Saturday, January 9, 2010


In the 1992 Presidential election, James Carville coined the phrase, "It's the economy stupid". The phrase helped Bill Clinton win the White House over a fairly popular President George H.W. Bush. Ever since, the top issue in a campaign has become a war of slogan's ending in "stupid". I love the word stupid. It's another one of those words that makes liberals shake their heads in personal pain. They love their self-esteem and I love making them suffer.
So anyway, I haven't heard anyone say "It's health care stupid" or "It's global warming stupid" why is the government barking up those China has us by the balls trees? I can only assume it's because they really are stupid. So in fact, the phrase is true and James is a genius.
Right now I think most logical thinking Americans would agree that the economy is the number one issue, stupid. Stupid represents the President. It's like saying D'OH and palming him in the forehead. An extremely close second "It's the" now, would be terrorism. Yes, terrorism is making a comeback. President Obama has once again made being a terrorist stylish. They know he is a fraidy cat apologetic that will never call them what they are and will let them retain a lawyer who will scour the constitution for a loophole for their quick release. He and Jack Napolitano changed the names to protect the not so innocent and even went around apologizing to the TERRORISTS. America is at fault! Obama cried. We are a rich country and we ignore the poor, therefore their lack of hope and frustration comes from our lack of generosity. A popular theme of the left is the claim that were there no poor, there would be no violence. This is inherently false and the thought that curing the world of poverty will cure terrorism and war is as jingoistic as the Bush Doctrine of preemption.
The Obama Doctrine is one of government aggression towards its own people. Give me your money and I will ensure a nation of economic equality, world admiration and a less aggressive terr...eerrr...fanatical people. The world looks to Obama and wants to cash in on America as well. Instead of a government that goes after terrorists as enemy combatants in a WAR ON TERROR, they dismiss the aggression as a poverty derived action of frustration and turn to the wealth of the American people to patch up the poverty stricken wounds of the evil little bastards called TERR...eeerr...human disasters. Trust me, Obama will tout his health care initiative as humanitarian in nature and foreigners will flock to get into a rich nation offering free and scientifically savvy health care. Illegal immigration a problem now? Just wait until we give the world free medical care.
Obama has not officially declared his foreign policy "doctrine". He claims that
he is "not going to be as doctrinaire as the Bush doctrine, because the world is complicated". Sigh. Did it ever occur to ANYONE that Obama isn't highly intelligent, just highly indecisive? He is too afraid to do something wrong because he touted his being rightness so damn much. It's gonna happen dude, get over yourself. Obama also says we should "view our security in terms of a common security and a common prosperity with other peoples and other countries." Did you get that...if not read it again.
Basically it's prosperity jealousy and we would be more secure if we didn't hoard our wealth like selfish little oppressive dictators. It makes sense. It is now coming together for me. This is the whole reason why Hollywood acts like they give a damn about poor people. Not only should America have white guilt, hetero-guilt, man guilt and green guilt, we should also have wealth guilt. Hollywood is guilty of oppression by merely being wealthy, therefore they must act as though they advocate for the poverty stricken. Wealth equals fascism according to the left so when you are wealthy and a liberal you are in conflict with yourself.
National security based on prosperity sharing. Powerful fluff. No wonder terrorism is making a comeback. The leader of the free world has a world view and not an American view. It's precious that Obama's heart tugs for the poor. My heart tugs for the poor. The difference is that I don't use them as pawns and meat for political fodder.
It isn't difficult to draw the line from health care to terrorism philosophically. The nuance is the same. Cure poverty, cure terrorism and health care is the first board on that bridge. Obama thinks being wealthy is a reason to despise America. Jealousy and covetousness are justifiable in a world where our self-esteem is attained only through prestige. What else could the terrorists do? They had no other option. They must blow themselves up and kill innocents. It is pain personified.
The bottom line is that there is no Obama doctrine. His so-called pragmatic approach is so gray, that Obama himself can't even state what his doctrine is. This is of course because of his intellectual ability and self awareness. I am laughing at the academic community attempting to dissect a non-policy. Obama is too intellectual to define his own doctrine, is what those in the educational dogmatic world are saying. It's what I go with when I am stuck between a rock and hard place. It's just too complicated to pick just one strongly held belief. Hold me mommy.
The Nikki Doctrine: It's called terrorism stupid. It's evil and it must be destroyed. Read it. Know it. Live it.


M Conservative Operative said...

My understanding is he will not release his transcripts? Did he get into good schools because of affirmative action? If he is as stupid as he appears, it would be nice to have these answers to at least give him an excuse for his behavior. If not for his handlers he would come off as an even bigger idiot. He has not had one original thought, he is crooked as the day is long, and he is a liar. The shout out at the State of the Union, "your a liar!" was the only honest thing said that night. Besides all that I am sure he is a really nice narcissist.

namaste said...

yesss!! so much good stuff here, nik!

"stupid represents the president."


"They know he is a fraidy cat apologetic..."


nik, there is nothing original i can add here cuz you've said it all. the man does not stand firmly on ANY issue because he's dumb and he's a liar and he wants everybody to be his friend. and he's anti-american, his worst trait!

Sandi said...

First of all, James Carville is just creepy.

Second, I wish someone would just figure out what it is that were doing to piss all these people off. If we just stop doing it, maybe the terrorist attacks will stop! Simplistic, I know. But nothing else has worked. No matter what we do, they will always find a way. They don't think like we do so there is no way we will ever be able to be anything more than reactive. Sadly.

Pedaling said...

it's terrorism stupid!
it's the economy stupid!

so glad you spelled out the obama doctrine.
right on!

it's america stupid!
it's our money stupid!

read it
know it
live it.

(carville is a little creepy, as sandy stated- but i kind of enjoy watching him)

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Sandi, do you know what Americans have to stop doing so that the terrorists will stop attacking?


The problem is that they hate the West, because the West is full of infidels. Combine that with their own self-loathing at their countries' own failures, and their likely personal failures, and the only thing left is to lash out violently.

shirley elizabeth said...

"Wealth equals fascism according to the left so when you are wealthy and a liberal you are in conflict with yourself."

I love this line and could read and laugh at it all night long.

Someone up there mentioned affirmative action. Oh please don't get me started on that.