Thursday, December 10, 2009


Bush closing the gap...Bush 44% Obama 47%. I have always been a Bush fan, mostly because I am a RINO and he is too. I blame his poor approval ratings on hyper-focused elitist, purist repugs and venom filled democrats. Media conservatives are as much to blame for the republicans losing the Presidential election as democrats were for winning it. Conservative elites handed Obama a mandate wrapped in a pretty anti-Bush bow. How easy is it to market against a President dissed by his own party and the hate filled deranged democrats. I think Bush got the shaft by both parties and we all have suffered because of it. Of course Glenn Beck thinks John McCain would have been worse and he loses major sanity points for that stupidity. Seriously, go bang your head on your chalk board for some reality. Bush's own party turned on him, much like Obama's party is starting do to him. Leave it to the far end of both parties to muck it up for all of us...only in this case it's a good thing. Take him down lefties and let me help. Interesting how extreme popularity and extreme unpopularity are trading places and it is happening so fast and furiously! I like watching the narcissistic ones fall...


Pedaling said...

though i didn't agree with every single thing bush did- in particular, his apparent deal, resulting in loose boarder patrol - but i stood in his court.
always had and still have respect for the man and stated then and now that George W. Bush would go down in history as one of the greats.
obama is helping others see that reality sooner than expected.

beck, is a bit hard on bush, but honestly, i think he does it so he can gain credibility as a free thinker instead of party robot..
and i think it helps him get a vital message out to some who would otherwise never listen.
it's a strategy.

ba and the boys said...

it is all coming down.
and i love to watch the fall.

Nikki said...

Pedaling, great points. I agree Beck is probably snubbing on Bush for the audience and for credibility, I think it gives him neither, but I think it is valid point. :)N

namaste said...

i agree with pedaling. i think beck is a performer. as for mr. narcissism taking a fall? who didn't see this coming? he's crashing and burning all over the place.