Friday, April 30, 2010


As an Arizona resident, I am not sure how I feel about this new immigration law. I tend to come down on the side of Arizona only because the rest of you are a bunch of lying baffoons that should keep your noses out of Arizona's business. Stop sticking your tongues down the throat of the federal government you lefty government pimps. Yes, you are pimping a bunch of democratic prostitutes and it makes me taste bile. Having stated my hatred for the democrats, let me say both sides have great points on this issue. Yes, it pains me to say that.
What I am sure about is that all the Green Day idiots against Arizona who are promoting the boycotting of our great state are pathetic loser libtards who have no idea what they are talking about. First of all, Arizona just made it legal to enforce an already in place federal law at the state level. Read that at least 10 times donkeys so you understand it and absorb it loud and clear. Second, cops in Arizona are dicks period. But they are dicks to everybody. Ask anyone who lives here. Most Arizona residents have probably had more than one bad run-in with a cop in their Arizona tenure. Cops here don't mess around and they don't care what your butt hurt feelings are or what color you are so put the racism card out of your mind, it isn't true. A HUGE problem here in Arizona is that cops already pull people over with no probable cause as the norm and the average citizen whether they be brown, white, pink, green or blue would have a hard time proving their injustice. This is not going to create any more or less infringement that didn't already exist. If you think that cops pulling over people for a minor infraction and then going on a fishing expedition to arrest said person for being an illegal just started, then you don't live in Arizona and you should just shut the hell up. Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday America, welcome to the world of this already existed and your world is a fairytale. Now there will be less lawsuits to file because now it is lawful to do what they have already been doing, enforcing federal law that is now state law. How can Obama make a stink about a state enforcing the law as written by the federal government? How can his bloomers be so far up his ass that he complains about a law already in place that HE should be enforcing? Arizona took it upon themselves to enact the same law and gave themselves the power needed to ENFORCE IT! GO ARIZONA!
Arizona is a great place to live and I am not going to bash on this law or this state, it's my home. I like that libs are constipated with victim cheese and all rolled-up about it. I like that they cry racism like it was the first word they learned as toddlers while sucking on government subsidized Binky's. It's magically delicious to me that Obama can't control the states like only a king could. It's bloody beautiful and I am crying happy tears of Mexican vanilla.
I do have major concerns about the police in general in Arizona and that is a different post. But for right now I am loading up the buttered salty popcorn and spicy gringo nachos and enjoying the liberal Hispanic racism show. Just because you are a celebrity minority doesn't mean you have a clue about this law or the constitution. It just means you want to exploit this issue because your career is in the toilet because you just came out of the closet and this is great publicity and your hips do lie or you watch too much MSNBC and were dropped on your lobe 10 too many times as a child (love the run-on). Freaking shut it Latino celebrities. Go on the George Lopez show and spew your beans to your like minded peeps. Do you live in Arizona Shakira or Ricky? No. Get a green card clue and then you can start livin la vida loca in the hottest state in America. My police concerns were here long before this get the hell out legislation was born. I am wondering if these protesters are patriots or America haters? Please define assocrats. Protesting is kind of out right now. Either way, if you are an illegal out. Round 'em up Wyatt Earp style at the OK Corral and snag the Middle Eastern looking ones first. I like my tamale guy. He needs to stay. He can hide in my closet. Dorthy, you're not in Kansas anymore! You called down the thunder and now you got it! Don't mess with Texas? No! Don't mess with Arizona!


~Niki~ said...

I live in AZ as well . hello neighbor! And I can say I'm downright sick of hearing about this. I keep hoping a celebrity gets hospitalized so we can turn the focus on something else! sheesh! IMO, until you have to live here and live with the crime, the drug cartels, the home invasions, and fear, you have NOOOOOO business in OUR business! No one knows what it's like to live in AZ where I have a damn helicopter (police) over my home nightly because of the massive crime here. 9 times out of 10 they say the suspects are illegal. NOT FAIR!!! I say make them citizens, the ones who are here, working, not doing drugs, and have the kids who are citizens, and have them pay taxes! I'm more a righty myself, but this whole issue makes me ill. Enough with the b/s, let's get on with other news! It is what it is people! ;)
Thanks for your wonderful blog. Of course I have you on my sidebar!
hugs neighbor!
niki in mesa

Nikki said...

