Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Al Sharpton was on the O'Reilly Factor last night belly-aching about how President Obama is the most picked on President EVER. This is not surprising, but it is worth noting. I watched Al with my pie hole wide open in disbelief, but then realized it's a tactic. When all else fails, go for the guilt. The President himself is oppressed. It's beautiful.
Our President is not lacking in self-esteem. He possesses so much self-love that even the meanie Republicans can't sway his obsession of self. Al Sharpton with his pouting lips and puppy dog eyes sat there and said that Barack Obama has more threats against him than any other President in the history of America. I laughed. MY stomach jiggled I laughed so hard. The amazing thing about this statement is that Al was proud of that nonsensical fact. He was giddy about it. He spewed that garbage like his own spawn won American victim Idol. No anger. No regret. No concern for the President's safety. No concern that the White house has a revolving door for the MTV whores and pimps to wander in and out of. Just plain old, yep, he is still a victim even after winning the big gig. The President of the United States, THE most powerful man in the world is still a lowly victim enduring hate, death threats and mockery. I cry. Does Al have boobs? I think he should be checked for female parts. He is so in the tank for the pussies I can only assume he is really a girl or Perez Hilton in Al Sharpton drag. Why do "progressives" insist on being such freaking picked on retarded kids?
President Obama is not the most threatened President EVER. And if he is, why would that be a good thing? I thought he was loved by all in the world. Who is threatening him? OH YES, the evil conservatives. I forgot. We oppose him therefore we want him dead. We are inciting hatred and violence with our views. Opposing health care is the equivalent to the holocaust. My mistake.
On a side note and with total ADHD(topic change coming)...I do know that if Oprah the cash cow of Obamaland asked me what my grade was for my first year as President, I would not jovially give myself a B+. I would have the balls to give myself a freaking A+. Yea, that's what I said, an A+. So many people think Obama should have given himself an incomplete to show some fake humility. I say fair enough...a no grade is better than a smart ass barely humble answer like a B+. What a puss...MAN UP Barack! Go ahead Oprah ask me!! I am Horseshack from Welcome Back Kotter. OH OH OH OH ask me, ask me, I am strenuously raising my hand! OH OH OH OH! OK Nikki, says Oprah, what grade would you give yourself as a blogger? A FRIGGIN' A+ you rich bitch! My blog ROCKS AND YOUR SHOW SUCKS! That is what I would have said. Barry went straight up political analytical with the "B+" homo answer.
I give Obama an F for giving himself a B+. Remember in school when we got to correct our own papers? If you gave yourself anything other than an A, then you are retarded. You better believe I am giving myself the highest grade I can. Who does that? A B+ Oprah, only Because I am humble and a stud at the same time. What a doorknob. How about, Oprah, I deserve an A, no an A+. I am the best President America has ever seen or will ever see and because of this, I am going to french kiss you hard RIGHT NOW! Now that would have been classic, gross but hardcore gutsy. I would have thought maybe Obama isn't a hermaphrodite after all. Disappointing Barry.
So anyway, It is good to know that Obama is the most hated and most loved President at the same time. Poor Schizophrenic pussy democrats can't catch a break in the approval ratings. Memo: To: Libtards: The President being hated is not a good thing. Don't send your peeps to the idiot box to cry about the hate thrown at President Obama. It doesn't make us feel sorry for him, nor does it make us feel guilty. It makes us happy to know that our blogs rule your thoughts.
I don't actually believe Al's ridiculous claim is true. When you are losing the argument on all fronts, it's time to go for the sympathy and victim vote. If we can't win with logic, let's win with guilt.
A President with death threats. Call me when something new happens. Yawn.

PS. How come all Al's are scary weirdos? Al Franken, Al Gore, Al Sharpton, Al Capone, Al on Happy Days, Al Pacino, Al Roker, Al jazeera, Al Bundy, Al Yankovic, Al Zarqawi, Al Quaeda...
It freaks me out.


namaste said...

you nailed it, of course, nik. obama is a fool (once again) for not giving himself shiny high grades. too late to earn any respect point for honesty when he's such a blatant liar.

as for al? bleh. what a waste of space.

Sandi said...

But ya gotta give old Al a little credit for finding a way to get himself back in the news! Now if he'll just go away....

skiriki said...

Sandi's right. That man will jump on any issue to hear himself talk and get the media attention. What a dork. I will not say he is stupid, but he is a dork. The biggest one. EVERY president gets death threats, it's just not broadcast. Poor, poor ObaMao, whathca gonna do now?

UtahManSir said...

Very true and funny. I loved grading my own papers! But don't forget one of the greatest conservative minds of our time was named Al... Alex P. Keaton.

Nikki said...

Alex Keaton! Haha...he isn't an Al! So he isn't scary weird. :)N

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

If you disbelieve Al Sharpton, you're on the right track, Nikki.

Al Sharpton with his pouting lips and puppy dog eyes sat there and said that Barack Obama has more threats against him than any other President in the history of America.

Two weeks ago, after those two "MTV whores" (heh) crashed a White House party (that's party - lower-case p... much different from the Party, which is upper case, Comrades), the Director of the Secret Service, Mark Sullivan, said the current level of threats of threats against the president is normal. "The threats right now ... is the same level as it has been for the previous two presidents at this point in their administrations," Sullivan said.


But then again, when has Al Sharpton ever let facts interfere with a good whine?

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Now, as to "grading" his first year in office - Obama should have done one of two things:

1) Do as you describe: give himself an A+, address Oprah and her audience directly, and cop a busload of attitude. Something along the lines of this: "Why, I give myself A+, bitches! Let's face it: my job performance is off the $!*#$! chart. The sooner y'all come to terms with this, the better we'll all be."

Or, 2) Tell Oprah that he's not going to answer that question. "I'll let the American people assess my grade. I know they'll judge me fairly."

Such a shame that so many take the weasel way out, when there are two obvious (but opposite) options.

Bungalow Bill said...

Oh my, Richard Nixon is still the butt of plenty of jokes. What a baby!

lisa said...

Nikki you have some of the funnest posts.
Whenever I see magazines with pictures of Walks on Water I turn them around and I make sure people see me. Funny how no one has objected yet.
Saw this video from PJTV which I found quite good speaking of victims,enjoy: