Monday, May 17, 2010


Just in case a few Dixiecrat's think "states rights" refers to the old adage of a states right to legalize slavery, let me clear up a few things for you and give you the modern definition as defined by the Supreme court and the constitution, remember that one thing? Originally the states rights issue under our founding fathers was one of disdain for the federal government. There was much disagreement among the founders about how much power the federal government should have. They had just come off a long stint with a bad King so their fear of the government was fresh. Like many democrats today, there were some who still wanted a strong central government with little room for amending flawed laws and had they gotten their way, slavery may still be in existence. Yep that's you democrats, the strong federal advocates of today.
As the constitution unfolded it became very clear that this nation was a nation ruled by law and not by individual leaders, unlike today where many want a sort of monarchy as long as the ruler is of their like mind or charismatic enough to change your diapers. A balance of powers and a central checking of too much power was the main concern of all the founders. Most existing states wanted their own sovereignty and began to flex their constitutional muscles and fought for separate interests aside from the national status quo. It has always been intended by the founders to offer states equal protection, full faith and credit and certain inalienable rights but also laws based on any given states specific needs and interests. For example, the death penalty is not legal in every state, nor is gay marriage, legalized medical marijuana and many other laws pertaining to the will of the people residing in any given state.
The founders made it clear that as long as state laws do not interfere with or supersede the constitution and its supremacy clause, then the federal government can not infringe on any law proposed by the state. Many states as we speak are asserting their rights to NOT be beholden TO the federal governments imposition of the federally mandated law of health care insurance. The assertion is that this health care law is not a constitutional right and therefore its mandatory nature is an infringement and it is not obligatory for individual states to comply. Thirty eight states are reaffirming their sovereignty as guaranteed by the 10Th amendment of the constitution of the United States. And as such, so is Arizona with its self imposed immigration law. Does the federal immigration law supersede the new Arizona law? It would if the law was differing in any way, but the laws are identical therefore the state is still within the supremacy clause. Let me repeat, not only is Arizona practicing its right to sovereignty, but the Arizona immigration law in no way shape or form supersedes federal law, therefore making it as constitutional as it gets. So Miss Oklahoma, we salute you. Not only are you beautiful, but you are as bright as Thomas Jefferson in ascertaining and invoking the states rights clause of the United STATES of America. You were robbed of your crown. You should be our reigning beauty queen and something tells me that if you would have downplayed or even bad mouthed Arizona you would be Miss USA. Too bad former Dixiecrat democrats don't understand the constitution and it's historical origin.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the 10Th amendment:
"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Please stop trying to rewrite the constitution democrats and better yet, stop ignoring it. Your cries of racism are ridiculous and beyond the scope of the immigration and health care issues and laws. You are infringing on all of our rights and our laws when you assert the federal government as the paramount entity within our country. Just because you support the party does not mean the feds should take over our lives. Remember, when the republicans take over, and we will, you have done yourself a disservice by offering the phants more power than what was originally given. And you did it to yourselves. The republicans will be asserting their power over you next. How do you like that? It's your bed and you will lie in it...lumpy isn't it?


Sandi said...

I still don't understand people's angst about trying to clean up the ILLEGAL immigrant problem. They're ILLEGAL! What the crap!

lisa said...

Something tells me under the Republican rule I would feel less like I was in the Twilight Zone.
As always a great,informative and straight up post.
I vote for Nikki!

Pedaling said...

Her answer could not have been more perfect- I appreciated the cheers in her support.

I have an inkling that the winner was chosen before the pageant even began- and the question was just a follow up to what they hoped would seal the deal....

But, they (they being the Hollywood type and wanna-bees) living in their own little bubble, with little knowledge of how real everyday, red-blooded, hard working Americans in the REAL world, believe and think, once again thought they could appear to legitimately slide one by.

Wrong Again!

namaste said...

an excellent and clearly stated history lesson recap here, nik. THANK YOU. love the bird chirping effect from the other side. priceless.


SteveBrad said...

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