Friday, February 5, 2010


Climate change is the new global warming and progressivism is the new liberalism. Just like abortion was distorted into being about "choice", liberalism is getting a pretty new make-over and becoming sexy progressivism. Liberals are creepy cracked out whores and who am I to judge as a strung out repug? Here I go anyway so hold on and enjoy the ride.
When the left loses ground in an argument, they change their advertising. The strategy is the same but the names change to reinvent the proverbial liberal wheel. Being a liberal is so yesterday. Anybody who is anybody on the left is really a "proooooogressive". Just ask Barry the biggest progressive thug of all. He is using the word progressive so much lately, that I think he actually thinks he invented it.
The term is another camouflaged word to hide the endangered sickening philosophy. People will assume that PROGRESS is a good thing, because it does mean to become better. To me it's no different than lacing a stamp with LSD to get the kiddies hooked, and some will lick. If you are not a PROGRESSIVE then you are OPPRESSIVE or REGRESSIVE. The left touts the right as the party of loving stagnation and going backwards to the days of slavery and women's suffrage. But let me explain to you what it truly means to be a "progressive".
Progressives by nature are idealists. They are little pot smoking Lennon types who dream of a perfect society. This society in which they dream of, consists of a life free of conflict, pain, suffering and most of all it exudes fairness. It may sound noble, but it is really quite sick and twisted. Progressives dream of a society free from, free to and free as. Freedom from negativity, religion and judeo-christian ideals. Free to entertain every disgusting pleasure one chooses without being "judged" or punished by society and free to be as the "rich man" who should by obligation "level" the playing field for all of us.
This Utopian society progressives dream of, is one of exclusion and puritanical fascism. They want to force us to never be mean, never judge, never get fat and never ever use, say or be anything negative. This society would provide for everyone equally and equality would mean not every man for himself, but every man for everyone. All thought and speech would be closely scrutinized because any thought outside of the circle of "progress" is one of oppression and anti-bliss. Progressives are cultish in their ideas and I wouldn't be surprised if most liberals end up in some sort of jacked-up cosmic alien cult in California somewhere. If progressives can create an America of equality, not in the sense of "under the law" but equal in status, then we truly have a "free" society. Does equality equal freedom? NO. Equality as defined by the progressive is an asinine unicorn full of delusions of grandeur authored by arrogant narcissistic do-gooders. Obama is the grand poobah of little progressive Utopia and all her fat-free dreams.
Progressives hate the Constitution. They think it is old and needs to "change" with the times. No more amending or defining law by Constitutional standards, amending is now done by quoting case law as the latest definitive standard in a modern American interpretation. If progressives had their way, they would re-write the Constitution and it too would be 2000 pages of nonsense much like their health care legislation. All bases must be covered because Americans aren't smart enough to understand intricate nuances. Yea, Ok, whatever, kiss my ass.
I don't want your progress, liberals. Your philosophy is not new and improved, it is old and repetitive. We have seen your ideology before in Cuba, Venezuela and any other oppressive nation that has a government that claims to know what is best for its people. Are the people in Cuba equal? Yes they are. They are equally poor and oppressed by a rich dictatorial government. Equality is not the end all BE all definition of goodness in society. Most of all EQUALITY is NOT the definition of FREEDOM. Freedom is not being restrained by power from another. Are we free if we are told how to think, eat and worship? Are we free if the government arrogantly seizes our wealth to distribute it? No we are not.
NO thanks progressives. Keep your "progress" and your infantile nirvana fantasies. I don't want to live in progressiveland. I want to live in America.


namaste said...

"I don't want to live in progressiveland. I want to live in America."

my FAVORITE line of this AWESOME post! i am so glad that bloggers like you are not afraid to call a spade a spade. rip off the progressive costume and reveal the liberal. haha! good job, my friend!

Skiri'ki said...

Great post, Nikki! Well said.

tammy said...

"He is using the word progressive so much lately, that I think he actually thinks he invented it." - totally cracked me up. But you are so right! Probably why he thinks he got the Nobel Peace Prize.

ba and the boys said...

progressiveland will prob have over priced cold pizza and lame rides.

Nikki said...

ba...hahaha!! probably no rides, you could pee your pants riding one and that would hurt your self-esteem. :)N

lisa said...

Haha fabulous post. You're not getting older,you're getting better with each passing day. Always fun to read your up front and honest posts.
I always come away with that much more than I had going in.
Good job!!!

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

I tried once using "progressive" as a pejorative, but no one in the room understood it. As you say, who could be against progress? When I clarified and said that "progressive" really meant being in favour of PROGRESSIVE-ly larger and larger government involvement in life, everyone quickly recoiled in horror. The only thing that experiences progress is the size of the government.

In the French language, a political progressive is called un progressiste, which sounds more menacing. The French adjective progressif sounds positive, as in favouring or promoting progress, or gradually advancing. So I figure what we need in English is to use another word, so people click on the bad connotation of this political disease.

"Socialist" comes to mind.