Thursday, December 31, 2009


This year I really mean it. I really want a happier year in 2010. Every year I laugh at the tradition of New Year's resolutions and usually decide to be more resolute in my anti-resolution. This year has been an extremely difficult year for me and my family so without further adieu I say...GOOD RIDDANCE TO 2009!
I know a lot of people had a lot of hope and change wet dreams last year as some looked to our newly elected President as an answer to what was lacking in their pathetic lives. I find it exhilarating that I was right about him all along and I almost broke my arm just now patting myself on the back way too hard about it. Most people that know me know that being right is a big thing for me. I pride myself on being the stalwart no nonsense type who can see through the shit, at least for the most part. This year I would love to try something different. I would like to try being wrong. I HOPE I am wrong about the direction of this country. I suspect I am not.
I do feel bad that so many had to wake up from the acid trip called Obama only to find out he is a flawed and fraudulent homo-sapien without super human powers. The world is an exasperating place and who am I to believe in God and his commandments when so many humans know better. Obama's philosophy has always been that he is smarter and knows better than all of us. It's communism at its finest. Let the smarter and stronger take care of you and soon we are all beholden to a rich government who will destroy the wealthy and our freedom along with it. Obama won so many hearts and minds with this dictatorial rhetoric. It's freaking scary how lazy and dependent so many Americans have become.
I found myself looking for hope a lot of the time in 2009 like a lot of other people. It was difficult and I am grounded in a faith that I believe holds the answers to life's questions. So I wonder, how can so many look to a human being for hope? Hope was never offered by Obama, it was only exploited as so many were swallowed up in economic and personal distress. Our problems are more often than not caused by our own actions. Many are brought about by uncontrollable circumstances, but still require our own sacrifice and tenacity to repair what is broken. Never, never, never can the government right our wrongs, lift us up or offer us opportunity. And when we require this from the government, then we are doomed.
Obama was brilliant in that he tapped into what religious folks have known for centuries that faith, hope and charity are sparks of light to the human soul. He cleverly used nominal phrases and words to infiltrate what was lacking in American lives. It is what Americans needed, only they mistakenly thought that hope comes from the United States government. It was to Obama's advantage to sell the hope and change basket. He gave speeches that were spiritual sermons to so many. His constituents screamed when he spoke like they were at a Pentacostal revival. Where is our faith in our creator? And now his people wait and wait and wait. And still Obama has not delivered on his promise to bring hope. Because he lied. Because hope to many was a life without worry and struggle and these things are inherently a part of life and will never be gone. Obama doesn't know what we hope for. He only knows that we need hope so he offered it like any good drug dealer would.
Hope is a good thing, but not in a political campaign. It's derivatives are too costly and it is impossible to achieve the promised utopia. Hope comes from within not from someone.
Obama has made a mess. He is the arrogant politician that promised the moon and has delivered a bunch of dust. Is health care really his answer to the empty soul who bought into his "hope" dope? Food for the hungry soul is health care and a bankrupt America.
One year later since this train wreck took office and I still have hope for America and for my own life. But not because of some clever political slogan force fed to me like baby food. I am not waiting for Obama to deliver, he never could and arrogantly or wisely I knew this from the beginning. If Obama were my hope, I would have given up by now. Obama's first year as President is a disaster and if you don't believe me watch his cronies on MSNBC. It's quality entertainment. Liberals going nuts right before our eyes and on national television because the hope train has come and gone. No more clever slogans for this administration only an undelivered promise to a downtrodden people. I think it's criminal to prey on a disheartened and frail mankind. There may be nothing false about hope, but there is plenty wrong with false hope.
I pray for America and for its grossly incompetent leaders. How did we get here? I feel like the Muppet's from Sesame Street are running the country. It's a cartoon world with cartoon characters who are nothing but stuffed animals with fists up their asses. I think, no I know, I would prefer Homer Simpson to these Pixar animated fools. They are a movie trailer of bad actors:(use deep movie trailer voice here) In a world where Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Barack Obama run the country, there is only one thing to do...VOTE THE BASTARDS OUT! Keep fighting the good fight people and let's get rid of these incompetent ASSHATTS! A Happier Year for all of us and God Bless...


