Saturday, February 6, 2010


Out of all the problems in America that a first lady can choose to promote, Michelle Obama chooses child obesity. I find this nauseating and it makes me want to binge and purge a bunch of cookie dough. Seriously Michelle? This is your big cause? Your big "TO DO" list? This is all you could think of? American kiddies are a bunch of big fat Pillsbury dough blobs and it's time to bring "awareness" to their Michelin tire man eating ways? So this little piggy went to market and then ate it kiddies, and this is a no, no. Eat your organic magic vegetables lard ass!! No more pie eating contests, Twinkies, Ding-Dong's and Ho-Ho's! Junior jumbotron, get off your wide load and waddle on down to the farmers market for some freaking broccoli already. Mix in a salad you human boat anchor! It's not tricks or meatloaf you Goodyear BLIMP!! Mom, does this jacket make me look fat? NO, but your face does. No farting fat brat, you might launch yourself into orbit.
Let's compare Michelle with our previous First Lady, Laura Bush. Laura Bush is a much classier act, first and foremost. Her trademarks consisted of education and literacy and advanced this cause both nationally and globally. She focused on early childhood development and promoted reading and honoring our patriotic heritage throughout schools in our country. According to Wikipedia "She also advanced women's causes through The Heart Truth and Susan G. Komen for the Cure. She represented the United States during her foreign trips, which tended to focus on HIV/AIDS and malaria awareness."
After 9/11, she spoke directly to our nations children. She said "We need to reassure our children that they are safe in their homes and schools. We need to reassure them that many people love them and care for them, and that while there are some bad people in the world, there are many more good people." She took immediate action in schools across America to ensure that the emotional effects of 9/11 were addressed by school officials.
She also championed "boys" and society's need to nurture the neglected male who had nose dived into high rates of crime, High School drop-outs, gang activity, victims of sexual crimes, absent fathers, murder and an all around failure to rescue the troubled American male.
I googled the top problems for the American child and while obesity is the number one health issue, I think it would suffice us all to say that children in America face far greater issues than those associated with their health. I don't diminish the need for our youth to be healthy and to choose activities that get them moving, but to me this is just another message that promotes "body issues" especially in young girls. Young girls face far more scrutiny in our society when it comes to weight than boys do. While Michelle may be promoting health, most girls interpret being thin with beauty. Young girls are bombarded with unrealistic and fake messages of what beauty is and I would hope that Michelle would not forget that anorexia and bulimia are created by many of the adults in a young girls life. Hyper focusing on weight is as unhealthy as eating a big mac for lunch everyday.
This cause is so retarded. America's youth have bigger fish to fry than their big fat asses. But such is the progressive. Worthless. OOPS! Did I say FAT kids? I meant weight challenged younglings. My bad.


jaimie said...

AMEN Nikki. I was so repulsed when i read an article about what she was up to now. Out of all the problems that American children face, she chooses obesity? What about children who are victims of neglect and abuse? (just to name one) I think even that is a more important cause than childhood obesity. Yes, childhood obesity has plagued America and i also do not diminish the issue but as you said, there are far greater issues that she could endorse. I completely agree with the body image side as well.

Love your blog, so refreshing!

Nikki said...

Thanks jaimie! I checked out your blog and it is super cool! Thanks for reading and leaving a great comment. Michelle should try again and find something worth while! :)N

Pedaling said...

they try and try again...

ya know, i guess us Americans aren't just a bunch of dumb dumb dummies, but, we're a bunch of fat fat fatties, too!

(said in deep, southern, redneck voice)

namaste said...


i am SOOO glad you wrote about this idiot cause. and if i can add what you told me inspired michelle retard obama: on a visit to the the doctor she was told her daughters were pushing the fat index or some crap like that.

once again the obama cause is all about THEMSELVES. God forbid they should try championing something that's actually in the interest of the our American children.

and she might want to lose her own fat can before she makes her children the poster-kids for fat-kid prevention.

GREAT post, nik!

Janelle said...

Had Mrs. Obama gone after obesity as a health problem for children and adults, not an image problem for children...... it might have been more palatable. Though, given the way her husband's insistence on my way or the highway about Federal healthcare takeover and the reception from the public - that might not have been well received. I go with Maria's take on the O's marriage.
Good post, Nikki.

lisa said...

Is it me or does anyone else thinks Michelle spits when she talks?
I am thinking maybe she is looking to get some school related food service unions into the schools.
I really don't think these people are concerned with anything more than promoting their agenda.
But comparing Michelle to Laura Bush,well we know there is no all!!!!
great read as usual.

EDGE said...

All this reading has made me hungry! :O)

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El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I find this nauseating and it makes me want to binge and purge a bunch of cookie dough.

Oh my goodness, I am on the floor! This is a scream, Nikki! Good thing I had finished my coffee, or my monitor might have suffered some damage.

