Thursday, February 18, 2010


Tell us something we don't know Joe. You Obamacrats marched into Washington on your white unicorns with puffed out chests, bumping fists, promising bigger brains and better ideas (let me pause now for a laughing break) and got slaughtered by YOU, YOURSELVES AND YOU. Whew, that is gut jiggling funny. I love you incontinent democrats, you are precious to me. I know incontinent means unable to control urination, but I like potty talk especially from diarrhea of the mouth Joe Biden. The dude is awesome. He went on national television and not only admitted to being part of a "broken" and "dysfunctional" Washington chucked full of mules like his bad self, but he also threw Obama, Congress and the American people under the bus and then kicked their bloody corpses. Dude!!
Joe Biden unapologetically said Joe is not the boss, Joe just "reflects". I love a guy that can crawl so far up an O-dudes colon he is one half of a conjoined twin and then without conscience stabs his major artery and organ provider in the back without flinching. Obama picked Joe Riden on the crazy train, so he doesn't get any sympathy from me. I just love watching the worst government ever to assemble scatter like rats from a sinking ship. It's a beautiful thing. Marry me Joe...PSYCHE!!
And if you want to see if team Obama really created a measly 2 million jobs click here: stimulus watch
Do I hear 600,000?


namaste said...

umm... i actually played the video, but then i tuned out after joe lied, saying the 787 billion stimulus helped americans, "they just don't know it." i was on facebook while he talked and missed the rest (other than his annoying voice in the background).

but i loved your post, nik! you always make me giggle!

tammy said...

I'm glad to see that he thinks the stimulus worked and that we got our money's worth. Can you imagine where we'd be if we didn't get our money's worth? I'm glad he explained that to me, because now I know. I love how he pointed his finger at congress and basically said, Ha ha! We're more popular than you are!

They edited out what he said right after the part about Washington being broken. I'd love to know what he said right then.

lisa said...

har,har,har,dee,har,har Joe.

He shows more and more why he was never the presidential nominee,although his "boss" in all his infinite wisdom is nothing to write home about either .
Can someone put these 2 on auto pilot already?