Wednesday, May 12, 2010


A lot of fuss is being made about supreme court nominee Elana Kagan's sexual orientation. To me it's much ado about nothing. So she may or may not kick the crap out of me in a butch vs. chick fight. Whatever. And that will make her empathetic on gay issues and I would be inclined to assign her a politically incorrect and inappropriate rude hater name because she is in no way impartial. Whatever. But my angst towards her wouldn't be because she enjoys womens softball. It would be because Madam Kagan is a left winged flaming liberal. Can lesbians be flaming? Anyway, most gay people are liberals because they think the democratic jacked-up party is the closest to accepting their stupid causes. The gays go straight up and accept all of the donkey platform because they think it gets them closer to the alter by crying about phobias, injustice, prejudice and inequality and the ass party eats up the guilt and it is a gay marriage made in hell(run-on love). I love inequality. What would we bitch about without it? Can you imagine an America without victims? I think I just shook a little. I can't be a super model because I eat food, am not 12, don't do meth and that is not fair. It's time for old voluptuous women to fight for our right to bounce and jiggle down the runway. And what about the fugly's? Why can't magazines start putting fugly people on the cover to make me feel better about myself? It's time to visually assault America. That is FAIR!! Back on point...
The point is, Kagan sucks because she is liberal AND not because she is a lezbo. But I will state for the record that a butch liberal is worse than a straight liberal. Either way her political orientation makes me projectile farther than her ability to use high powered equipment. I know not all lesbians are construction workers and that is an inappropriate stereotype, but please know that stereotypes are true and that is why they exist and that is why I use them. Liberal judge? Vote no. She's a tool. And probably has a garage full of them. Or not. But she does hate the military and I am pretty sure that is bothersome. I'M OUT!


phthaloblu said...

"I love inequality. What would we bitch about without it?"

Another great quote. You always seem to be able to articulate what is in my head. Great post!

lisa said...

ditto to phthaloblu's articulation,lol!!!!