As for Mrs. O's choice of causes: I don't disagree that the lardy look and size of many kids (and adults) in America is a problem. But it really should have been framed as a health issue. I think the difference between kids today and kids of 30-40 years ago is that our parents used to kick us outdoors with the order, "Go play. Get outside and do something." So we went outside and ran around with our mates, playing football and baseball, street hockey, tag, cops and robbers (with real cap guns!), or we were tearing through the woods on an adventure of some type, or heading to a small stream nearby to try and dam the thing up and see how big a mess we could make. In other words, we were physically active. Today, the only activity most kids get is in their fingers, playing computer and video games and texting on their cell phones.

Therefore, it probably would have been a lot better to focus on physical activity and physical fitness, rather than on obesity. As you point out, this business can backfire on young girls, possibly making them over-focus on body image issues.

So keep on eating Big Mac, but if McDonald's is only a quarter mile away, maybe - just maybe - our young folks could walk to get there.

But if Junior is heading out for a Big Mac every day of the week, maybe the problem is that Mom and Dad (assuming he hasn't collapsed in a quivering, snivelling heap of wussiness over being responsible for a family, and he's still living at home) aren't cooking enough. But that's a far cry from saying that the federal government or the First Lady ought to be watching out for Junior instead.

Karen said...

You had me at bingeing and purging the cookie dough. Terrific post and exactly what I was thinking. And, yes of course, there are lots of goodies for unions in Mama Michelle's program. Don't hold you breath waiting for that to be exposed!

Nikki said...

El do sit around more and as much as I kick my kid out of the house to play football etc, it is still a different world not only electronically, but dangerously as well. Kids are fatter because they can't play outside as freely as we could when we were kids. This is my biggest frustration with the modern world. We have manufactured sexual predators by calling pornography free speech. IMO. But at least keep the big macs to a minimum....maybe twice a year?? Hahaha! :)N

Nikki said...

Karen, don't hold your breath is right! That is a phrase that we all know too well in this administration. :)N

lisa said...

Maybe they should replace an hour of those "Hate" America classes and give them an extra hour of gym.

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El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Nikki, I'm not sure if I dare say this, but here goes.

You're right about the world being safer back in the 70s and 80s, at least in terms of being able to let children run around. And you're right that there seems to be more predators and creeps out there.

But here are a few reasons why my neighbourhood was a very safe place in the 70s:
- Every house on the street was inhabited by a married couple.
- Among those couples who were not retired, there was a dad who worked and a mom who stayed home.
- Every family on the street moved there and stayed for years and years.
- Therefore, everyone on the street knew one another; everyone knew there was always someone home at just about every house; and everyone trusted one another. Moreover, because everyone was raised by two parents who were married to one another, we were products of stable homes and didn't spend the day cooking up schemes to rip off or hurt other people. And if we did get out of line, one of the moms would inevitably hear about it and straighten us out.

Still - even though things aren't as safe now - kids could do a better job at staying active, and parents could do a better job encouraging them to exercise.

Nikki said...

El C...I don't know why you would be afraid to say that, I think you are absolutely spot on. Great comments! :)N

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Well, in this day and age, we are expected to affirm that all choices are equally good. We're not supposed to criticize men who step out on their families, because we don't know the pressures they feel. We're not supposed to say that kids raised by single moms trend more toward trouble in school and with the law than kids from two-parent families, because that might hurt someone's feelings. We're not supposed to speak positively about all the moms on the street being stay-at-home moms, because that means that they were under the heel of a chauvinistic society and were repressed by their men. And we're not supposed to mention that back in the 70s, any adult could discipline or scold any child, because that's the sort of thing we call Social Services for these days.

You get the general idea. That's why I hesitate to point out the way things were, and the way they ought to be.

Oops, there I go again.

Nikki said...

Right on target again El C! I agree that the big elephant in the room is the deteriorating values with regards to the family and I include gay marriage and gay adoption in that scenario. Perhaps we are idealists, but if we continue to strive for and accept mediocrity as the norm then that is what we will have. A society full of best case scenarios measured by societies worst scenarios. We occasionally do sit by and let an eroding definition of the family define our pathetic communities. I am one who refuses to lower my familial standards to appease a collective "oh well what else can we do" attitude. Not here. And it is refreshing to hear someone else know and understand the same societal conflict. Right ON!! :)N

Stopthepresses2 said...

U.S. pulls airport full body scanners after Muslims object to their use.

So as not to waste money, Attorney General Eric Holder has agreed to allow Michelle Obama to use the scanners as part of her battle against childhood obesity. The full body scanners will be deployed in grade schools throughout the country to check fat children for hidden candy bars and other unhealthy snacks.

tammy said...

Finally! I was wondering what we were going to do with all these fat kids.