Monday, January 11, 2010


Harry, Harry, Harry. Poor dirty Harry. Please, listen to me now. Do we really think that democrats care about racism? Hell NO! They never ever have, so why should they now? They just use the term to intimidate and to make black people and other minority groups think they give a shit about them, which they don't. When slavery was abolished it behooved some to come up with a softer, more gentle form of slavery to hang on to and the term racism was born. Racism is real, don't get me wrong. I wish republicans would have hijacked racism as our own baby and we would own our own minority groups like the dem's do. No such luck, we republicans have to be the designated racists of America. But racism has ridden the over-usage bus and the flippant train way too long. Is it appropriate to call everyone who says stupid stereotypical stuff racist? I like stereotypes, mostly because they are true or we wouldn't have them and most comedians would be unfunny without them. There are many racists out there, but none as forgiving as democrat on democrat. You see, when it comes to race dialog and other major made up BS, the democrats have given themselves the job of sheriff in the who's who in racismland. Most if not all republicans are racists, unless they voted for Obama and supported any affirmative action legislation at some point in their political lives. It doesn't matter what the old crazy man Harry Reid has to say, he is incapable of being a racist because he is a democrat. Remember Harry is the one who said Obama has the purist heart on the planet. I threw up profusely, but Harry's head couldn't be any further up Obama's keester if he were an ass doctor. Were I to punch a Barry chad and stick up for the black man in the oval office I would be excused by the racism police aka democratic party tomorrow. As it stands today I am a racist and will always be one for merely being a conservative. So quit freaking out about the double standard mambo jumbo. Harry said what he meant and Harry meant what he said...Obama is a smooth talking half white guy with some skills and he does talk some sweet jive turkey when the need arises. Harry spoke the truth and the democrats give him a pass because he is coming up with some sweet ass health care legislation for the peeps. What old white guy wasn't a racist back in the day? It is shocking to Harry that the donkey's turned anti-slavery right in front of his eyes, so he rolled with it. Come on people the dude is older than a witch' get the point. Please no more Harry and his stupidity. He is just removing all doubt of what we already knew. Harry is retarded...and now back to your regularly scheduled Obama bashing. Is this the negro talk you were referring to Harry?...


Pedaling said...

"a softer more gentle side of slavery..."
that says it all.
the dems figured that out quickly, a long time ago and they wear it well.

thanks for calling them out on the carpet, saying it like it is and for the hilarious, perfect clip at the end addressing the issue.

you are dead on!

M-Cat said...

Visiting from Pedaling, and I have to say - you are SPOT ON!

I must be racist too. My dad done raised me good!

lisa said...

Oh that was amusing as usual:

Here's another take on the subject that only a democrat can get away with:

Sandi said...

One of my favorite scenes from Airplane!! I guess as long as there are people who have low self esteem and have to ensure that some one or some group is "lower" than them, there will always be racism and prejudice. Sad.

tammy said...

You hit it on the head Nikki!

Loralee and the gang... said...

You said it, and well. Now if the Dems (congress & senate) could pull their heads out long enough to take a look around, they'd see many of their white constituents running away as fast as they can... but they're not worried. They have all the minorities on their side! I say Build, Baby Build. We need a great wall of China between us and our friends to the south. I don't dislike the people, just OUR government's policies concerning immigration, or I should say the lack of enforcing the polices and laws that we do have. (OK, look what happens when you get me going!)

sandyseashells said...

Perfect, and so true!

shirley elizabeth said...

Thank you.

Personally, I think that the old people in this country need to shut up about racism, because they're giving the younger generation, that was raised in this "great melting pot," bad ideas.

Maybe it's just where I grew up (Phoenix), but, to me, if someone were to reference "that black/white kid over there," it's the same as saying "that kid over there in the blue shirt." Sure, he probably looks great in his blue shirt, and there's probably a great story or history behind his blue shirt, and I'm sure he's very proud of his blue shirt, but his blue shirt tells me nothing in particular about him. Now, the way he wears his blue shirt might hint some things, or perhaps the designs or words he chooses to display on it.

What really has been buggin me lately is all of the accusations. Here is one example:

Person1: Did you see that guy in the green shirt over there? He just gave you a look because you're wearing a blue shirt!
Person2: Why would he do that? Are you sure it's not because I just flatulated?
Person1: Oh no, it's the shirt. Don't you know? All green shirt-wearers think they're better than blue shirt-wearers!

Or there's this one that I've heard a lot recently in relation to our President:

Person1: Hey you in the green shirt! I know why you don't like that kid over there. It has nothing to do with the fact that he tramples the very values your entire faith is based on, nor that he blew your future and that of your decendents on so-called stimulus packages, and it's not even because he continues to weild a wrecking ball while walking through our country. It's because he's wearing a BLUE SHIRT!
Person2: ???

Seriously. Lose the racism ploy and man up to yourself.

namaste said...

i LOVE blogging for this. we can all speak up and SAY THE TRUTH to each other and the rest of the world. no more relying on the LEFTIE LIARS in the mainstream media.

AWESOME POST, my friend! every word you write here is absolutely true. i couldn't have said it better myself!