Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Where to begin. From climategate to the economic state, Obama is sinking faster than the Titanic. I am not sure there is enough time or space to outline the incompetency of this President and his fellow democrats. But, I am sure as hell going to make a dent in their little dog and pony show.
The Gallup is reporting a 47% approval rating. As a matter of interest, Tiger Woods and President Obama are about 9 points apart at the moment and that number is not good for the former rock star turned President.
The economy is in the toilet and anyone who says otherwise is a lying liar who tells lies. We all know every other administration to ever be in this economic situation has sweat shop peeps scouring data for ANY report of good news. It's what they do. When they find a little positive economic nugget, they jump on it like Tiger on a whore and hold a "see, we ARE awesome" news conference. Let's get one thing straight, the economy is not getting better and if it does recover it isn't because of Obama policy. It is in SPITE of his dangerous and idiotic policies. I am all for deficit spending in a recession, but that spending needs to be less about cronyism and more about tax relief and job retention. Obama said himself that his stimulus would max out the job market at 8% unemployment, and here we sit at 10%...down from 10.2% mainly because of Holiday temp jobs pausing the negative. How is that number a good thing? Obama made a bad economy worse and that is not a Bush "inheritance" issue. It's an Obama issue.
Climategate is hilarious. Not only is Al Gay looking more and more like the lying douche bag that he is, but he is taking this administration down the lying river deNile with him. Obama hopped on the global warming Prius wagon with no life preserver and now looks like an intellectual money whore like all the other climate give me all your change partitioners. Only 46% of Americans believe in global warming, and most think the scientific community is full of shit, especially since the globe seems to be cooling more than warming. Back in the 70's the government believed a differing scientific mantra that taught of an upcoming ice age. When will these freaking scientists get it right? Maybe they should all get together and go bowling and come to some sort of consensus. Personally I don't care. I think God is in charge of this planet. It's just my thing. I think it's good to conserve energy and to treat the earth with respect, but am I joining the Church of the Go Green Climate Change hybrid Jesus? No thanks, NOT GONNA DO IT. I would rather go to global warming hell. Thanks, but I will stick to my own flying spaghetti monster place of worship.
Never in the history of the hot mother earth has anyone made more money from the scare tactics of Al the green house gas whore, and his cap and trad bitch, Obama, who bought Al's shiny Oscar bullocks. And you all thought Haliburton was Satan. Think again, Satan is green, green, green, the color of money and environmental propaganda. Climategate will drag Obama, Al and their little cap and trade club right down with the already sinking and swirling environmental political toilet. Drano can't save this stanky poop. This retarded sham is the administrations last stitch effort to save the job market. Green jobs...seriously they are banking on a bogus scientific theory to save the economy. Stupid Obama, tricks are for kids.
There is so much suckiness to bloviate about that this will have to be a 2 or 3 parter. More head hurts.


tammy said...

So much suckiness is right!

lisa said...

That was hilarious in a portentous kind of way.
I never had a nightmare last 11 months before.

jaimie said...

HAHAHA Holy crap i just laughed hysterically. Nikki you are awesome-i wish you could come preach this stuff to the liberal wack jobs here at the U of U.

Highlights of this post are probably the name change to ALGAY and the tiger woods reference. haha love it!

ps i linked back to you in my most recent post. check it out!

Nikki said...

On my way Jaimie...:)N

Distrez said...
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Distrez said...

I was attempting to look for obamas policies and what they have been affecting but the first thing that came up was "why does Obama hate America" and now I'm here and you confirmed it.. That everyone here who just congratulated you and you making this post , are THE most ignorant people I ever encountered thank you for this laugh :D

You have the grammar equivalent to a middle school education