless victims that Bush abandoned. I was embarrassed to be a Republican for about 5 minutes...

Not no mo'! Let me tell you, these people are smarter than we give them credit for. They totally work the system, they've got it figured out. And it's SCARY!

P.S. I wish you were in my ward. You are so cool.

Nikki said...

Tara, I wish I was in your ward too! Great perspective on Katrina. I think a lot of people can see that the peeps there needed to step it up along with the government. Great comment! :)N

Conscious Observer said...

Great Blogen Nikki.

They did know about the levies but their local govt did nothing about them.

Ray Nagging is a thug. And yes (unfortunately for the people) he's a black thug and has no business being in his position. Didn't he just go to Cuba or to see Hugo Chavez or some

The govenor lady wasn't any better than him. The people should have left when they urged to. Bush did what was right. Obama doesn't have a clue, let alone care about them or any of us.

I hope you check out my "Racism, Why? What is it?" blog, and all of my posts, when you have time.

Gob Bless you for speaking the truth. God Bless (and help) the USA.

Conscious Observer said...

PS, I meant to say they should have left when they WERE urged to, and also, that "decent", "good" black American's who care about their country "SHOULD" hold office. But not this jerk. Not this thug "Naggen".

And Obama and his wife couldn't care less about our country, period. Where's George and Laura when we need them most?

I miss Mr Bush and I'm thankful he was here on 9-11

namaste said...

bush hates black people. i hate black people. you hate black people. and lets not forget all your racist commenters! nail on head nik.

just another load of crock about the bush administration. and obama being his usual lying, opportunistic self. hmmm... butt print? that probably looks like the print of print of two eggs, yes?

tara's right. one should see "poor" people work and manipulate the system. it's like watching artistic genius at work. the jok's on us for calling them "poor."

so we have a receipt for louisiana. yeah, i this it's time to cash in. lol! great post!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Barack Obama swiftly responded to Hurricane Katrina.

This was on Barack's campaign website? Good heavens. The Senate really is another planet. Senators think that quickly introducing legislation is qualifies as a swift reponse?

Good points about Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco, Nikki. They were completely incompetent about the disaster. I cannot for the life of me believe that the CITY and the STATE did not come up with a better emergency preparedness and recovery plan prior to Katrina. That's what your local government is supposed to do. FEMA, on the other hand, is supposed to be a mop up operation. They are not, contrary to the Democratic Party's talking points, supposed to direct people on the ground before and during a natural disaster.

But it's much easier to blame President Bush.

lisa said...

Obama wins and Bush loses no matter what happens.

It's like the economy,if it improves it was because of Obama. If it doesn't it's because of Bush.

But we don't have to ever put the burden of another Katrina on Obama because they now have a Republican Governor to blame.

Rachel said...

Oh Nikki, do you know how your blog consistently makes my day?

Nikki said...

Haha! Thanks made my day just saying that! :)N

tammy said...

You can always make me laugh, just because you say exactly what you think. Great post. You are right on with one. Big surprise, another failed campaign promise. You'd think he'd get tired of being a failure and actually do something right.

And Tara is absolutely right. I see people taking advantage of the system too. I have a "friend" that works it because of her lazy a$$ husband. It drives me crazy. I have to bite my tongue, but one day the fits gonna hit the shan.

The Beach Bum Observer said...

Mayor Nagin and Governor Blanco sat on their dumbasses trying to figure out what to do while Mississippi Gov Haley Barbour sprang into action immediately. he was evacuating the coastal areas 2 days before Blanco pulled her head out of her butt. Bush reacted within 48 hours after being asked to by blanco & Nagin...which is like lightening speed for a federal bureaucracy. Yet the media made Bush the scapegoat instead of pointing the finger of blame at the 2 local morons.