Thursday, January 14, 2010


Why do democrats stick up for perverts? I posted a link on my facebook page today about Scott Ritter. Remember that loser? He was the vocal former UN weapons inspector who was claiming back in '02 that Saddam Hussein did not have weapons of Mass destruction. His mug was on every news outlet touting off his muster against the Bush administration. The title of the story I posted on facebook is "Former Chief U.N. Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter Nabbed in Teen Sex Sting". Not only has Scott been caught more than once doing disgusting things TO CHILDREN, but I also think it speaks to his credibility or lack thereof.
Having posted this story one of my "friends" posted a comment that said this:
"Maybe you should really look into this subject a little more than what FOX may say. Looks like the War Criminal, Baby Bush is getting his is the end. Ritter is a honorable and respected Marine, who called Bush's BS on a INVASION of a sovereign country. Honor, Code, and Country, more than can EVER be said about the whole Last administration. Yea some Marines may be bad, but being around them every day for 4 years, I'd tend to take their word or some right wing reporter on FOX. Happened a year and a half ago, by the way. Nothing personal, but really pisses me off when someone goes on a personal vendetta, cause he is a weasly piece of shit. Didnt care one way or the other for George Sr., but he HAS to want to kick Jrs. ass! GO PALIN!!!!!"

Can anyone explain to me why someone would stick up for this guy? And why are democrats so soft of sexual crimes against women and children? Is it because their moral compasses are so faded after years of embracing an A-moral ideology? Do you liberal retards know the difference between right and wrong? Or do you think that your power will be greater if it is over a morally deficient populous? Does your social engineering include being advocates of societies degenerates? Liberals are dangerous thought police that want and need criminal behavior to become the norm. In doing this they again seal the deal with another group willing to support their schemes. Democrats are becoming more and more the party of moral bankruptcy. They have no strong moral clarity on any issue. They ignore civility and are swimming in evil waters to gain greater power among those who prey on our communities. It's their "don't judge" mentality that welcomes vileness and leads them down the path of a moral fog so thick they have no idea what is reprehensible in our society. It is also leading them to blatant corruption, but it is their "ends justifies the means" mentality that is a cancer to their cause. Latch on to any Tom, Dick, Harry Reid and Scott Ritter and defend their visceral acts of impropriety. This will continue the surety of the Obama sinking ship. Right now the democratic party is the party of no conscience, no values and certainly a party far beyond any Judeo-Christian tradition. Keep it up Dem's and you will no longer be the party of the left but the party of the all that is WRONG in American society...oops, my bad, you already are.
Oh and BTW...this person deleted their comment after 5 minutes anyway. A total puss.


Jerry Critter said...

If he is such a bad person, why are you promoting his book? You even have a picture of it?

Nikki said...

Are you saying he isn't a bad person?

Jerry Critter said...

No, I am saying why are you promoting his book if you think he is a bad person.

Nikki said...

It's just a picture you can't click on it and buy it. I am sure people will see the connection. Write a book making a claim and lose all credibility. It isn't that hard to draw a line.

tammy said...

I missed that FB post.

They're good at justifying whatever they want. They change the rules to suit them everytime.

Sandi said...

Trust me, not all of us "democrats" support perverts! There is no punishment too cruel or unusual for those creeps. What I find interesting is that the FB person ranted about the whole thing then said "Go Palin"?? That is one f'd up person!

Skiri'ki said...

Yeah, I didn't quite understand that comment. They start out ranting about "the war criminal, Baby Bush" and then end with that "Go Palin". Makes me think they snuck on the computer in the nurses office at the asylum. Don't take them seriously.

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

If you really want to know where the left is coming from on this and issue, it all boils down to this: Liberals believe that sex should never have consequences.

If it started having consequences, they would have to call out the philanderers in their ranks; they would have to completely reevaluate their politics on abortion and gay marriage; and they would have to make a judgement (gasp!) on the state of today's amoral society. And if they went there, they would connect the dots on the breakdown of the family, and the concurrent splintering of society, and the role liberal policies played in these disasters.

And you just know they sure as hell don't want to connect those dots.