ba and the boys said...

the government would be much more entertaining if the muppets took over. then maybe each day could be sponsered by a different letter. or maybe like the muppet show we could have guest hosts.
and of course, the old men in the balcony bitching about everything.
oh nik-this has been a hard year. but things can get better. and they will-people have stopped drinking the koolaid.

namaste said...

yes, nik this has been a rough year for you and many. i know that you and your family are so loved and will continue to receive the blessings you all are so worthy of. on your behalf and others, i welcome 2010 with open arms!

i like the line about breaking your arm as you pat yourself on the back for being right about obama. you and some others of us saw through him from the start.

EXCELLENT POST! when you're right, you're right.



tammy said...

I think at this point, I'd take Homer Simpson in the white house.

I was just reading on some liberal's blog, that while they don't like what BO's done so far, they have great hope that the next 3 years will be better. Stupid! Like he'll suddenly decide he's been doing it wrong, and change? That man is too arrogant for that we know. I know Pelosi won't be voted out of office, but I can't wait to see Reid and some of the others gone.

Great post Nikki.

shirley elizabeth said...

Although I have a hard time with coarse language, I like you quite a bit.

corvedacosta said...

Happy New Year

lisa said...

What a great and interesting post. I love your prospective and I find myself nodding and smiling as I read.
I too tried to warn people about Obama but agree with you about the acid trip so many were on.
Hmmm and here I thought his followers were supposedly so intellectual. At least that's what they have convinced themselves of.

Happy New Year!

Khaki Elephant said...

And God bless you as well, Nik.

"Asshats" . . . that's a new one for me.

Janelle said...

Wonderful post and great comments! Rather than sending Congress and this administration teabags.... how about ex-lax? Heads will cave in.

Larry Durham said...

Happy New Year Nik, great rant as usual. I'm a true believer in Omama's Marxists credentials. I suspected Barry was a Bolshevik when he made that overblown speech at the 04 DNC. Alinsky, Wright (and black liberation theology), his youthful enrollment in a madrasa, and his two, count 'em, two, autobiographies preceeded his meteoric rise. The resume screamed "commie" and I've been branding his ass that way ever since. Keep telling it!

skiriki said...

I have to agree with Larry, Nik. The very first time the man opened his mouth, I pegged him as such. I am still blown away that some cannot see what I saw so easily the first time.

Happy New Year to you and yours. Mine began with pms and a furnace that picked the coldest night of the new year to die. BUT, at least we had a fireplace for back up heat and menopause is on it's way, so things are looking up already. :)

EDGE said...

11 months to go!!!!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I pray for America and for its grossly incompetent leaders. How did we get here?

A long and winding road, Nikki, brought America to its present state. Democracy has its costs: The majority can be wrong. And for 70 years, the majority (or at least a plurality) has been voting for more and more government.

There is a way out for America. It requires a number of steps, and none of them are going to be easy. Especially the first one: half the country has to grow up. There is no secret stash from which the government can draw and distribute largesse and succor to the masses. There is no free lunch. There is no money for all these ridulous and ineffective programs. And the only way people are going to understand this is if they grow the hell up.

So Step 1 is a tall order. Sometimes the only way someone can grow up is if he hits rock bottom first. I hope the dependent classes can grow up without hitting the bottom.

Now see, this is another good reason for me not to have American citizenship. Because if I had it, I would be tempted to run for Congress or something, and my campaign slogan would be a sure loser: "Grow Up, America." That would go over like a lead balloon.

Clifton B said...


I have never set foot on this blog and not come away uplifted. Thank you Nikki for once again brightening the day, excellent post!