Monday, January 18, 2010


Massachusetts is symbolic of what is happening in America. A shift back to the right that has taken no longer than one year to occur. Nobody likes to be told what to do, especially republicans and certainly not millions of Americans who DO NOT WANT THIS HEALTH CARE fiasco and who know that Obama has been completely incompetent. It didn't even take a year for the democrats to screw things up. High on their horses they marched to Washington and thought they could ridicule normal everyday citizens who protested Obama's health care/tax hike idiocy. We do not want this health care plan Mr. President and we do not want you to raise the taxes of those who will employ us.
Obama will once again be embarrassed for his stupid mug showing up in Massachusetts amounting to nothing just like it did in New Jersey. I am sitting and chowing down on some popcorn while watching this one. If you have Obama heading to Massa-lose-its to campaign combined with a Kennedy legacy guilt trip in one of the most liberal states in America and you still can't close the Coakley deal...then you are in trouble. And "you" means democrats! No more mojo for the campaigner in chief even in liberalville. A short lived American political domination, ask yourselves why dem's. I smile.


susana said...

one thing's for sure. The Democratic Party of Massachusetts could screw up buttered toast. Obama should never have been put in a position to have to come rally the troops on the Sunday before election day.
with that being said, I'll stick my neck out and say she'll pull it off by at least 4 points. FOr the same reason a mormon candidate will always pull a win off in utah. Kennedy's and Catholics are thick as thieves in Mass.

namaste said...

i love this post for so many reasons. first, because you wrote it, of course! second, because every word is true. third, because obama looks like a complete ass. well, not because of this post per se. he pulled that off all by himself!

Jess said...

I don't know what propelled Kennedy into office decade after decade but...he had more money to spend on the election than anyone else so that's probably it. Now, he's gone and there's a chance for new blood and the people are desperate for it. Obama touted "hope and change" and apparently for the people in Mass. that's exactly what Brown is for them!

Indigo Red said...

It's the beginning of the end for Obama and Co. I hope they don't change strategy and do what sane Americans want. A continuance of Liberal stupidity will ensure their failure.

tammy said...

I love this post too. You speak the truth. Of course, they'll just blame the Republicans for their loss, and for Obama's failure. Because nothing is ever their fault and they can do no wrong in their own eyes.

And even if I didn't lean more conservative, I would want Brown to win because I don't feel one party should control our government, ever.