Monday, February 22, 2010


Olympic skier and gold medalist Lindsay Vonn made fun of Tiger Woods in a Time magazine article. I heart her. Tiger deserved a Lindsay diss and good for her for speaking the truth courageously rather than tip-toeing around a primadonna faker athlete like Tiger. First of all Tiger is not addicted to sex. Tiger Woods is addicted to Tiger Woods. What Tiger wants Tiger gets especially in his main brain man area. Tiger apologized for his need to get ridden more than Seattle Slew, good for him. But he regrets getting caught and wished he could get freaky with some porn star right about now, which is fine. But dude should have stayed single if dude wanted to hump everything that moved, like a dog having a 4 hour Viagra overdose. Just sayin. Love ya Lindsay! Thanks for bringing us the GOLD! We heart you!


Bungalow Bill said...

Good for her. That's what I took from the apology too.

Pedaling said...

"tiger woods is addicted to tiger woods"

ain't that the truth!

JohnnyMartin said...


I'm writing you to thank you and apologize to you for what you saw on MBP. First, I would like to say I was a cashier in high school. Did we all love our jobs in high school? No, we didn't. After Abercrombie & Fitch made me swear off retail forever. A vow I have kept to this day.

But back to the apology. I apologize to you for being a "queen bitch". I apologize to you for using product. I apologize to you for being "freaking metro-homo". So well said.

Yes. You could waste me. Because I wouldn't hit a woman. Ever.

Shall I tell you why I talked to these guys in the first place? They attacked a close friend of mine. They defamed her, and mocked her. It hurt her deeply. Ironically, I did not get their facebook removed, nor did I post the anonymous messages. I did however tweet what I twote.

For that, I apologize to you for knowing such a thing about me. But I will not, and cannot abide when a man ridicules a woman in public, especially one dear to me. I will throw down with them. Win or lose, I will.

So when they came after me, obviously I was on edge. For that I apologize again. I apologize that you had to see me come after them to pick a fight. But you see, we live in a generation where people won't back up their words. I'm sorry again, for having the guts, to back up mine.

Will it ever happen? No. Because the MBP are cowards. But that is their choice. I am not however. I stand up for what I believe in, and I also stand up for my friends.

What my blogs and posts don't tell about me is actually an interesting story. But again, I must apologize to you. For I can never share it with you, for you would rather ridicule a man you do not know in defense of others you do not know.

I am also sorry for one more thing. I am sorry that I associated my name with a blog that not only defamed me, but defames women, and defames the Ireland mission, but also defames the Lord's church.

I am not a perfect man, but I can recognize the imperfections in others just as well as anyone else if not better. And for that, I apologize.

Nikki said...

Johnny need to apologize for all of those silly things. BTW, What DO you think of Tiger? You said nothing about my post, now that is something you should apologize for!! :)N

EDGE said...


What a babe!

Of course...she's no Nikki!


El Cerdo Ignatius said...

What Brit Hume said, a month or so ago, about Tiger Woods.

When a guy grows up being told from the age of two that he's the cat's ass because he is a near-miraculous golfer, he probably reaches adulthood figuring he can have anything he wants. It's really sad that parents failed to teach the general lesson about humility and respect.

Janelle said...

Nikki, "main brain man area" made me laugh out loud.
A little trivia for you......the testicular cup for hockey players was invented in 1847 and it took 100 years for someone to invent the helmit. Bless his heart, my husband though that was just as funny as I did.

Nikki said...

Janelle...protect the boys before your lobe station!! Too funny!! I love it...I haven't forgotten about Kevin. :)N

Nikki said...

Edge...You are my new favorite commentor. :)N

Sandi said...

I think Tiger is VERY sorry - that he got caught and may have to end his sex crazed life. Wonder if he and David Duchovny are friends....

tammy said...

"like" button!

namaste said...

i don't like lindsay vonn.

i don't like tiger either.