Friday, May 21, 2010


I just wonder if Speedy Gonzales was on the "approved" list of guests or media...


lisa said...

lol Speedy Gonzalez.
Yep that White House could use a good extermintaing fer sher!

TOAD FOOD said...

Hi Nikki. Maybe this has something to do w/ a rat....?

Mr. Obama, while addressing the BP Gulf oil spill at yesterday's press conference, brought up his idea of both sides working together.., indicated that the Republicans don't have to meet him half way, that even if they met him one third of the way that would be good.

The supposition in Mr. Obama's statement appears to be that the Republicans aren't willing to bend and work with the other side (Mr. Obama's side in this case) regarding our environment... Ironically, my mighty-spidey out of work American senses tingle and indicate that Mr. Obama's statement implies he is less than willing to bend/compromise, since, it is his side to which the Republicans are expected to move towards - not the middle ground. It would seem to me that if Mr. Obama was interested in meeting half way that perhaps he would structure his language by saying to the Republicans "Present your ideas and I will find a way to come half way to them, or at the very least, a third third of the way."

So that's the first entry in my new blog Nikki. Although, I will quickly point out that I am not a republican, as I state on my blog my politics come straight from the "I give party" regardless, Mr. Obama is a bit of a rat because he didn't even have to mention the Republican party while he was addressing the world on the subject of his fall down regarding the BP spill... blah, blah, blah... No wonder the rat appeared to feel uncomfortable in the presence of Mr. O - the rat does run off pretty fast.

the malcontent said...

obama has been president for a year and a half, when will he accept responsibly?
When are these lefties going to open their eyes and get off the Obama bandwagon they’re on. He is still blaming Bush for anything and everything he gets called on. (His koolaide drinking followers do the same.) When will he start accepting responsibility? It has been a year and a half, and he is still playing the Blame game.
What they cannot recognize is the idea we're all just fedup and tired of it all, and its time to be fedup with the Communist-Liberal-Socialist Agenda. It has hurt our country and our people more than it ever helped. They call us conservatives who disagree with them, racists because that's all they can grab hold of. That one word used to work well, it don't work anymore!

The "I Inherited This Mess" won't work anymore.