Hello Niki, what a cool name you have haha!! Thanks for the awesome comment and for the sidebar linky love! I hear ya on the helicopter madness and of course the ad nauseum way the media is covering this subject. I live in Gilbert! Thanks for the hugs and right back at ya...besides we have Oregano's so we are cooler than everyone! HA! :)N

namaste said...

WOO-HOO!! oh the truth can sounds SO harsh and politically incorrect. but it is what it is: THE TRUTH! thanks, nik for being an arizonian who can actually tell it like it is.

oh and the career in the toilet peeps? well DUH! of course they're pimpin! clearly they didn't see their limo money running out when their no-talent hackness inevitably begins to shine through.

time for some Americans to start pay more attention and stop thinking with their friggin bleeding hearts. excellent-aye, my friend!

shirley elizabeth said...

My name's Wyatt Earp, and it ends now!

Nikki, for some reason I thought you lived in Oregon? I don't think I could ever leave AZ. And I agree. Nothing wrong with the law, but there's a lot wrong with the Feds not enforcing it.

ba and the boys said...

i have said this befire, my family came from italy in1915 only to be turned away at ellis island. they had 2 back to italy or go to south america. my greatgrandmother went back but her little brother went to s.a..
she came back a year later, married and here i am.
her brother went to s.a. with a plan to sneak into the us, but met a nice argintine and stayed.
im not sure the law in az is going to be able to stand up in courts with police asking to see 'your papers', that just isnt going to work.
but if you arent here legally, then you should be here.

The Liberals Still Don't Get It said...

Found On Lefty Blogs.
Don't worry about the right staying silent. These lying jive turkeys have their story figured out now. They're trying to blame Obama and call the spill "Obama's Katrina."

Can't wait till Monday to hear what the right wing liars club of Limbaugh, Beck and the rest comeup with


I love it when the righties blame it on Obama and criticize him for being slow to react! They conveniently forget Katrina, Bush's 8 day absence, the warnings he had ignored from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers about the potential for just such a disaster. They forget that Bush didn't even go to Texas City or Alaska when they had oil spills. Instead he called for a relaxation of environmental restrictions
I have ABSOLUTELY NO Clue what these Idiot’s are Babbling about...
So...the big question we feel safer under Obama than we did with President Bush?

El Cerdo Ignatius said...

Nikki, I remember back in the early 80s (like it was yesterday) an acquaintance of some of my California relatives "got into a little trouble", as Jesse Jackson would say, in Arizona. If memory serves, dude had bought some liquor for someone under 21. And the hell he caught from the police and court system, for doing something that in California would only draw a stern look from the judge, was the topic of more than a few conversations. One of my relatives who has visited pretty much all of the states was not surprised, though. He basically said you don't screw around with the law when you're in Arizona. So hearing (even many years later) that the police in Arizona are a little heavy handed comes as no surprise.

Sandi said...

There are so many ways for an immigrant to come into this country legally that there is NO excuse for them coming in illegally and I'm all for any measures to stop it! We've traveled to Europe a couple of times and would NEVER leave the hotel room without our passports - just in case. My only concerns about this law are that, one, there are some law enforcement people who will abuse it and that's uncool. Secondly, those of us who are citizens usually don't have anything on us other than a driver's license which could cause difficulty if stopped. But, my family jumped through a lot of hoops to get into this country legally. I have no patience for illegals.

The Vineyard said...

Love your posts. And you are right on about the cops here. Man o' man.

lisa said...

Stop sticking your tongues down the throat of the federal government you lefty government pimps

That is hysterical!!!

The left talks so much they are making themselves more and more irrelevant and have become the real "rodeo clowns"

I read this today that someone wrote on a left wing site which pretty much sums it up for me:

"Liberals/Progressives, you have to tie yourself into a pretzel to make yourself seem logical."

Great read as usual Nikki.

Southern Sage said...

Happy Birthday Nikki!!

Nikki said...

Thanks SS!!! :)N

Janelle said...

I now save your posts, I can enjoy more than one at a time.